26 July 2017

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10:30 PMNorth by Northwest: A foreign spy chases a hapless New Yorker cross country.
1:00 AMPsycho: A woman on the run stops at a 12-cabin motel with showers, run by mother-fixated Norman Bates.
3:00 AMThe Birds: Flocks of birds attack a playgirl, a bachelor and others in a sea town.
5:15 AMBeloved Brat: An impossible teen tries her parents' patience.
6:30 AMWhat Every Woman Knows: A Scottish barrister's humble wife edits him to eloquence in Parliament.
8:15 AMThe Sisters: One Montana sister marries a sportswriter; another, a rich man; and the third, a banker's son.
10:00 AMThe Oklahoma Kid: The outlaw son of a Tulsa founder rids the town of a killer who runs the saloon.
11:30 AMBrother Orchid: Ousted by his right-hand man, a gangster poses as a monastery monk until they meet again.
1:15 PMCity for Conquest: A New York boxing contender is blinded in ring.
3:15 PMShining Victory: A medical researcher working in Scotland shares a tragic love with his assistant.
4:45 PMDrango: A Union officer becomes the overseer of a Georgia town he destroyed during Sherman's march.
6:30 PMSaddle the Wind: A retired gunfighter's younger brother brings home a saloon singer and a six-shooter.
8:00 PMA Double Life: An actor playing Othello loses touch with reality and starts to behave like the Moor.
10:00 PMRandom Harvest: An amnesiac World War I British veteran marries a chorus girl, then forgets her.