27 August 2016

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10:00 PMBig Eyes: Walter Keane becomes a very popular artist, but his wife is the actual painter behind the brush.
12:00 AMNotting Hill: A man's life changes when an international star walks into his bookshop.
2:05 AMGood Morning, Vietnam: Airman Adrian Cronauer wakes up 1965 Saigon as a disc jockey on Armed Forces Radio.
4:10 AMMan of the Year: A talk-show host becomes president of the United States.
6:05 AMMeat Loaf: In and Out of Hell: Since the release of the ``Bat Out of Hell'' album, Meat Loaf has achieved international status.
7:05 AMBravetown: After an accidental drug overdose, a talented teenage DJ goes to live with his estranged father.
9:00 AMDark Water: A woman and her daughter move into a creepy building.
10:45 AMThe Alamo: Outnumbered Texans fight to secede from Mexico.
1:05 PMThe Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou: An oceanographer hunts the shark that ate his partner.
3:05 PMRevolutionary Road: Two suburbanites in 1950s Connecticut become stuck in an increasingly stifling life.
5:05 PMThe Salvation: A peaceful settler has to hunt down a notorious outlaw gang alone.
6:40 PMThe Alamo: Outnumbered Texans fight to secede from Mexico.
9:00 PMIntruders: Anna suffers from a severe case of agoraphobia and cannot flee her house when three people break in.
10:30 PMTales From the Hood: Stories of racism, child abuse, police brutality and gang violence have a supernatural twist.
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