30 September 2016

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11:45 PMSong One: A graduate student becomes involved with the musician her now-comatose brother idolized.
1:15 AMSuicideGirls: Relaunch: The day-to-day operations of the SuicideGirls site; Missy Suicide and her team prepare.
2:30 AMWhore: A Los Angeles streetwalker explains her lifestyle as she goes about it.
4:00 AMThe Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Young adults encounter a demented family of butchers.
5:30 AMSkinwalkers: A half-blood boy is at the center of a battle between two groups of werewolves.
7:05 AMSafelight: A teen tries to help a troubled runaway escape from the clutches of her psychotic pimp.
8:30 AMAfter Words: A woman travels to Costa Rica and meets a younger man who shows her adventure and romance.
10:00 AMThe Thaw: Ecology students discover a prehistoric parasite that threatens the world.
11:35 AMHidalgo: A Westerner races a horse across the Arabian desert.
2:00 PMSnowpiercer: During Earth's second ice age, less-fortunate passengers aboard a supertrain plan a revolt.
4:10 PMThe Manchurian Candidate: A Gulf War vet is suspicious of a political candidate.
6:20 PMShaft: A detective and his partner track a sociopath.
8:00 PMLucky Number Slevin: A case of mistaken identity lands a man in the middle of a war between crime lords.
10:00 PMThe Lovers: An impossible love blooms across two time periods and continents.