14 February 2016

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11:30 PMThe EE British Academy Film Awards 2016: Honoring the best of the year in film.
2:00 AMAdele: Live in London: Performances of Adele's classic and new singles and her interview with Graham Norton.
3:30 AMThe Professional: An Italian hit man in New York risks his life to protect an orphan girl who captures his heart.
6:00 AMPlanet Earth: Life - Fish  : The secret and ferocious world of the great white shark, sailfish, puffer fish and barracuda.
7:00 AMPlanet Earth: Life - Birds  : Birds can fly at high speeds and cover great distances, but also can show murderous tendencies.
8:00 AMKitchen Nightmares - Chappy's: Gordon travels to Nashville, Tenn., to help the owners of Chappy's turn their restaurant around.
9:00 AMKitchen Nightmares - Kingston Caf: Chef Ramsay tries to help a struggling restaurant in Pasadena, Calif.
10:00 AMMan vs. Wild - Norway: Edge of Survival: Bear tries to cope and survive in harsh climate of Norway.
11:00 AMMan vs. Wild - Arizona Sky Islands: Surviving scorching deserts and freezing mountains in Arizona.
12:00 PMMan vs. Wild - Borneo Jungle: Bear Grylls battles torrential rain, snakes and leeches to survive in the Borneo jungle.
1:00 PMMan vs. Wild - Malaysian Archipelago: Bear Grylls struggles to find food and freshwater off the coast of Borneo.
2:00 PMMan vs. Wild - New Zealand South Island: Bear faces a mountain range and a waterlogged forest after parachuting into New Zealand.
3:00 PMMan vs. Wild - Land of the Maori: In New Zealand, Bear must cross a raging river, climb an active volcano and scale a waterfall.
4:00 PMMan vs. Wild - Iceland Fire and Ice: Bear is dropped off on an ice cap covering an active volcano during a blizzard.
5:00 PMMan vs. Wild - Red Rock Country: Bear travels to southern Utah where he attempts to descend a rock pinnacle armed with only a lasso.
6:00 PMMan vs. Wild - Baja Desert: Bear travels to Mexico's Baja California.
7:00 PMMan vs. Wild - The Deep South: Bear Grylls survives the deadly swamps of the Deep South.
8:00 PMMan vs. Wild - Ireland: Bear survives the rugged West Coast of Ireland, where he must scale 2000-foot-high sea cliffs.
9:00 PMTop Gear - The Races: James May in a Mitsubishi Evo rally car races Richard Hammond in a bobsleigh.
10:00 PMThe Graham Norton Show: Actress Julianne Moore; actress Rebel Wilson; comedy duo Ant & Dec; Little Mix performs.
11:00 PMThe Graham Norton Show: Actor Chris Hemsworth; director Ron Howard; actress Lily Tomlin; comic Kevin Bridges.