22 May 2015

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11:30 PMGirl Meets World - Girl Meets Boy  : Cory's homework assignment inadvertently brings Riley and Lucas closer together.
12:00 AMJessie - Between the Swoon and New York City  : Jessie gets a to know a new guy named Brooks; she later finds out that he is Ms. Chesterfield's son.
12:30 AMGirl Meets World - Girl Meets Father  : Cory struggles with Riley growing up when she chooses a school dance over family tradition.
1:00 AMI Didn't Do It - Lindylicious  : Lindy sets out to make her drink more popular in Chicago; Garrett goes undercover.
1:30 AMDog With a Blog - Stan-ing Guard  : The family trains Stan to be a guard dog after Ellen hears a voice downstairs late at night.
2:00 AMJessie - No Money, Mo' Problems  : Mrs. Chesterfield hires Bertram to find dirt that will cause Brooks to break up with Jessie.
2:30 AMStuck in the Suburbs: Pals set out to reveal the true persona of a pop star whose image was created by a record company.
4:00 AMThe Suite Life on Deck - Trouble in Tokyo: Zack and Cody visit Carey on the set of a Japanese soda commercial.
4:30 AMThe Suite Life on Deck - Prom Night: When Moseby finds out about the senior prank, he cancels the prom, but Zack has a plan.
5:00 AMPhineas and Ferb - Greece Lightning; Leave the Busting to Us: Phineas and Ferb re-create a chariot race; a reality show records the brothers.
5:30 AMPhineas and Ferb - Crack That Whip; The Best Lazy Day Ever: The boys build a roller-derby rink so that their grandmother can compete against an old rival.
6:30 AMSIGN OFF: Sign off.
7:00 AMDoc McStuffins - Rescue Ronda, Ready for Takeoff; All Washed Up  : Doc extracts a twig from a toy helicopter; Donny's toy robot gets wet.
7:30 AMSofia the First - Sofia the Second  : Sofia casts a magic spell that creates a mischievous identical twin.
8:00 AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Mickey's Mystery!: There are reports of an ancient mouse-eared stone monument in the Hidden Jungle.
8:30 AMMiles From Tomorrowland - The Neptune Adventure; Eye to Eye  : A malfunction during a field trip; the Callistos encounter an alien, Spectryx.
9:00 AMJessie - A Close Shave  : Jessie's stepsister, Darla, shows up and needs to hide the truth about the wedding; Luke shaves.
9:30 AMAustin & Ally - Buzzcuts & Beginnings  : Ally hosts a homecoming show in Miami and the gang reunites; Austin contemplates military school.
10:00 AMDog With a Blog - Guess Who's a Cheater  : Tyler's accused of cheating; Avery and her best friends are all dating the same person.
10:30 AMK.C. Undercover - My Sister From Another Mother...Board  : K.C. insists that her smart but clumsy brother is ready for the spy world.
11:00 AMTeen Beach Movie: Two young surfers find romance when they magically become part of a movie musical.
12:45 PMMickey Mouse - Fire Escape; Down the Hatch; Cable Car Chaos 
1:00 PMJessie - Understudied and Overdone  : Jessie gets an opportunity to be the understudy for a famous, young actress.
1:30 PMJessie - Space Out  : Ravi scores a trip to outer space for his birthday with Jessie and the Ross kids.
2:00 PMK.C. Undercover - Spy-anoia Will Destroy Ya  : K.C.'s brother Ernie brings home his new girlfriend, Jolie; K.C. is suspicious.
2:30 PMK.C. Undercover - Off the Grid  : Craig and Kira need an extraction from a dangerous mission; Ernie and K.C. gear up.
3:00 PMLiv & Maddie - Pottery-a-Rooney  : While recovering from her knee injury, Maddie finds a new hobby; Karen asks Liv for fashion advice.
3:30 PMLiv & Maddie - Kathy Kan-a-Rooney  : Liv and Kathy try to make friends with 'normal girls'; Maddie struggles to get even.
4:00 PMGirl Meets World - Girl Meets Smackle  : Smackle is a debate champion from another school with a massive crush on Farkle.
4:30 PMGirl Meets World - Girl Meets 1961  : Riley and her friends experience New York circa 1961 for a living-history assignment.
5:00 PMDog With a Blog - Stuck in the Mini With You  : Bennett's tasked with getting Chloe to her dance recital while Avery and Ellen go on a trip.
5:30 PMDog With a Blog - Love Ty-Angle  : Tyler friendship with Nikki begins to interfere with his relationship with his girlfriend Emily.
6:00 PMK.C. Undercover - Daddy's Little Princess  : The Coopers are tasked with protecting Prince Promomomo; K.C. and the Prince are smitten.
6:30 PMK.C. Undercover - Assignment: Get That Assignment  : Marisa and K.C. hurry to retrieve a mission report that Marisa used as a class paper.
7:00 PMLiv & Maddie - Hoops-a-Rooney  : Liv is offered the lead in a basketball movie; Willow and Maddie help her train.
7:30 PMLiv & Maddie - Detention-a-Rooney  : Parker intentionally gets detention to avoid a mother-son pageant; Liv and Maddie are sick.
8:00 PMJessie - What a Steal  : Jessie takes Ravi to a MENSA meeting to help him make friends.
8:30 PMJessie - Driving Miss Crazy  : Emma enlists Jessie's help to teach her how to drive; Luke and Ravi break one of Zuri's games.
9:00 PMJessie - Bye Bye Bertie  : Bertram reaches his wit's end and quits; the Ross family hires a new butler.
9:30 PMJessie - Basket Case  : Ravi enlists the help of LA Clippers star Chris Paul; Jessie is forced to partner with Hudson.
10:00 PMLab Rats - Rise of the Secret Soldiers  : As Adam, Bree and Chase become celebrities, fame begins to tear them apart.
11:00 PMDog With a Blog - Freaky Fido  : Avery's teacher challenges her to have fun on her next school project.
11:30 PMJessie - There Goes the Bride