23 July 2017

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11:30 PMTangled: The Series - In Like Flynn  : In order to prank a rival monarch, King Frederic recruits Eugene to help him pull off a scheme.
12:00 AMStuck in the Middle - Stuck at the Movies  : Harley waits until the last minute to finish her science project and takes the WIFI down with her.
12:30 AMAndi Mack - Outside the Box  : Andi decides to keep the news about Bex from her friends.
1:00 AMGirl Meets World - Girl Meets Bear  : It's a state of emergency in the Matthews household when Riley's childhood teddy bear goes missing.
1:30 AMBest Friends Whenever - When Shelby Met Cyd  : Cyd and Shelby travel back to kindergarten to celebrate their friendship anniversary.
2:00 AMJessie - The Rosses Get Real  : Jessie is excited when she and the Ross kids are invited to participate in a reality show.
2:30 AMJessie - Hoedown Showdown  : Jessie asks Emma to invite the new girl from the building to her party as a welcoming gesture.
3:00 AMDog With a Blog - My Parents Posted What?!  : Ellen and Bennett discover that Avery has secretly created a Buddy Bop account.
3:30 AMBizaardvark - Draw My Life  : Paige and Frankie produce a video telling their story with a little help from Amelia.
4:00 AMStuck in the Middle - Stuck Dancing with My Dad  : Harley enters Daphne and Dad in a TV dancing competition to get her latest invention noticed.
4:30 AMJessie - All the Knight Moves  : Zuri turns out to be a chess prodigy so Jessie encourages her to enter a competition to win a trip.
5:00 AMJessie - The Jessie-nator: Grudgement Day  : Future Jessie appears from an elevator time machine to warn present Jessie to run for her life.
5:30 AMThat's So Raven - Fur Better or Worse: Chelsea protests when a fur collar appears on one of Raven's designs.
6:00 AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Goofy's Petting Zoo: The animals at the petting zoo have escaped and it's up to Mickey and Goofy to round them up.
6:30 AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Goofy Baby: Goofy turns into a baby.
7:00 AMDoc McStuffins: Toy Hospital - Lambie Stuffy Switcharoo; The Sleepwalking King  : Lambie and Stuffy switch jobs for a day; Doc discovers that the Wicked King has been sleepwalking.
7:30 AMPJ Masks - Catboy's Great Gig; Owlette's New Move  : The school instruments go missing; Catboy and Gekko invent a new superhero move.
8:00 AMThe Lion Guard - Ono's Idol  : Ono meets his idol, legendary eagle Hadithi, and learns that his hero isn't what he expected.
8:30 AMMickey and the Roadster Racers - Mickey's Perfecto Day!; Running of the Roadsters!  : Mickey plans a perfect day for Minnie; a playful baby bull; Minnie and Daisy make a bet.
9:00 AMPuppy Dog Pals - Scuba-Doggies; Walking the Bob  : An underwater adventure to get a package; pups lead a blurry-visioned Bob home.
9:30 AMElena of Avalor - King of the Carnaval  : Esteban's childhood friend, Victor, returns to Avalor during the kingdom's Carnaval celebration.
10:00 AMDisney's Descendants 2: When the pressure to be perfect gets to be too much for Mal, she returns to the Isle of the Lost.
12:05 PMRaven's Home - Baxter's Back!  : Booker enlists Levi and Tess to help him convince Nia of his abilities to see into the future.
12:30 PMBizaardvark - Bizaardvark vs Vicki Hot Head Fuego  : Paige and Frankie decide to start a fake feud with 13-year-old MMA fighter Vicki Fuego.
1:00 PMAustin & Ally - What Ifs & Where's Austin  : The gang imagines how different their lives would be if they'd never met Austin.
1:30 PMAustin & Ally - Beach Clubs & BFFs  : Trish becomes jealous when she thinks Ally has a new best friend.
2:00 PMK.C. Undercover - Photo Bombed  : Marisa's photo could be featured in magazines and billboards if she wins a contest.
2:30 PMK.C. Undercover - Spy-anoia Will Destroy Ya  : K.C.'s brother Ernie brings home his new girlfriend, Jolie; K.C. is suspicious.
3:00 PMLiv and Maddie - Neighbors-a-Rooney  : Liv rekindles her friendship with Holden Dippledorf in the midst of a family feud.
3:30 PMLiv and Maddie - Repeat-a-Rooney  : Maddie teaches Joey how to act like a jock to impress a girl; Liv struggles with a project.
4:00 PMAndi Mack - Were We Ever?  : Andi, Buffy and Cyrus start a protest against an unreasonable new dress code.
4:30 PMBizaardvark - Moosetashio: a Cautionary Tale  : The girls realize that the most popular videos don't require much thought.
5:00 PMStuck in the Middle - Stuck in the Sweet Seat  : After her parents forget her birthday, Harley plots to use their guilt.
5:30 PMBunk'd - Dog Days of Summer  : The campers get together to help Lou realize how much she means to them.
6:00 PMJessie - Moby and SCOBY  : Zuri brings home a baby giraffe; Jessie ends up in the same class as Ravi when she re-enrolls.
6:30 PMK.C. Undercover - Coopers Reactivated!  : K.C. tries to deal with no longer being a spy; then, a feared criminal escapes.
7:00 PMK.C. Undercover - Cooper's Reactivated!  : K.C. tries to deal with no longer being a spy; then, a feared criminal escapes.
7:30 PMBizaardvark - Paige Bugs Out  : Paige and Frankie wonder if they should make a new video based on Paige's crush.
8:00 PMStuck in the Middle - Stuck in the Garage Sale  : Hoping for enough money to buy a pool, the children work together to pull off a garage sale.
8:30 PMAndi Mack - She's Turning Into You  : Jonah asks Andi for help picking out a birthday gift for Amber.
9:00 PMLiv and Maddie - BFF-A-Rooney  : Liv's friend South comes to visit and flirts with Diggie; Maddie is jealous.
9:30 PMLiv and Maddie - Song-A-Rooney  : Due to an error in judgement, Liv's new single becomes a hit for the wrong reasons.
10:00 PMK.C. Undercover - K.C. and Brett: The Final Chapter - Part 1  : Brett's assignment is to eliminate K.C. but he can't bring himself to follow through.
10:30 PMK.C. Undercover - K.C. and Brett: The Final Chapter - Part 2  : K.C. recruits her family to help Brett escape The Other Side; the Coopers fight.
11:00 PMBunk'd - Boo Boos and Birthdays  : While trying to plan a surprise party of Tiffany's birthday, Emma and Zuri butt heads.
11:30 PMJessie - Romancing the Crone  : Jessie and Zuri sneak into Mrs. Chesterfield's apartment to get a tiara back.
12:00 AMLocal Programming