13 February 2016

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11:30 PMAnimals - Pigeons.  : A naive male pigeon prepares himself for motherhood; a pigeon is challenged by a New Jersey rival.
12:00 AMReal Time With Bill Maher: Journalist Josh Green; political analyst Ana Navarro; musician Michael Render.
1:00 AMVICE - Escape to Europe; Cycle of Terror  : The global reaction to the terrorist attacks in Paris impacts the fight against terrorism.
1:30 AMAnimals - Pigeons.  : A naive male pigeon prepares himself for motherhood; a pigeon is challenged by a New Jersey rival.
2:00 AMA Walk Among the Tombstones: A drug lord hires a private detective to find out who kidnapped and killed his wife.
4:00 AMEntourage: Studio boss Ari Gold allows actor Vince Chase to direct a $100 million movie that goes over budget.
5:45 AMNixon by Nixon: In His Own Words: Richard Nixon secretly records his private conversations in the White House from 1971 to 1973.
7:00 AMSaving My Tomorrow - Part 4  : Energy use and sustainability; endangered animals; children who work to protect nature.
7:30 AMEveryone's Hero: A boy begins a cross-country journey to return Babe Ruth's baseball bat. Animated.
9:00 AMSesame Street - Valentine's Day
9:30 AMSesame Street - Funny Farm
10:00 AMGood Boy!: A 12-year-old's dog has an interplanetary mission.
11:30 AMConfessions of a Teenage Drama Queen: After moving to New Jersey, a teen tries to dethrone the most popular girl at her new school.
1:00 PMVertical Limit: A climber must rescue his sister stranded by an avalanche.
3:10 PMThe Theory of Everything: At Cambridge University, future physicist Stephen Hawking falls in love with Jane Wilde.
5:20 PMRace: HBO First Look: Stephen James and Jason Sudeikis star in the biographical film about Olympic legend Jesse Owens.
5:35 PMTransformers: Humanity's fate hangs in the balance when two races of robots bring their war to Earth.
8:00 PMFurious 7: A government agent offers to help Dominic Toretto's gang eliminate a dangerous enemy.
10:30 PMGet Hard: The prison-bound manager of a hedge fund asks a black businessman to prep him for life behind bars.