20 February 2017

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11:00 PMLocal Programming
11:41 PMMama's Family - The Sins of the Mother: When Bubba comes home tipsy, Mama is reminded of a drunken incident involving Eunice.
12:12 AMDesigning Women - Pilot: Julia and Charlene are horrified to learn Suzanne has fallen for Mary Jo's ex-husband.
12:43 AMDesigning Women - The Beauty Contest: Charlene agrees to sponsor Mary Jo's daughter in the Miss Pre-Teen Atlanta Contest.
1:14 AMDesigning Women - Julia's Son: Julia is shocked to learn her son is dating a college professor who is twice his age.
1:45 AMDesigning Women - Mary Jo's First Date: Mary Jo goes on a date; Julia learns her tax auditor is a man she verbally abused in a restaurant.
2:16 AMDesigning Women - Design House: Suzanne's first redecorating assignment ends when the house she is working on burns to the ground.
2:44 AMDesigning Women - Perky's Visit: Julia and Suzanne's mother and her friend visit Sugarbakers for Thanksgiving.
3:12 AMDesigning Women - The Slumber Party: The Sugarbakers agree to chaperon the slumber party of Mary Jo's daughter.
3:40 AMDesigning Women - New Year's Daze: Charlene's New Year's Eve date appears to be a dangerous prison escapee.
4:08 AMI Dream of Jeannie - One of Our Bottles Is Missing: Tony almost loses Jeannie when Mrs. Bellows takes her bottle.
4:36 AMI Dream of Jeannie - My Poor Master, the Civilian: Tony is offered a job in the private sector and wonders what it would be like if he accepted.
5:04 AMI Dream of Jeannie - There Goes the Best Genie I Ever Had: Tony realizes how much he needs Jeannie when he thinks he has lost her.
5:32 AMI Dream of Jeannie - The Greatest Entertainer in the World: Tony needs Sammy Davis Jr. to entertain for Gen. Peterson's 10th anniversary at NASA.
6:00 AMI Dream of Jeannie - My Incredible Shrinking Master: When Jeannie's nightmare comes true, Tony shrinks to six inches tall.
6:30 AMI Dream of Jeannie - My Master, the Pirate: Tony is going to look for sunken treasure; Jeannie pops Tony back to the days of Captain Kidd.
7:00 AMI Dream of Jeannie - A Secretary Is Not a Toy: Tony is in trouble when Jeannie decides that he should be a general.
7:30 AMI Dream of Jeannie - My Master, Napoleon's Buddy: Tony cannot change history when Jeannie takes him to Napoleon's court.
8:00 AMBewitched - How Green Was My Grass: A synthetic lawn sets off fights all over the Stephens' neighborhood.
8:30 AMBewitched - To Twitch or Not to Twitch: Darrin soon regrets forbidding Sam to use witchcraft; Endora is hoping Samantha will leave him.
9:00 AMBewitched - Playmates: Samantha and Tabitha meet the Millhowsers; Tabitha turns a bullying boy into a bulldog.
9:30 AMBewitched - Tabitha's Cranky Spell: Tabitha's witchcraft, a Ouija board and a ghost help Larry keep a client.
10:00 AMBewitched - I Confess: Darrin gets a glimpse of his life if everyone knew Samantha was a witch.
10:30 AMBewitched - Samantha's Secret Saucer: unt Clara accidentally conjures up two alien visitors; Gladys sees the ship.
11:00 AMGreen Acres - No Trespassing: While on a picnic, Oliver has a run-in with a mysterious person no one else can see.
11:30 AMGreen Acres - Eb Returns: A still single Eb comes back to Hooterville from his honeymoon.
12:00 PMGreen Acres - Not Guilty: Eb finds himself facing charges of stealing from Sam Drucker.
12:32 PMGreen Acres - Home Is Where You Run Away From: A mysterious boy, claiming to be from another planet, arrives at the Douglas farm.
1:04 PMGreen Acres - How to Succeed in Television Without Really Trying: Lisa invests in a 10-year-old wizard's ``electronic company.''.
1:37 PMThree's Company - Jack Gets His: Jack rents a run-down restaurant.
2:09 PMThree's Company - Opening Night: Jack's new restaurant opens for business.
2:41 PMThree's Company - Cousin, Cuisine: Chaos results when Jack romances a Mexican girl.
3:14 PMThree's Company - An Affair to Forget: Jack's new date doesn't tell him she is married.
3:46 PMThree's Company - The Brunch: Jack is host for a Sunday brunch at The Bistro.
4:18 PMRoseanne - Bird Is the Word: Becky is suspended from school after making a gesture in her class picture.
4:51 PMRoseanne - Do You Know Where Your Parents Are?: Dan and Roseanne celebrate an anniversary; Becky and Darlene are grounded.
5:23 PMRoseanne - Confessions: Roseanne expects a fight between Jackie and their mother, but she is surprised instead.
5:55 PMRoseanne - Home Ec: Roseanne gives Darlene's home economics class a crash course in family dining on a budget.
6:28 PMRoseanne - Communicable Theater: When Jackie tries out for a part in the community theater, it is Roseanne who has to act fast.
7:00 PMClue: Col. Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. Peacock and company solve a mansion murder based on the board game.
9:30 PMClue: Col. Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. Peacock and company solve a mansion murder based on the board game.