18 September 2014

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11:00 PMKitchen Nightmares - Sushi Ko: Ramsay tries to help a restaurant owner who has lost his passion for cooking and is in debt.
12:00 AMKitchen Nightmares - Lido di Manhattan Beach: Gordon tries to revitalize a failing Italian restaurant in Manhattan Beach, Calif.
1:00 AMKitchen Nightmares - Le Bistro: Chef Ramsay travels to South Florida to help a clueless head chef revive his French restaurant.
2:00 AMRamsay's Kitchen Nightmares - Rococo: Gordon battles with a former Michelin-starred chef who's obsessed with baby vegetables.
3:00 AMKitchen Nightmares - Luigi's: Chef Ramsay lends his expertise to the owners of a failing California eatery called Luigi's.
4:00 AMKitchen Nightmares - Casa Roma: Chef Ramsay tries to help two inexperienced restaurant owners.
5:00 AMKitchen Nightmares - Charlie's: Chef Ramsay heads to Charlie's, an Italian bistro, to update the bland and unoriginal menu.
6:00 AMBBC World News
7:00 AMBBC World News
8:00 AMDoctor Who - Utopia: Capt. Jack storms back into the Doctor's life; the Tardis travels to the end of the universe.
9:00 AMDoctor Who - The Sound of Drums: Harry Saxon becomes Prime Minister, but has dark ambitions.
10:00 AMTorchwood: Children of Earth - Day Three: The world focuses on Britain as the 456 announce they are here.
11:00 AMStar Trek: The Next Generation - When the Bough Breaks: A hidden world's sterile inhabitants kidnap children from the Enterprise to save their own race.
12:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Home Soil: A microscopic creature threatens terraformers.
1:00 PMKitchen Nightmares - Cafe Hon: Ramsay tries to help Baltimore's Cafe Hon stay in business with a renovation and an image makeover.
2:00 PMKitchen Nightmares - Fiesta Sunrise: Chef Ramsay tries to help a family-run Mexican eatery get back in business.
3:00 PMKitchen Nightmares - Zeke's: Chef Ramsay travels to New Orleans to help transform a restaurant.
4:00 PMTop Gear: New convertibles; Nissan 350Z; Jodie Kidd.
5:00 PMTop Gear: Vauxhall Signum; General Motors' revolutionary Hy-wire concept car; actor Patrick Stewart.
6:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Imaginary Friend: Lonely little Clara's imaginary friend threatens to destroy the Enterprise.
7:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation - I, Borg: The Enterprise rescues an adolescent Borg.
8:00 PMRobin Hood: Prince of Thieves: Forest archer and outlaws face sheriff of Nottingham.
11:00 PMRobin Hood: Prince of Thieves: Forest archer and outlaws face sheriff of Nottingham.