21 October 2014

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11:30 PMThe Golden Girls - Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself: The women confront their phobias on a flight to the Bahamas to attend a funeral.
12:00 AMThe Golden Girls - Letter to Gorbachev: Rose, concerned about the nuclear arms race, mails a letter to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.
12:30 AMThe Golden Girls - Strange Bedfellows: A political candidate announces that he had an affair with Blanche -- a contention that she denies.
1:00 AMFrasier - The Good Son: The radio show gets calls from a woman who was dumped and a depressed man.
1:30 AMFrasier - Space Quest: Frasier is constantly interrupted when he tries to find a quiet place to read.
2:00 AMFrasier - Dinner at Eight: Martin turns the tables on Frasier and Niles when they take him to dinner at a fancy restaurant.
2:30 AMFrasier - I Hate Frasier Crane: Frasier reluctantly accepts a caller's challenge to a public fistfight.
3:00 AMFrasier - Here's Looking at You: Martin begins communicating via telescope with a woman in another apartment building.
3:30 AMFrasier - The Crucible: Frasier worries Martin will embarrass him in front of the elite guests at his cocktail party.
4:00 AMCheers - The Last Angry Mailman: Cliff handcuffs himself to his mother's house in an effort to save it from demolition.
4:30 AMCheers - Bidding on the Boys: Lilith wins a weekend with Sam at a Cheers-sponsored ``hunk'' auction.
5:00 AMI Love Lucy - Bonus Bucks: Lucy and Ethel disagree over the ownership of a winning ``bonus'' buck.
5:30 AMI Love Lucy - Ricky's Hawaiian Vacation: Lucy sets out to win a free trip to Hawaii for herself and the Mertzes.
6:00 AMI Love Lucy - Lucy Is Envious: Lucy and Ethel dress up as two maids from Mars for a publicity stunt.
6:30 AMI Love Lucy - Lucy Writes a Novel: Ricky and the Mertzes are the central characters in Lucy's first novel.
7:00 AMI Love Lucy - Lucy's Club Dance: Lucy organizes an orchestra among her girlfriends and asks Ricky to help.
7:30 AMI Love Lucy - The Black Wig: Ricky objects to Lucy's ``new look,'' a modish Italian haircut.
8:00 AMThe Golden Girls - Brotherly Love: Dorothy makes her ex-husband jealous when she has an affair with his brother.
8:30 AMThe Golden Girls - A Visit From Little Sven: Rose's cousin (Casey Sander) falls madly in love with Blanche.
9:00 AMThe Golden Girls - The Audit: Dorothy hocks an expensive ring to pay off the debt she owes to the Internal Revenue Service.
9:30 AMThe Golden Girls - Three on a Couch: Dorothy, Rose and Blanche seek professional help when living with one another becomes unbearable.
10:00 AMHome & Family: Grammy-winning R&B group Boyz II Men perform a song from their new album; actor Isaiah Washington.
12:00 PMHome & Family: Skip and Alison Bidell (``To Catch a Contractor''); twin sister chefs Lilly and Audrey Andrews.
2:00 PMLittle House on the Prairie - Gambini the Great: The children of town idolize an aging daredevil.
3:00 PMLittle House on the Prairie - The Legend of Black Jake: Mrs. Oleson refuses to pay $100 ransom to the bumblers holding Mr. Oleson hostage.
4:00 PMLittle House on the Prairie - Chicago: In Chicago, Mr. Edwards suspects the death of his son was no accident.
5:00 PMThe Waltons - The Burn Out: The children learn lessons about themselves.
6:00 PMThe Waltons - The Big Brother: A girl tries to free her grandfather from jail.
7:00 PMThe Waltons - The Test: Olivia is offered a job in a fashionable shop.
8:00 PMThe Waltons - The Quilting: Mary Ellen stubbornly defies her grandmother and rebels against a solemn mountain custom.
9:00 PMThe Middle - A Birthday Story: On his ninth birthday, Brick wants to hear the true story about the day he was born.
9:30 PMThe Middle - Errand Boy: Brick pleads with Frankie to leave him home alone when she runs errands.
10:00 PMThe Middle - Thanksgiving II: Mike reluctantly invites his brother and father over for Thanksgiving.
10:30 PMThe Middle - A Simple Christmas: Frankie's holiday plans are threatened when her parents come to stay with the family.
11:00 PMThe Golden Girls - Brotherly Love: Dorothy makes her ex-husband jealous when she has an affair with his brother.
11:30 PMThe Golden Girls - A Visit From Little Sven: Rose's cousin (Casey Sander) falls madly in love with Blanche.