20 September 2017

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11:30 PMThe King of Queens - Deconstructing Carrie: Doug bribes construction workers to hoot and holler at Carrie in order to make her feel younger.
12:00 AMThe King of Queens - Van, Go: Holly is upset when she learns Carrie was using her to have access to her van.
12:30 AMThe King of Queens - Black List: Doug is convinced he is being replaced when Deacon starts spending time with a new friend.
1:00 AMMom - Hepatitis and Lemon Zest  : Bonnie is angry when Christy's financial decisions threaten the family's living situation.
1:30 AMMom - Figgy Pudding and the Rapture  : When Christy tries to ignore the family's problems, Bonnie brings her back to reality.
2:00 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - Just a Formality: Robert proposes to Amy; Ray meets Amy's ultraconservative parents.
2:36 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - The Disciplinarian: Debra convinces Ray to take his turn at disciplining the twins.
3:12 AMThe New Adventures of Old Christine - So You Think You Can Date: Richard joins Christine and her new boyfriend (Tim DeKay) on a dinner date.
3:49 AMThe New Adventures of Old Christine - Self-Esteem Tempura: A talent scout recruits Ritchie to audition for a commercial.
4:21 AMThe New Adventures of Old Christine - Rage Against the Christine: Christine's new boyfriend has an odd reaction to her competitiveness when she beats him at tennis.
4:54 AMHow I Met Your Mother - The Platinum Rule: Ted's friends try to convince him that he should not date his doctor.
5:27 AMHow I Met Your Mother - No Tomorrow: Ted emulates Barney and lives like there is no tomorrow; Marshall delivers a reality check.
6:00 AMSpring Into Warmer Temperatures With The NuWave Oven: Enjoy the fresh flavors of Spring by cooking delicious, healthy meals in the NuWave Oven.
6:30 AMDoctor's Secret to Enjoying The Foods You Love Without Fear: Medical expert Dr. Don Colbert discusses how a new probiotic discovery is improving people's lives.
7:00 AMRelieve your foot pain with WalkFit!: WalkFit(r) Platinum insoles relieve foot, hip, knee and back pain.
7:30 AMLove Your Hair!: Viviscal - European hair secret now available in the US.
8:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
8:30 AMTry Total Gym for $14.95: Total Gym Fit is the only piece of fitness equipment you need to get into the best shape.
9:00 AMThe Andy Griffith Show - Aunt Bee on TV: Aunt Bee wins a kitchen of appliances on a TV show but loses all her friends.
9:37 AMThe Andy Griffith Show - The Cannon: Warren captures a pair of thieves through ignorance about how a cannon works.
10:14 AMThe Andy Griffith Show - A Man's Best Friend: Goober has dreams of entering show business when he thinks he owns a genuine talking dog.
10:51 AMBonanza - Denver McKee: The Cartwrights help a former decorated Army scout find security for his daughter.
12:00 PMGunsmoke - Tycoon: His foray into the freight business nearly results in Festus getting married.
1:00 PMGunsmoke - Jaekel: A released convict (Eric Braeden) comes to claim his long-time pen pal -- a married woman.
2:00 PMGunsmoke - Murdoch: An aging marshal tries to capture outlaws for execution, but finds one of the gang is his son.
3:00 PMGunsmoke - Cleavus: A childhood friend of Festus' kills a prospector and then loses his mind.
4:00 PMM*A*S*H - Abyssinia, Henry: When Henry gets his discharge, Frank concerns himself with taking command.
4:30 PMM*A*S*H - Welcome to Korea: Frank takes over; Hawkeye pursues departing Trapper.
5:00 PMM*A*S*H - Welcome to Korea: Hawkeye says goodbye to an old friend and welcomes a new one in the form of B.J. Hunnicut.
5:30 PMM*A*S*H - Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler: A wounded officer claims to be Jesus Christ.
6:00 PMM*A*S*H - The Interview: A TV journalist interviews camp personnel.
6:30 PMM*A*S*H - Margaret's Engagement: Margaret gets engaged during a trip to Tokyo.
7:00 PMM*A*S*H - Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Hawkeye's face is badly burned when a stove he is trying to fix explodes.
7:36 PMM*A*S*H - Dear Sigmund: Sidney Freedman vents frustrations in a letter to Freud.
8:12 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - Sweet Charity: Ray relishes his volunteer work at the hospital because patients treat him like a celebrity.
8:48 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - Meeting the Parents: Amy's conservative parents catch Robert in a compromising position.
9:24 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - The Plan: Ray convinces Robert to botch the wedding invitations to get out of helping with the wedding plans.
10:00 PMMom - Six Thousand Bootleg T-Shirts and a Prada Handbag  : Christy makes a new friend with problems; Bonnie tries to put someone else's needs ahead of her own.
10:30 PMMom - Corned Beef and Handcuffs  : When Bonnie starts dating chef Rudy, Christy winds up stuck in the middle.
11:00 PMThe King of Queens - Van, Go: Holly is upset when she learns Carrie was using her to have access to her van.
11:30 PMThe King of Queens - Black List: Doug is convinced he is being replaced when Deacon starts spending time with a new friend.
12:00 AMLocal Programming