24 July 2016

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11:10 PMRebel Without a Cause: Volatile teens with feckless parents witness tragedy.
2:20 AMSaturday Night Live: Host Josh Brolin; Adele performs; Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin makes an appearance.
3:14 AMSaturday Night Live: Host Ben Affleck; David Cook performs; Sen. John McCain makes an appearance.
4:08 AMGay Skit Happens - Summer Edition 
4:38 AMGay Skit Happens - Love Edition  : Tackling all things funny in love, dating, relationships and sex in the age of social media.
5:08 AMBewitched - Marriage, Witches' Style: Envious Serena decides she wants to be like Samantha and wed a mortal.
5:34 AMBewitched - Going Ape: A chimp follows Samantha home and is launched on an advertising career.
6:00 AMBewitched - Tabitha's Weekend: Upset by the rivalry between her grandmothers, Tabitha turns into a cookie.
6:30 AMBewitched - The Battle of Burning Oak: When Darrin joins an exclusive club, Endora turns him into a snob.
7:00 AMI Dream of Jeannie - Jeannie's Beauty Cream: Jeannie's beauty cream makes Mrs. Bellows 20 years younger; Dr. Bellows doesn't recognize her.
7:30 AMI Dream of Jeannie - There Goes the Best Genie I Ever Had: Tony realizes how much he needs Jeannie when he thinks he has lost her.
8:00 AMI Dream of Jeannie - The Greatest Entertainer in the World: Tony needs Sammy Davis Jr. to entertain for Gen. Peterson's 10th anniversary at NASA.
8:30 AMI Dream of Jeannie - My Incredible Shrinking Master: When Jeannie's nightmare comes true, Tony shrinks to six inches tall.
9:00 AMI Dream of Jeannie - My Master, the Pirate: Tony is going to look for sunken treasure; Jeannie pops Tony back to the days of Captain Kidd.
9:30 AMI Dream of Jeannie - A Secretary Is Not a Toy: Tony is in trouble when Jeannie decides that he should be a general.
10:00 AMAll in the Family - The Hot Watch: Mike is convinced Archie's new watch is stolen and warns against getting fixed.
10:30 AMAll in the Family - Archie Is Branded: When a swastika is found on their front door, the Bunkers go into a frenzy.
10:59 AMAll in the Family - Everybody Tells the Truth: Gloria hears three versions of one incident.
11:29 AMAll in the Family - Archie Learns His Lesson: Archie sneaks off to night school in hopes of completing his high-school education.
11:58 AMAll in the Family - Gloria, the Victim: A walk home past a neighborhood construction site turns into a nightmarish encounter for Gloria.
12:29 PMAll in the Family - The Battle of the Month: Gloria is in a foul mood and argues with Edith over allowing Archie to boss her around.
1:00 PM9 to 5: Three fed-up secretaries kidnap their sexist boss and force him to authorize office improvements.
4:15 PMThe Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: Four teenage friends keep in touch during their summer apart by passing along a pair of blue jeans.
7:00 PMThe First Wives Club: Three 50-ish college friends plot revenge after their husbands dump them for younger women.
10:00 PMThe First Wives Club: Three 50-ish college friends plot revenge after their husbands dump them for younger women.