19 August 2017

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11:39 PMMarried ... With Children - Fair Exchange: To receive extra income, the Bundys agree to house a French foreign exchange student.
12:10 AMAll in the Family - Archie Gets the Business: Kelsey's bar is up for sale and in order to get the money necessary, Archie puts the house at risk.
12:40 AMAll in the Family - Archie Gets the Business: Edith is upset when she finds that Archie has forged her signature to get the bar.
1:10 AMAll in the Family - Cousin Liz: Archie is outraged when Edith gives away a valuable inheritance left to her by her cousin.
1:40 AMAll in the Family - Edith's Fiftieth Birthday: Archie leaves to help plan Edith's surprise birthday party and she isthreatened by a rapist.
2:10 AMAll in the Family - Edith's Fiftieth Birthday: The family tries to help Edith through the aftermath of her traumatic experience.
2:39 AMAll in the Family - Unequal Partners: Edith changes Archie's plans for a fishing trip.
3:08 AMAll in the Family - Archie's Grand Opening: The opening of Archie's Place is anything but grand when Archie is taught a lesson.
3:36 AMAll in the Family - Mike and Gloria Meet: Mike and Gloria go back nine years and remember their very first, and almost last, date.
4:05 AMThe Facts of Life - A Baby in the House: A former Eastland student, now a teenage wife and mother, stops by for a visit.
4:34 AMThe Facts of Life - A Friend in Deed: Blair inadvertently discovers her mother has a serious illness.
5:03 AMThe Facts of Life - Front Page: Jo's chance to write a hot news story leads her on a trail of revenge.
5:31 AMThe Facts of Life - Give and Take: Mrs. Garrett faces serious financial troubles.
6:00 AMThe Facts of Life - Sweet Sorrow: Jo's relationship with her boyfriend is in jeopardy when she falls for another guy.
6:30 AMThe Facts of Life - From Russia With Love: Natalie's plans for a private weekend fall through when her grandmother arrives.
7:00 AMThe Facts of Life - Dear Me: Tootie is apprehensive about going on a camping trip with boys from Bates Academy.
7:30 AMThe Facts of Life - Cousin Geri Returns: Blair is afraid her cousin is being set up for a disappointing romance.
8:00 AMRuPaul's Drag Race - RuVealed Season 9: Snatch Game: The queens impersonate celebrities in a TV game show; guest judges Candis Cayne and Denis O'Hare.
9:00 AMRupaul's Drag Race: RuVealed - 9021-HO  : RuPaul provides running commentary and fun facts as the queens act in a '90s high school drama.
10:00 AMRupaul's Drag Race: RuVealed - RuVealed Season 9: RuPaul Roast  : RuPaul provides commentary as the queens perform a comedy roast of RuPaul in front of live audience.
11:00 AMFire Island - Welcome to Fire Island  : Six friends travel to Fire Island to have the summer adventure of a lifetime.
12:00 PMFire Island - The More the Merrier  : The boys explore the island, attend the Pines Party, and party at a famous Cherry Grove event.
1:00 PMFire Island - Not in the Face  : The boys compete in a beach dodgeball tournament; Brandon flirts with a summer romance.
2:00 PMFire Island - Let's Go to Tea  : The guys throw a house party, and dance until the sun rises; Brandon tries to navigate his romance.
3:00 PMFire Island - I Love My Boys  : Some boys invite their parents to the island; Khasan reveals shocking stories from his childhood.
4:00 PMFire Island - Mercury Is in Retrograde  : When Patrick invites an ex to a family dinner, Cheyenne gets angry.
5:00 PMFire Island - New Day, New Ros  : As summer draws to a close, Patrick makes an accusation that threatens to tear the house apart.
6:00 PMRupaul's Drag Race: RuVealed - Season 9: Oh. My. Gaga!  : RuPaul provides running commentary and fun facts while Lady Gaga drops by to meet the 13 new queens.
7:00 PMRuPaul's Drag Race - She Done Already Done Brought It On: Lisa Kudrow visits; the queens must perform in an epic cheer battle; the B-52s guest judge.
8:00 PMRupaul's Drag Race: RuVealed - Draggily Ever After  : RuPaul provides commentary as the queens create fairytale drag princesses.
9:03 PMRupaul's Drag Race: RuVealed - Good Morning, Bitches  : RuPaul provides running commentary and fun facts as queens join cutthroat morning talk show wars.
10:06 PMRupaul's Drag Race: RuVealed - Reality Stars: The Musical  : RuPaul provides commentary as Todrick Hall directs the queens in Broadway's newest mega-sensation.
11:08 PMRuPaul's Drag Race - RuVealed Season 9: Snatch Game: The queens impersonate celebrities in a TV game show; guest judges Candis Cayne and Denis O'Hare.