27 May 2017

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11:30 PMNoddy: Toyland Detective - Snowy Mystery; Wonky Toys  : Making it snow in Toyland on Christmas Day; toys in Toyland act strangely.
12:00 AMCaillou - Good Friend Caillou: Caillou doesn't like Clementine copying him; Caillou takes all the credit for a poster.
12:30 AMCaillou - Thoughtful Caillou: Caillou offers to help Mrs. Howard after she sprains her ankle; Caillou enters the Charity Fun Run.
1:00 AMThe Berenstain Bears - The Excuse Note; On the Job: Sister has a twisted ankle; what the cubs want to be when they grow up.
1:30 AMThe Berenstain Bears - Too Small for the Team; The Prize Pumpkin: Sister becomes the soccer team's manager; pumpkin contest.
2:00 AMThe Land Before Time - The Forbidden Friendship: Spike and Tippy are told not to play together as their parents fight amongst themselves.
2:30 AMThe Land Before Time - Return to Hanging Rock: Ruby sets off to make sure they are ok, but she is not alone for long.
3:00 AMThe Jungle Bunch - The Devastation 
3:30 AMThe Jungle Bunch - The Five Taos of Thunder; Daddy Miguel  : Hector, the old blind and deaf kung fu master comes to the Jungle Bunch.
4:00 AMMaya the Bee - Barry's Glasses; Alarm 
4:30 AMMaya the Bee - Harmony in the Meadow; Maya Commander in Chief 
5:00 AMThe Doozers - Doozer Amusers; Safe From Sound  : Professor Gimbal introduces his new baby nephew, a horrible screeching sound from inside the house.
5:30 AMThe Doozers - Spookypalooza; The Legend of Doozer Hollow  : Spookypalooza is when all Doozers get together to spook each other.
6:00 AMThe Berenstain Bears - Papa's Pizza; The Female Fullback: Papa makes personal pizzas for Brother and Sister's party; football.
6:30 AMThe Berenstain Bears - By the Sea; Catch the Bus: The cubs want to go swimming as soon as they arrive at their beach house; Brother's tardiness.
7:00 AMNina's World - To Mami, Love Nina; Nina's Lemonade Stand  : Nina looks for the perfect Mother's Day gift.
7:30 AMDot - Hello Cello; Achoo-Dini  : Dot has trouble practicing the cello; Dot learns how to turn her cold into magic.
8:00 AMThe Floogals - Project Tent; Project Aluminum Foil  : The Floogals discover the joys of camping; food has been replaced by food shaped shiny metal bits.
8:30 AMCaillou - Caillou Is Afraid of the Dark; Caillou Sleeps Over: Caillou thinks there is a monster in his room; Caillou sleeps over at Leo's home for the first time.
9:00 AMNoddy: Toyland Detective - Snowy Mystery; Wonky Toys  : Making it snow in Toyland on Christmas Day; toys in Toyland act strangely.
9:30 AMRuff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave - A Bug Adventure; A Butterfly Adventure 
10:00 AMThe Floogals - Project Pencil; Project Hamster  : The Floogals learn about pencils and erasers; a hamster habitat is mistaken for a spaceship.
10:30 AMThe Ollie & Moon Show - You Mermaid My Day; Hawaiian Shirt Hijinks 
11:00 AMDot - Wish You Were Here; Fast and Fabulous Fixers 
11:30 AMDot - Dot's Boots Are Made for Walking; The Ultimate Scratch Pad 
12:00 PMNina's World - Nina Goes Camping 
12:45 PMNina's World - Nina and the Yard Sale; Nina and Papi's Best Day Ever  : Nina helps Mr. Kapur host a yard sale in the courtyard to benefit the city's animal shelter.
1:00 PMThe Floogals - Project Mirror; Project Banana  : The Floogals attempt to use a banana as a power source.
1:30 PMThe Floogals - Project Leash; Project Umbrella  : The Floogals are confused by a dog's leash, thinking it is a device to make the dog happy.
2:00 PMThe Floogals - Project Dusting; Project Clay  : The Floogals use a duster to erase their footprints.
2:30 PMThe Floogals - Project Piano; Project Birthday Cake  : The Floogals learn about birthday cakes and decorations.
3:00 PMSpace Racers - The Wizard of Mars; Them's the Brakes 
3:30 PMSpace Racers - New Cadet on the Block; Dream Big 
4:00 PMSpace Racers - It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Galaxy; That'll Teach You 
4:30 PMSpace Racers - Double-0 Dodo; First Do No Harm 
5:00 PMSuper Wings - Runaway Rex  : A battery-operated dinosaur escapes and runs through the town.
5:15 PMSuper Wings - Aloha Adventure  : Jett travels to Hawaii to bring Keilani a hula skirt that lights up; a volcano overflows.
5:30 PMThe Ollie & Moon Show - You Mermaid My Day; Hawaiian Shirt Hijinks 
6:00 PMCaillou - Safety First Caillou: Caillou doesn't want to obey safety rules; Caillou leaves a trail of glitter throughout school.
6:30 PMCaillou - Caillou's Toy Trouble: Caillou trades his shovel for stickers, but then wants it back; Caillou wants light-up sneakers.
7:00 PMNina's World - Nina Dances With Nico; Nina Bakes Bread  : Nico teaches Nina how to do a Mexican Hat Dance; Nina, Chelsea and Papi bake together.
7:30 PMDot - Picture This; Garden Stakes 
8:00 PMThe Land Before Time - Stranger From the Mysterious Above: Mr Thicknose and Topsy get in trouble when trying to rescue Spike.
8:30 PMThe Land Before Time - The Hermit of Black Rock: When Cera crashes into a log, a big wind blows Petrie and Guido out of the Great Valley.
9:00 PMThe Jungle Bunch - Free Fall  : Gilbert helps a young flying fox overcome his fear of flying.
9:30 PMThe Jungle Bunch - The Little Plant of Horrors 
10:00 PMSuper Wings - Mongolian Stars; Lights, Camera, Action!  : Nambayar from Mongolia asks for glowing stars to decorate the inside of her tent.
10:30 PMSpace Racers - Loon on the Moon; Dodo in Charge  : The cadets are on assignment to dig for Helium-3; Vulture is up to his old tricks.
11:00 PMNoddy: Toyland Detective - Tug of War Game; Runaway Animals  : Someone cut the tug of war rope and let the farm animals out.
11:30 PMNoddy: Toyland Detective - Rules of the Game; Rainbow Experiment  : The rules to the game go missing; someone ruined Smartysaurus' experiment.