26 September 2017

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11:31 PMThe Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper - September 25, 2017  : Author Kurt Andersen.
12:01 AMSouth Park - With Apologies to Jesse Jackson: South Park citizens contend with widespread use of a racial slur.
12:31 AMSouth Park - Grey Dawn: The elderly residents of South Park lead a revolt after their licenses get revoked.
1:05 AMThe Daily Show With Trevor Noah - Katy Tur  : Journalist and author Katy Tur.
1:35 AMThe Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper - September 25, 2017  : Author Kurt Andersen.
2:05 AMScrubs - My First Day: Medical intern John ``J.D.'' Dorian embarks on a career at a hospital.
2:35 AMScrubs - My Mentor: J.D. seeks help from Dr. Cox when he fails to get a cancer patient to stop smoking.
3:05 AMScrubs - My Best Friend's Mistake: J.D. feels abandoned when Turk becomes occupied with his new girlfriend and work.
3:35 AMKey & Peele - Terrible Henchman: Sketches include an emergency that changes a man's morning ritual; a henchman.
4:05 AMKey & Peele - East Bowl/West Bowl Rap: Sketches include college football all-stars from the East/West bowl; mobsters.
4:35 AMKey & Peele - Parole Officer Puppet: Sketches include a parole officer uses a puppet to bond with a parolee; a man in a neck brace.
5:00 AMGet on track with Cue: Cue Vapor is vaping made simple, a spill-proof disposable vaping system available in many flavors.
5:30 AMFacelift in a Flash!: DermaWand takes years off your appearance! It only takes 3 minutes a treatment!
6:00 AMGet on track with Cue: Cue Vapor is vaping made simple, a spill-proof disposable vaping system available in many flavors.
6:30 AMUnlimited Wardrobe: A Smarter way to dress!: Never worry about what to wear ever again! We will have you looking fashionable every day.
7:00 AMThe Daily Show With Trevor Noah - Katy Tur  : Journalist and author Katy Tur.
7:30 AMThe Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper - September 25, 2017  : Author Kurt Andersen.
8:00 AMScrubs - My Jerks: Dr. Kelso's replacement, Dr. Maddox, shakes things up at Sacred Heart.
8:30 AMScrubs - My Last Words: J.D. and Turk set aside a decadelong tradition to comfort a dying patient.
9:00 AMScrubs - My Saving Grace: Carla decides to take a self-centered, incompetent intern down a notch.
9:33 AMScrubs - My Happy Place: New sparks of an old romance are ignited between Elliot and J.D.
10:05 AMThat '70s Show - Sweet Lady: When Jackie lands a job on a local celebrity talk show, she finds it is not what she expected.
10:40 AMThat '70s Show - Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy: Jackie's new job at the station keeps her on edge as she assists crazy boss Christine St. George.
11:10 AMThat '70s Show - Killer Queen: Jackie's job is on the line unless she finds a replacement for a guest who has canceled.
11:45 AMThat '70s Show - Spread Your Wings: Donna wonders whether dating Randy is the right thing; Fez tries to impress the ladies.
12:20 PMThat '70s Show - Son & Daughter: When Hyde's father asks him to housesit, the gang convinces him to throw a party.
12:55 PMThat '70s Show - Keep Yourself Alive: On the way home from the county fair, Fez accidentally throws Kitty's wedding ring out the window.
1:30 PMThat '70s Show - My Fairy King: Samantha's real husband shows up; Jackie makes of list of qualities she desires in a man.
2:00 PMThat '70s Show - Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Jackie seeks advice from Donna and a therapist when she realizes that she has feelings for Fez.
2:30 PMThat '70s Show - We Will Rock You: Jackie tries to seduce Fez with disco; Kitty and Red learn that their new neighbors are gay.
3:00 PMFuturama - Spanish Fry: A spaceship beams Fry aboard, then returns him the next day without a nose.
3:35 PMFuturama - Bend Her: Bender has a sex change and competes in the 3004 Earth Olympics as a ``fembot.''.
4:10 PMFuturama - Obsoletely Fabulous: When the professor orders a late-model robot at a trade show, Bender seeks an upgrade.
4:45 PMFuturama - Bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television: Fathers Against Rude Television (or F.A.R.T.) protests Bender's character on a soap opera.
5:20 PMFuturama - The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings: Fry comes to regret making a deal with the devil to win Leela's heart.
5:50 PMFuturama - Rebirth: After a devastating spaceship crash, the Professor attempts to resuscitate the crew.
6:15 PMTosh.0 - Banned From Walmart: Daniel throws shoes at women; Daniel's intimate conversations get leaked to the press.
6:50 PMTosh.0 - Lingerie Football Coach: Daniel meets the only man in the world who cares about women's sports; an office cutter.
7:25 PMTosh.0 - Mini Bike Jump: A redemption for a biker babe who tried to kiss the sun; the sexiest thing since sliced bread.
8:00 PMTosh.0 - Fart Porn: Daniel grants a wish from a guy who's very sick; Daniel gets involved in a Twitter beef.
8:30 PMTosh.0 - Pee Lady: Daniel goes back in time to when he had the red and black lumberjack (with the hat to match).
9:00 PMTosh.0 - Food Surgeon: Daniel summons the Candyman and puts an end to the creepy clown crisis.
9:30 PMTosh.0: Daniel meets identical twins who share an inappropriate amount of brotherly love.
10:00 PMTosh.0
10:30 PMThe Jim Jefferies Show
11:00 PMThe Daily Show With Trevor Noah - Kathryn Miles  : Author Kathryn Miles.
11:31 PMThe Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper - September 26, 2017  : Lawyer Neal Katyal.