18 January 2017

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11:00 PMLocal Programming
11:31 PMAt Midnight With Chris Hardwick - Rory Scovel; Megan Gailey; Jak Knight  : Rory Scovel; Megan Gailey; Jak Knight.
12:01 AMFuturama - Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?: Dr. Zoidberg returns to his planet for mating season; Fry gives him a tutorial in 20th-century love.
12:31 AMSouth Park - Naughty Ninjas: South Park's citizens decide they no longer need a police force.
1:04 AMLegends of Chamberlain Heights - Class President  : In an effort to impress Cindy, Grover runs for class president -- and wins.
1:37 AMThe Daily Show With Trevor Noah - John Zimmer  : Businessman John Zimmer.
2:07 AMAt Midnight With Chris Hardwick - Rory Scovel; Megan Gailey; Jak Knight  : Rory Scovel; Megan Gailey; Jak Knight.
2:35 AMSouth Park - Tom's Rhinoplasty: A substitute teacher threatens Stan and Wendy's relationship.
3:05 AMWorkaholics - Trivia Pursuits: Ders gets upset with Adam and Blake when their trivia party interrupts his career ambitions.
3:35 AMWorkaholics - Wedding Thrashers: Adam says goodbye to the single life with Ders and Blake.
4:05 AMReview - Making a Sex Tape; Being a Racist; Hunting  : Critic Forrest MacNeil reviews life experiences including making a sex tape.
4:35 AMComedy Central Presents - Tommy Johnagin: Comic Tommy Johnagin discusses living in Chicago's gay section and his girlfriend's sex drive.
5:00 AMBusiness In A Box: This special presentation of Cutlery Corner includes: Big Boy Toys (183 pieces); Steel Boundaries.
5:30 AMCook Healthier Meals with Nuwave & Make Your Exercise Count: Cook Healthier Meals with Nuwave & Make Your Exercise Count.
6:00 AMStop Getting Up To Go To The Bathroom!: Prosvent is a doctor formulated blend of rejuvenating herbs and nutrients.
6:30 AMFacelift in a Flash!: DermaWand takes years off your appearance! It only takes 3 minutes a treatment!
7:00 AMTai Cheng: Join Joy and Regis Philbin as they explore Tai Cheng, a revolutionary program by Dr. Mark Cheng.
7:30 AMA New Year, A New You with NutriBullet LEAN. Shed Pounds and Inches!: This year, let the creators of NutriBullet help you KEEP your New Year's Resolution!
8:00 AMNo more wrinkles! Say ByeBye now and look younger!: No more wrinkles! Look younger with Bye Bye Foundation. Developed to correct and protect your skin.
8:30 AMTry Total Gym for $14.95: Total Gym Fit is the only piece of fitness equipment you need to get into the best shape.
9:00 AMComedy Central Presents - John Caparulo: Comic John Caparulo discusses his annoyance at speeding tickets, obnoxious dogs and air travel.
9:15 AMAccepted: A college reject and his friends create a fake university.
11:25 AMWorkaholics - Peyote It Forward: Adam, Blake and Ders take peyote and find it challenging to baby-sit.
11:58 AMWorkaholics - TAC in the Day: The guys reminisce about their first day of work at TelAmeriCorp.
12:31 PMSouth Park - Clubhouses: The boys build rival clubhouses; Stan invites Wendy to play truth or dare.
1:04 PMSouth Park - Jewpacabra: Cartman produces video of a mysterious creature in the woods which jeopardizes the Egg Hunt.
1:37 PMSouth Park - Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers: The goth kids are sent to a camp for troubled children.
2:10 PMSouth Park - Tweek vs. Craig: The boys coerce two reluctant classmates into a schoolyard fight.
2:43 PMJeff & Some Aliens - Jeff and Some Honor Killings  : After Jeff accidentally kills an alien, he is forced to kill a human on Earth to restore balance.
3:11 PMFuturama - Put Your Head on My Shoulders: Fry gets the unexpected when he and Amy spend St. Valentine's Day together.
3:44 PMFuturama - Lesser of Two Evils: The professor hires a robot, who looks exactly like Bender, to guard valuable cargo.
4:17 PMFuturama - Raging Bender: Bender is the featured attraction in the Ultimate Robot Fighting League.
4:49 PMFuturama - A Bicyclops Built for Two: Determined to perpetuate her race, Leela accepts the marriage proposal of a male cyclops.
5:21 PMSouth Park - Tweek x Craig: The Asian girls in school are drawing pictures of Tweek and Craig.
5:53 PMSouth Park - Wacky Molestation Adventure: The kids take over South Park, and Cartman becomes the mayor.
6:20 PMSouth Park - Terrance & Phillip in Not Without My Anus: Terrance and Phillip save Canada from Saddam Hussein.
6:54 PMSouth Park - Lice Capades: Confidentiality about who has head lice forces Cartman to find ways to detect who has them himself.
7:27 PMSouth Park - The Death Camp of Tolerance: Principal Victoria promotes Mr. Garrison to the fourth grade to teach the boys.
8:00 PMSouth Park - Dead Celebrities: Kyle brings in professional ghost hunters to help save his little brother from paranormal forces.
8:30 PMSouth Park - Make Love, Not Warcraft: The boys must stop a renegade player who threatens to destroy ``World of Warcraft.''
9:00 PMSouth Park - Good Times With Weapons: The boys are transformed into Japanese Warriors after buying martial arts weapons at a flea market.
9:30 PMSouth Park - Chinpoko Mon: The children in South Park are fanatics about Chinpoko Mon.
10:00 PMWorkaholics - Weed the People: The guys add something to Alice's father's new product to drive up sales.
10:30 PMJeff & Some Aliens - Jeff & Some Energy Trading  : Jeff uses an alien machine to trade his life energy for luxury items.
11:00 PMThe Daily Show With Trevor Noah - Samantha Power  : Samantha Power, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.
11:31 PMAt Midnight With Chris Hardwick - Erin Gibson; Bryan Safi; Judah Friedlander  : Erin Gibson; Bryan Safi; Judah Friedlander.