24 June 2017

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11:36 PMTeam Umizoomi - Haircut Hijinx: The team works to retrieve their friend's money when it blows away in the wind.
12:00 AMTeam Umizoomi - Milli Saves the Day: Milli must save her friends when they get stuck in honey and scooped up by a bear.
12:24 AMBubble Guppies - Bubble Duckies!: Molly, Gil and a duckling named Beep help a family of ducks that are lost in a storm cloud.
12:48 AMBubble Guppies - Come to Your Senses!: When Nonny breaks his glasses, he must use his other senses to reach the glasses store.
1:12 AMShimmer and Shine - Gone Bowlin'  : Leah calls on Shimmer and Shine to lend a little genie magic to improve her bowling game.
1:36 AMShimmer and Shine - Backyard Ballet  : While Leah and Zac re-enact their favorite ballet, Leah makes a wish to be a ballerina.
2:00 AMWallykazam! - Great Galloping Goblins  : When a magic word makes Wally's house gallop away, Bobgoblin pretends to be a bandit.
2:24 AMWallykazam! - The Dragon Games  : Ogre Doug hosts a contest for the neighborhood dragons and Norville is determined to win.
2:48 AMMax & Ruby - Grandma's Surprise; Costume Day: Max tries to peek at a surprise Grandma left for the bunnies; Max wants to be Super Bunny.
3:12 AMMax & Ruby - Max's Sandwich; Max's Ice Cream Cone; Ruby's Art Stand: Ruby enjoys trying new foods at the multi-cultural fair; Ruby wants to make a special treat.
3:36 AMBen & Holly's Little Kingdom - Woodpecker; Daisy & Poppy's Pet  : King Thistle is bored, so he decides to take up bird-watching; Nanny Plum gets the twins a pet.
4:00 AMFresh Beat Band of Spies - Masked Wrestler  : The Spies must wear masks of their own to reveal the cheating challenger.
4:24 AMBlue's Clues - Math!: Blue wants to buy something; apples; counting graham crackers.
4:48 AMBlue's Clues - A Snowy Day: Playing in the snow; snowflakes; mixed-up weather.
5:12 AMPAW Patrol - Pups Save a Bat; Pups Save a Toof  : A baby Bat decides to take a nap hanging from the Town Hall's bell so Mayor Goodway can't ring it.
5:36 AMPAW Patrol - Pups Save a Dragon; Pups Save the Three Little Pigs  : Marshall wakes from a nap to find a real, fire-breathing dragon guarding a sleeping Katie.
6:00 AMPAW Patrol - Pups Save a Friend; Pups Save a Stowaway  : Marshall decides to take a break from the PAW Patrol and goes off to the woods.
6:30 AMPAW Patrol - Parroting Pups; Merpups Save the Turbots  : When Rocky loses his voice, Matea helps him bark out his puppack tools; the Merpups return.
7:00 AMMutt & Stuff - Woof Out!  : Professional dog sitter Buddy Sitandshake competes in a new doggy game show called ``Woof Out!''
7:30 AMMutt & Stuff - Ba-a-a-ack to School!  : The class gets a surprise when two sheep wander into the school.
8:00 AMPeter Rabbit - Peter's Great Escape; The Great Cake Chase  : Peter is forced to create a new escape route; Peter is left in charge of Ginger and Pickles' store.
8:30 AMPeter Rabbit - The Tale of the Hero Rabbit; The Tale of the Falling Rock  : A group of mice mistake Benjamin for a hero and enlist him to retrieve their stolen peas.
9:00 AMDora the Explorer - School Science Fair: Dora and her friend Emma take their pretend volcano to the Green Power Science Fair.
9:30 AMDora the Explorer - Puppies Galore: Dora, Boots, Benny and some puppies rush to save their puppy friend before he wakes a sleeping bear.
10:00 AMShimmer and Shine - Potion Control; Feel Better  : The girls cause Nazboo to inflate like a balloon; a sneezing bug buzzes through Zahramay Falls.
10:30 AMShimmer and Shine - The Crystal Queen; The Glob  : Zeta traps Samira in a magical cave; the girls accidentally create a fun, sticky glob of candy.
11:00 AMDora and Friends: Into the City! - Alana's Food Truck  : Dora, Alana and their friends set out with a magical food truck to throw a big lunch party.
11:30 AMDora and Friends: Into the City! - We Save the Music  : Dora and her friends form a pop band for a charity concert, but Dora's guitar strings break.
12:00 PMSunny Day - Friendship Day  : Doodle believes Sunny has forgotten him on Friendship Day and goes out in search of a new friend.
12:30 PMWallykazam! - The Chickenphant's Getting Married  : The Chickenphant and the Goorilla are getting married, and it is up to Wally to plan the wedding.
1:00 PMWallykazam! - Picnic: Impossible  : When the rain ruins Gina Giant's picnic, Wally and his friends prepare a surprise picnic for her.
1:30 PMWallykazam! - The Great Missing Potato  : Norville and Wally travel to the Great Wishing Potato to wish for a toy to be fixed.
2:00 PMTeam Umizoomi - The Legend of the Blue Mermaid: The team follows a trail of blue scales to rescue a mermaid from Squiddy the Squid.
2:30 PMTeam Umizoomi - Ellee the Elephant: The team must guide Ellee the elephant through Umi City so she can make her debut at the circus.
3:00 PMTeam Umizoomi - Lost Fairy Tales in the City: When Zeppo the Wizard's wand zaps a book of fairy tales, the team must find missing characters.
3:30 PMTeam Umizoomi - Movie Madness!: Milli, Geo and Bot chase the Troublemakers through the cinema.
4:00 PMBubble Guppies - Puddleball!: When rain spoils a game of kickball, Gil invents a new game; Bubble Puppy is afraid of thunder.
4:30 PMBubble Guppies - Bubble Baby!: Molly is going to have a new sibling; the Guppies get excited about babies.
5:00 PMBubble Guppies - Triple-Track Train Race!: The Guppies must move fast when a herd of cows wanders onto the train tracks.
5:30 PMBubble Guppies - Swimtastic Check-Up!: The Mayor gets a tummy ache while training for Bubbletucky's annual marathon.
6:00 PMShimmer and Shine - Volcano Drain-o; Cleanie Genies  : Zeta and Nazboo suck all the glitter out of a volcano; Zeta steals the girls' magical gem.
6:30 PMShimmer and Shine - A Tree-mendous Rescue; Flying Flour  : The genies set out a mission to find a new gem; Shimmer, Shine and Leah plan to bake flying cookies.
7:00 PMRusty Rivets - Rusty Digs In; Rusty's Brave Cave Save  : The key to the city goes missing; Sammy gets trapped in a cave while spelunking.
7:30 PMRusty Rivets - Rusty's Space Bit; Rusty and the Sneezing Fish  : Rusty must find a way to get a satellite bit back home; Rusty takes a sick fish to the Nature Park.
8:00 PMHey Duggee - The First Aid Badge  : Duggee is able to bandage Tag up when he bumps his knee, but the squirrels want to help too.
8:30 PMHey Duggee - The Puppy Badge  : When Duggee's nephew Dudley comes to stay at the clubhouse, the squirrels entertain him.
9:00 PMPeppa Pig - Around the World; Castle; Grandpa Pig's Train to the Rescue: Miss Rabbit lends Peppa and her family a plane for the day, and they get swept off on an adventure.
9:30 PMPeppa Pig - Mr. Dinosaur is Lost; Muddy Puddles; Fancy Dress Party; Camping; Very Hot Day: Mr. Dinosaur is George's favorite toy; the rain makes Peppa sad; Peppa and George have a party.
10:00 PMPAW Patrol - Air Pups  : The Pups must come to the rescue when a family of monkeys scatters into the jungle.
10:24 PMPAW Patrol - All-Star Pups!; Pups Save Sports Day  : The pups play kickball against Raimondo's team; the All-Star pups are ready to compete.
10:48 PMBlaze and the Monster Machines - Fired Up!  : When Blaze smells smoke at Axle City's garage, he calmly leads his friends outside to safety.
11:12 PMBlaze and the Monster Machines - Dinocoaster  : Blaze must help Zeg track down his ticket to ride the new dinosaur roller coaster.
11:36 PMTeam Umizoomi - The Kite Festival: When a gust of wind scatters the pieces of Jeannie's kite, the team must search for the pieces.