24 August 2017

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11:02 PMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Lessons Learned: The detectives investigate reports of sexual abuse at an elite private school.
12:02 AMSuits - Full Disclosure: Harvey learns the scope of Alex's involvement with the prison case.
1:02 AMThe Sinner - Part IV  : Cora tries to recover missing memories with Ambrose's help; Ambrose discovers a new suspect.
2:02 AMLaw & Order: Criminal Intent - Monster: Detectives Goren and Eames focus their attention on a murdered woman's parolee son.
3:01 AMLaw & Order: Criminal Intent - Cuba Libre: The murders of a trophy wife and lawyer follow ex-con's (Joel Grey) release from prison.
4:00 AMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Tangled: An estranged son and a former patient are suspects in the murder of a doctor and rape of his wife.
5:00 AMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Redemption: Stabler pairs with a bitter cop to track a serial rapist/murderer.
6:00 AMQueen of the South - La Noche Oscura del Alma  : Teresa goes on the run to flee Camila, but she realizes the time for running is over.
7:00 AMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Blood Drops: A quadruple homicide shatters the serenity of a quiet suburban neighborhood.
8:00 AMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Anonymous: A serial killer begins leaving clues to taunt Grissom; Warrick and Nick clash.
9:00 AMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Unfriendly Skies: A first-class passenger dies on a plane, and Grissom's team must find the cause.
10:00 AMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Home: Detectives interview a woman to find out why her son is scavenging for food in the garbage.
11:00 AMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Sick: A wealthy toy mogul is the suspect of the sexual abuse of a child.
12:00 PMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Birthright: A woman attempts to kidnap a child she believes is her daughter.
1:00 PMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Debt: When a Chinese woman's daughter is held for ransom, the detectives turn to her sister for help.
2:00 PMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Obscene: The star of a controversial teen show is raped in her trailer on the set.
3:00 PMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Outcry: When a missing 16-year-old girl is found in a deserted building, she accuses a group of army cadets.
4:00 PMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Conscience: When a 5-year-old boy is found dead, suspicion falls on his unstable 13-year-old neighbor.
5:00 PMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Doubt: A professor is accused of sexual assault, but the case turns into a he-said, she-said standoff.
6:00 PMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Weak: Benson and Stabler must rely on a psychiatrist and her schizophrenic patient to nail a suspect.
7:00 PMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Wednesday's Child: The search for a missing diabetic boy becomes more urgent when he is seen with a dangerous couple.
8:00 PMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Comic Perversion: When a controversial misogynistic comic is accused of rape, Benson is happy to arrest him.
9:00 PMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Maternal Instincts: The investigation into the rape of a violinist by her colleague leads to Rollins' sister.
10:00 PMQueen of the South - Todas las Horas Hieren  : Eager to break away from Camila, Teresa forges new, uneasy alliances.
11:00 PMThe Sinner - Part IV  : Cora tries to recover missing memories with Ambrose's help; Ambrose discovers a new suspect.