1 October 2016

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11:30 PMIt's a Great Feeling: Stars and waitress join comics making a movie.
2:00 AMRoar: A woman and her family travel to Africa to meet a scientist who lives with wild animals.
3:45 AMBorn Free: The British Adamsons raise Elsa the lioness as a pet in Kenya, then teach her how to be wild again.
5:30 AMDistant Drummer: A Movable Scene: Exposing drug use and its surrounding culture.
6:00 AMAll This and Heaven Too: A French duke finds his life embroiled in scandal following the arrival of a new governess.
8:30 AMBright Eyes: A millionaire, his niece and a pilot love a little orphan who sings ``On the Good Ship Lollipop.''
10:00 AMHeaven Can Wait: Satan reviews a Gay '90s New York playboy's life to see if he deserves to go below.
12:00 PMBuona Sera, Mrs. Campbell: Three veterans are reunited in Italy with a mutual lover they've been supporting for 20 years.
2:00 PMBus Stop: A brash young cowboy gets off the bus in Phoenix and courts a cafe singer.
4:00 PMLeave Her to Heaven: A jealous woman kills people to keep her writer husband to herself.
6:00 PMGreen Mansions: A fugitive adventurer in Venezuela falls in love with a bird-girl child of nature feared by natives.
8:00 PMFrankenstein: Baron Frankenstein creates a monster from cadavers and a killer's brain.
9:30 PMBride of Frankenstein: Baron Frankenstein creates a hissing, frizzy-haired female for his other monster.
11:00 PMSon of Frankenstein: The baron's son revives his father's monster with help from a broken-necked shepherd called Ygor.