6 February 2016

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11:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Three Way, No Way  : Josephine is suspicious about Stevie's fidelity; Kirk and Rasheeda choose to take the next step.
12:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - A Bullet in the Arm  : Joseline learns about Stevie's past; Tammy and Waka try to move forward; Mimi has a preview.
1:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Round and Round We Go  : Tammy and Waka reach a milestone; Joseline gives Stevie an ultimatum.
2:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Release Day  : Mimi's sex tape is released; Kirk's apology party goes bad; Karlie faces Althea.
3:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Life Happens  : Mimi gets a spot on the cover of Stevie's magazine, irritating Joseline; Bambi gets a proposition.
4:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Loss for Words  : Stevie deals from the fallout from Mimi's magazine cover; Mimi spirals; Kalenna and Tony worry.
5:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Blast From the Past  : Karlie and Joc's relationship reaches a breaking point; Benzino wants to secure his future.
6:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - La La Land  : Mimi wants answers after she learns about Nikko's marriage; Karlie gets revenge.
7:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Over and Out  : Benzino outs Joseline; Waka receives news that could potentially threaten his future with Tammy.
8:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Reunion  : Tensions get physical between Stevie J, Joseline, Benzino and Althea.
9:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Reunion  : Joseline continues to fight with other cast members on and off screen.
10:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Reunion  : Mimi and Nikko reveal their relationship status; cast members discuss the fight at the reunion.
11:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - The Danger Zone  : Stevie J's bad behavior threatens Mimi's newest business venture; Erica and Scrappy struggle.
12:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Say Goodbye  : Yung Joc tries to juggle love; Rasheeda learns alarming news from a new artist.
1:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Rehabilitation  : Erica's actions may land Scrappy behind bars; Sina plans to win back Yung Joc.
2:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Cuffed Up  : Yung Joc lands in a compromising position; Margeaux forms an unlikely friendship.
3:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Rumor Has It...  : Margeaux and Joseline start rumors about Mimi; Rasheeda learns that Kirk is over-budget.
4:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Face the Music  : Momma Dee holds court to air out grievances in the palace; Stevie J travels to New York.
5:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Three-Ring Circus  : Margeaux and Nikko dissect Mimi's side of the story; Joc tries to smooth things over with Khadiyah.
6:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - The Truth Hurts  : Kalenna and Tony make a major investment; Khadiyah encounters Yung Joc's exes.
7:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - I Deserve  : Mimi comes clean to Ariane; Joseline and Stevie perform at Tony and Kalenna's club opening.
8:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Friends With Benefits  : Yung Joc tries to make amends with Khadiyah; Kalenna searches for a new manager.
9:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - On the Road  : Joseline and Stevie go to Los Angeles; Jessica and Margeaux attend an open mic night.
10:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Blast From the Past  : Rasheeda and Erica confront Kirk and his new artist; Scrappy surprises Bambi.
11:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Revenge  : Stevie tries to give Nikko a taste of his own medicine; Karlie and Sina plan their revenge.