29 July 2015

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11:00 PMMythBusters - Prison Escape: Adam and Jamie test if it's possible to cling to the roof of a speeding car.
12:00 AMMythBusters - Antacid Jail Break: The team tests two dangerous tales from the wrong side of the tracks.
1:00 AMRace to Escape - The Explorer's Study  : Two teams of three have only one hour to solve five mind-bending puzzles and challenges.
2:00 AMMythBusters - Alcatraz Escape: Hosts test urban legends: infamous prisoners escape from Alcatraz in 1962.
3:00 AMBiblical Conspiracies - Secrets of the Crucifixion  : In this episode; physical remains of son of Judah and an investigation of a crucified hand.
4:00 AMBiblical Conspiracies - Secrets in the Sculpture  : A secret symbol that unlocks an untold story of murder, sex and politics is uncovered.
5:00 AMBiblical Conspiracies - Bride of God  : A manuscript 1,500 years old appears to be evidence that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.
6:00 AMHow It's Made - Mobile Concert Stages; Mascara; Continuous Miners; Wood Gift Boxes: Mobile concert stages; mascara; continuous miners; wood gift boxes.
6:30 AMHow It's Made: Airstream trailers; horseradish; industrial steam boilers; deodorant.
7:00 AMHow It's Made: Pressure cookers; mechanical singing birds; oceanographic buoys; stainless steel tank trailers.
7:30 AMHow It's Made: Residential water heaters; air bags; jelly beans; ice resurfacers.
8:00 AMStorm Chasers - The Storm Within: Team Dominator risks it all to warn people who are in the path of a violent storm.
9:00 AMHow It's Made: Induction cooktops; truck scales; Tetra Pak containers; harmonicas.
9:30 AMHow It's Made: Thinning shears; wagon wheels; bimini boat tops; violin bows.
10:00 AMHow It's Made: Paving asphalt; marshmallow cookies; loudspeakers; electronic door locks.
10:30 AMHow It's Made: Robotic arms; tattoos; sanitary napkins; concrete pipes.
11:00 AMHow It's Made: Whips; automated pizza makers; incense cones; scale turbine engines.
11:30 AMHow It's Made: Microphones; hot tubs; artificial turf; beer steins.
12:00 PMHow It's Made: Escalators; Kevlar canoes; marble cheddar; disc music boxes.
12:30 PMHow It's Made: Wooden barrels; fire hydrants; automobile seats; cathode ray tubes.
1:00 PMHow It's Made: How gingerbread houses, livestock trailers, bottom-rolling hangar doors, and toy figurines are made.
1:30 PMHow It's Made - Worcestshire Sauce, Lawn Bowls, Radio-Controlled Model Jets: Worcestershire sauce; lawn bowls; radio-controlled model jets.
2:00 PMHow It's Made - Honey/ Fibre Optics/ Bricks: How bees make honey, how fibre optics are constructed, how bricks and pipe organs are made.
2:30 PMHow It's Made: High precision cutting tools; stained glass; semi trailers; recorders.
3:00 PMHow It's Made - Surgical Instruments, Ketchup, Double Decker Buses, Walking Sticks: Surgical instruments; ketchup; double decker buses; walking sticks.
3:30 PMHow It's Made: Aluminum foil; snowboards; contact lenses; bread. Host: Mark Tewksbury.
4:00 PMHow It's Made: Putty knives; garage doors; electric motors; wool.
4:30 PMHow It's Made - Mountain Bikes; Rice; Lever Action Rifles: Mountain bikes; rice; lever action rifles.
5:00 PMHow It's Made: Gummies; aluminum cans; fish farming; bronze.
5:30 PMHow It's Made: Umbrellas; outboard motors; silver cutlery; tape measures.
6:00 PMHow It's Made: Pocket knives; soapstone products; electric pole transformers; snowshoes.
6:30 PMHow It's Made: Ski goggles; tower cranes; porcelain figures; diesel engines.
7:00 PMHow It's Made - Tequila; Waterbeds; Flip Flops; Silver: Tequila; waterbeds; flip flops; silver.
7:30 PMHow It's Made - Hospital Laundry; Brass Instrument Restoration; Horse Replicas; Excavation: Hospital laundry; brass instrument restoration; horse replicas; excavation.
8:00 PMHow It's Made: Tapioca pudding; snow plows; paddle boats; fiber cement siding.
8:30 PMHow It's Made: Turf grass; beef jerky; wood chippers; bowling pins.
9:00 PMHow It's Made: Compact discs; cheese; pantyhose; fluorescent tubes. Host: Mark Tewksbury.
9:30 PMHow It's Made - Top Five Junk Food: A countdown the five best junk foods showcased in the show's history.
10:00 PMHow Do They Do It? - Bamboo Scaffolding and Fireworks: Indian construction crews use bamboo scaffolding; the secret to multicolored fireworks.
10:30 PMHow Do They Do It? - Robo-farm, Log Stacker and Piano Moving: A farm is run almost completey by robots; one of the biggest toughest log stackers.
11:00 PMHow It's Made: Tapioca pudding; snow plows; paddle boats; fiber cement siding.
11:30 PMHow It's Made: Turf grass; beef jerky; wood chippers; bowling pins.