16 August 2017

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10:00 PMViva Las Vegas: A swimming instructor detours a singing auto racer in town for the Grand Prix.
12:00 AMKid Galahad: A singing mechanic turns boxer for a fight manager who's in debt to mobsters.
2:00 AMIt Happened at the World's Fair: A bush pilot finds a nurse, adventure and 10 reasons to sing at the 1962 Seattle exposition.
4:00 AMLive a Little, Love a Little: A bachelor with two jobs meets a model who has a Great Dane.
6:00 AMCraig's Wife: A woman's obsession with neatness and material goods drives out her husband, family and servants.
7:30 AMTrouble for Two: An incognito prince and princess join a suicide club in Victorian London.
9:15 AMThe Women: Catty New York socialites gossip about a friend and her husband's girlfriend.
11:30 AMNo Time for Comedy: A Midwestern reporter marries the star of his Broadway comedy, then tries his hand at tragedy.
1:30 PMThey Met in Bombay: Rival jewel thieves get romantic, flee to Hong Kong and join the war against the Japanese.
3:30 PMSister Kenny: Australian nurse Elizabeth Kenny treats polio.
5:30 PMAuntie Mame: A bohemian socialite inspires her nephew to love life.
8:00 PMWhat a Woman!: An author and a literary agent become involved after selling film rights to his racy book.
10:00 PMMy Sister Eileen: Two Ohio sisters move to Greenwich Village, where one writes and the other one meets men.