30 July 2014

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10:00 PMSpencer's Mountain: The Wyoming Spencers have nine children, too small a house and a son who wants to go to college.
12:15 AMThe Battle of the Villa Fiorita: Two British youths think up ways to end their mother's affair with an Italian composer.
2:15 AMFire Over Africa: An undercover woman fights Tangier smugglers with an undercover man who does not know who she is.
4:00 AMPort Afrique: An American returns to Morocco and discovers his wife's past while probing her death.
6:00 AMMGM Parade: Greta Garbo; Ann Christy; Irene Papas; host Walter Pidgeon.
6:30 AMThe Guardsman: A jealous actor tests his actress wife's fidelity. Based on the play by Ferenc Molnar.
8:00 AMThe Bride Wore Red: A cabaret singer's noble boyfriend presents her at a Tirolean resort, where she charms two men.
10:00 AMThe Chocolate Soldier: An opera singer poses as a Russian in Vienna to test his wife's fidelity; she plays along.
12:00 PMDouble Wedding: A dress designer falls for a lazy artist after deeming him unworthy of her sister.
1:45 PMOne Romantic Night: Obliged to marry a prince, a European princess falls in love with her brother's tutor.
3:00 PMThe Swan: A European princess waltzes with her tutor but is destined to marry a crown prince.
5:00 PMCarousel: A dead carnival barker gets to return to Earth for a day to guide his daughter.
7:15 PMTwenty Classic Moments: Unforgettable moments.
8:00 PMDetective Story: A New York police detective learns something shocking about his wife's past.
10:00 PMThe Landlord: A young white man buys a building with tenants in a nonwhite Brooklyn neighborhood.
12:00 AMLocal Programming