28 April 2017

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10:00 PMForrest Gump: An innocent man enters history from the '50s to the '90s.
1:00 AMInto the Badlands - Leopard Stalks in Snow  : Sunny and Bajie meet a friend, but must also confront an enemy from their past.
2:00 AMTalking With Chris Hardwick - Michelle Monaghan  : Chris talks with actor Michelle Monaghan.
3:00 AMApollo 18: Lost footage from a secret mission to the moon reveals a terrifying alien encounter.
4:45 AMBetter Call Saul - Sunk Costs: Jimmy decides to represent a new client to Kim's dismay.
5:48 AMThe Three Stooges - The Ghost Talks  : Peeping Tom's ghost wants to meet Lady Godiva.
6:00 AMThe Rifleman - Smoke Screen: The daughter of a prosperous rancher is found murdered.
6:30 AMThe Rifleman - Shotgun Man: Lucas receives a series of mysterious threatening notes.
7:00 AMThe Rifleman - Sins of the Father: Andy Moon and his young son take shelter at the McCain ranch.
7:30 AMThe Rifleman - The Prodigal: A bank-robbing gunman decides to hide out at the McCain ranch.
8:00 AMThe Rifleman - The Fourflusher: A neighbor has bet his whole year's farm crop on a horse race.
8:30 AMThe Rifleman - The Jailbird: A convict is released from prison and returns home to North Fork.
9:00 AMThe Rifleman - Meeting at Midnight: Lucas helps an old friend, a federal agent, infiltrate a gang of robbers.
9:30 AMThe Rifleman - Nora: Lucas helps a woman who is being harassed by a rough gambler.
10:00 AMThe Rifleman - The Hangman: An ex-convict is accused of robbing and killing his employer.
10:30 AMM*A*S*H - Are You Now, Margaret?: A congressional aide on a fact-finding tour visits the 4077th.
11:00 AMM*A*S*H - Guerrilla My Dreams: Hawkeye wants to heal a wounded Korean woman whom an ROK officer wants to question.
11:30 AMM*A*S*H - Goodbye Radar: Radar returns from Tokyo to find a new generator for the camp.
12:00 PMM*A*S*H - Goodbye Radar: The camp has no electricity as Radar prepares to leave.
12:30 PMM*A*S*H - Period of Adjustment: Radar's departure leaves everyone depressed.
1:00 PMM*A*S*H - Nurse Doctor: Father Mulcahy becomes the object of a young nurse's affections.
1:30 PMThe Fugitive: A U.S. marshal hunts a doctor on the run who was convicted of murdering his wife.
4:30 PMUnstoppable: Two men must stop an unmanned, runaway train before it crashes and spills its toxic cargo.
6:30 PMThe Taking of Pelham 123: A dispatcher tries to outwit criminals hijacking a New York subway train.
9:00 PMThe Son - No Prisoners  : An enemy forces Young Eli to question his loyalties; the McCulloughs' past comes back to haunt them.
10:00 PMThe Son - No Prisoners  : An enemy forces Young Eli to question his loyalties; the McCulloughs' past comes back to haunt them.
11:00 PMThe Shawshank Redemption: Two life sentences for a 1947 double murder land an innocent man in a corrupt Maine penitentiary.