27 May 2015

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11:00 PMConan: Actress Anna Kendrick; actress Gabrielle Union; singer Lee Ann Womack.
12:00 AMYour Family or Mine - The Pantry  : Oliver finds Blake and Dani naked; Shawni takes Kelli's old jean jacket.
12:30 AMConan: Actress Anna Kendrick; actress Gabrielle Union; singer Lee Ann Womack.
1:30 AMCougar Town - A One Story Town: Jules and the gang hatch a plan after they decide Bobby needs help romancing Angie (Sarah Chalke).
2:00 AMSource Code: A pilot awakes in the body of a commuter who died in a train explosion.
4:00 AMLara Croft: Tomb Raider: A beautiful globe-trotter battles otherworldly creatures for possession of a powerful artifact.
6:00 AMRules of Engagement - Handy Man: Audrey tries to be more spontaneous in the bedroom; Russell invites Timmy on a business trip.
6:30 AMMarried ... With Children - Master the Possibilities: Assuming they aren't liable, Al and Peggy overextend on Buck the dog's new credit card.
7:00 AMMarried ... With Children - Peggy Loves Al, ``Yeah, Yeah, Yeah'': For her Valentine's Day gift, Peggy wants Al to say ``I love you.''
7:30 AMMarried ... With Children - The Great Escape: A grounded Kelly wants Bud to help her escape to a rock concert.
8:00 AMAir Force One: A terrorist and his gang hijack the U.S. president's plane.
10:30 AMSeinfeld - The Pilot: Jerry and George produce their pilot; Kramer has a personal problem.
11:00 AMSeinfeld - The Pilot: Jerry and George produce their pilot, but George doesn't like the actor playing him.
11:30 AMThe Cleveland Show - Pins, Spins and Fins! (Shark Story Cut for Time): Donna tries to put Rallo in his place; Cleveland, Lester, Holt and Terry take a road trip.
12:00 PMAmerican Dad - Minstrel Krampus: Grandpa Jack tells Steve a story about a demon who punished naughty kids on Christmas.
12:30 PMAmerican Dad - Vision: Impossible: After Roger gets in an accident, he begins having visions of the future.
1:00 PMAmerican Dad - Familyland: The cryogenically frozen founder of the Familyland theme park is mistakenly thawed.
1:30 PMAmerican Dad - Cock of the Sleepwalk: Stan mistakenly unleashes a good persona who is intent on doing good deeds.
2:00 PMFamily Guy - Baby Not on Board: The Griffins go on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, but one of their own gets left behind.
2:30 PMThe King of Queens - Santa Claustrophobia: Carrie drives Doug crazy when she takes a part-time job at IPS.
3:00 PMThe King of Queens - Thanks, Man: Carrie forces a stranded motorist to wait out in the cold on Thanksgiving Day.
3:30 PMThe King of Queens - Frigid Heirs: After Arthur wins $2,500 playing bingo, a dispute erupts over how the money should be spent.
4:00 PMFriends - The One With Joey's Big Break: Joey lands the lead in a feature film shooting in Las Vegas; Rachel has an eye infection.
4:30 PMFriends - The One in Vegas: The gang surprises Joey by joining him in Las Vegas on a film shoot.
5:00 PMFriends - The One in Vegas: The gang surprises Joey by joining him in Las Vegas on a film shoot.
5:30 PMFriends - The One After Vegas: Rachel and Ross wonder if they got married; Monica and Chandler look for matrimonial signs.
6:00 PMSeinfeld - The Bizarro Jerry: Elaine's soon-to-be former beau has two friends who resemble George and Kramer.
6:30 PMSeinfeld - The Little Kicks: Jerry discovers a hidden talent when Kramer gets him to perform an illegal activity.
7:00 PMSeinfeld - The Package: Kramer tries to scam the U.S. Postal Service to get a refund for Jerry's stereo.
7:30 PMSeinfeld - The Fatigues: Jerry's new girlfriend has a mentor; Elaine must fire a troubled employee.
8:00 PMFamily Guy - The Man With Two Brians: After watching ``Jackass,'' Peter and the guys film their own pranks.
8:30 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Hot Troll Deviation: An embarrassing secret of Wolowitz's is revealed; Raj and Sheldon get into a war at work.
9:00 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Desperation Emanation: Leonard realizes he is the only one in his group without a girlfriend.
9:30 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Irish Pub Formulation: Leonard keeps an affair a secret from Sheldon, Howard and Raj.
10:00 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Apology Insufficiency: Sheldon's interview with the FBI jeopardizes Wolowitz's security clearance.
10:30 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The 21-Second Excitation: The guys camp out for a movie screening; Penny and Bernadette invite Amy to her first slumber party.
11:00 PMConan: Actor Ashton Kutcher; actor Jon Cryer; snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg; composer Kristian Bush.