18 August 2017

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11:01 PMMy 600-Lb. Life - Laura's Story  : Laura has used food to cope with her emotions; relying on her husband and mother to survive.
12:01 AMMy 600-Lb. Life - Angel's Story  : A woman struggles to make a positive change to be part of her partner and son's lives.
1:01 AMMy 600-Lb. Life - Randy's Story  : Food addiction dissolved his marriage, so Randy endures a strict diet to regain control of his life.
2:01 AMMy 600-Lb. Life - Sean's Story  : Sean has a massive growth protruding from his side and skin so stretched it's tearing apart.
3:00 AMSister Wives - Meri Drops a Bomb: A potential investor for the jewelry line; Christine's daughter brings a boyfriend home.
4:00 AMSister Wives - Polygamists in a Shark Tank: The jewelry business is beginning to overwhelm the wives; turning to investors for money.
5:00 AMWhat Not to Wear - Catherine K.: Stacy and Clinton take on a lawyer's disheveled wardrobe.
6:00 AMWhat Not to Wear - Christine: Stacy and Clinton try to help a jazz vocalist whose fashion sense is badly out of tune.
7:00 AMCake Boss - Liberty, Layups & A Loaded Dinner: A cake in honor of Lady Liberty; Mauro realizes his goal of becoming an American citizen.
7:30 AMCake Boss - Presidents, Peanut Butter & Popping-in: Buddy is asked to make a Mount Rushmore cake; Marrissa must make her famous peanut butter cake.
8:00 AMCake Boss - Going Up?: Buddy must make a birthday cake that works as a real elevator.
8:30 AMCake Boss - Working at the Car Wash: Buddy builds a fully automated car wash cake; a couple celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary.
9:00 AMThe Spouse House - Ride or Die  : Missy's bold decision may mean she's leaving alone; Tom and Ashley Lauren have their ups and downs.
10:00 AMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Operation: Cinderella: When a bride is missing her mom, it takes some extra encouragement for them to say yes to the dress.
10:30 AMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Mini Monte: A fashionista friend with his own agenda; a radical shopping plan; a conservative peanut gallery.
11:00 AMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Breaking the Curse: Lori battles superstitions while picking out her dress.
11:30 AMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - For Better or Worse: Kate is self-conscious about her figure; Ivy's budget; Meg's weight loss.
12:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Taming of the Shrews: Pushing a bride out of the dress of her dreams; pushing a bride into a dress she can't afford.
12:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Are You Looking For Trouble?: A fiance's ex-girlfriend; a photo of the dream dress; a short dress.
1:00 PMFour Weddings - ... And a Rock Club  : Rooftop nuptials; a museum affair; 800 guests at a ballroom reception; guests rock out all night.
2:00 PMFour Weddings - ... And an Oathing Stone  : A vintage travel theme; carnival dancers at Indya's party; a zen theme to calm a winery wedding.
3:00 PMMy Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding - Gypsy Princesses on the Prowl  : At the annual Gypsy Ball, six single gypsies prepare for a fairytale-themed party in New Orleans.
4:00 PMMy Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding - From Jail to Wedding Veil  : Chelsey is forced into an arranged marriage; a family feud over ancient Gypsy traditions.
5:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - I've Stalked This Dress on Instagram: Designer Hayley Paige makes three dresses for her big day; Elisabeth wants a Hayley Paige gown.
5:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Bling, Lace and Cleavage!: Krystle loves attention, but her friends have reservations about her over-the-top dress.
6:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - I Won the Battle Against My Twin!: Margo struggles to get her twin sister's approval; Brenda needs all four of her sisters to agree.
6:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress - The Sasha Dress!: ``High School Musical'' star Corbin Bleu helps his fianc Sasha find her dream dress.
7:00 PMLong Lost Family - Am I Who I Think I Am?  : A woman discovers a life-long secret and realizes her biological father does not know she exists.
8:00 PMLong Lost Family - The Court Said No, We Were Too Young  : A woman searches for her sister who she tried to adopt; a couple's son was adopted fifty years ago.
9:00 PMLong Lost Family - Do I Call Him My Son?  : A woman searches for her brother, hoping to fulfill a promise she made to her late mother.
10:00 PMLong Lost Family - The Last Time I Saw My Mother, I Was 5 Years Old  : A man searches for his birth mother, whose disappearance has haunted him for his entire life.
11:00 PMLong Lost Family - Am I Who I Think I Am?  : A woman discovers a life-long secret and realizes her biological father does not know she exists.
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