29 August 2014

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11:00 PMThe Marine 3: Homefront: Jake rescues his sister from extremists and discovers a terrorist plot.
1:00 AMGarfunkel and Oates - Road Warriors  : Riki and Kate have to deal with a heckler and a calculator magician at their 1000th show.
1:30 AMPortlandia - Pull-Out King: A punk from the 1980s wakes up from a coma; an e-mail goes neglected; Nina has surprising news.
2:00 AMCabin Fever: College students fall prey to a flesh-eating virus after they head to the woods for a vacation.
4:00 AMGarfunkel and Oates - The Fadeaway  : Riki dates a fellow comic; Kate tries to subtly end a relationship; Kate auditions for a movie role.
4:30 AMGarfunkel and Oates - Rule 34  : Riki and Kate find out there is a porn star version of their musical act; Garfinger and Butts.
5:00 AMGarfunkel and Oates - Speechless  : Riki and Kate go on dates without talking to see if men are attracted to women who don't speak.
5:30 AMGarfunkel and Oates - Road Warriors  : Riki and Kate have to deal with a heckler and a calculator magician at their 1000th show.
6:00 AMWhitest Kids U'Know: Santa, Mouth Stuck Open, Barf Museum, Sex Robot.
6:15 AMComedy Bang! Bang! - Sarah Silverman Wears a Black Dress With a White collar  : Sarah Silverman; Joe Lo Truglio; Scott gets tongue-tied during an interview; Adam DeVine.
6:45 AMThe Birthday Boys - Catching up on Shows  : Tim gets confused trying to keep up with the complicated story lines of TV shows.
7:15 AMThe Protector: A young Thai fighter goes to Australia to retrieve stolen elephants.
9:00 AMThe Marine 2: A Marine sniper must save his wife and other hostages when rebels seize a luxury resort.
11:00 AMShaft: A Harlem mob boss hires a private eye to find his kidnapped daughter.
1:15 PMEastern Promises: A man with ties to a crime family in London crosses paths with a young midwife.
3:30 PMBatman - The Penguin's a Jinx: Batman and Robin inadvertently provide the plot for the Penguin's latest crime.
4:00 PMBatman - The Joker Is Wild: The Joker duplicates Batman's utility belt.
4:30 PMBatman - Batman Gets Riled: The Joker plans to gas everyone at a boat launching.
5:00 PMBatman - Instant Freeze: Vengeful Mr. Freeze raids the diamond exchange.
5:30 PMDominion: Prequel to the Exorcist: While visiting an excavation site in Kenya, a former priest sees signs of demonic possession.
8:00 PMThe Exorcist: An actress calls upon priests to try to end the demonic possession of her 12-year-old daughter.
10:45 PMExorcist II: The Heretic: Four years after an exorcism, another priest arrives to free a possessed young woman.