27 October 2016

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10:15 PMAll the President's Men: The Washington Post's Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein tie the Watergate break-in to the White House.
12:45 AMThe Best Man: Presidential contenders vie for their party's nod and a dying ex-president's blessing.
2:45 AMThe Candidate: An image maker grooms the son of a political boss for a token bid in a U.S. Senate race.
4:45 AMHollywood Without Makeup: A compilation of home movies featuring Hollywood's celebrities in candid, off-screen moments.
6:00 AMThree Comrades: A World War I veteran and his two partners love a doomed woman in 1920s Germany.
7:45 AM3 Godfathers: In the desert, three Old West outlaws adopt the baby of a dying woman.
9:45 AMThree on a Match: Bad luck happens to a rich man's wife and her two girlfriends from school.
11:00 AMDesign for Living: A worldly woman lives with a painter and a playwright in Paris. Based on the play by Noel Coward.
12:45 PMSome Like It Hot: To evade gangsters, two men don skirts and makeup and join an all-girl band with a sizzling singer.
3:00 PMSabrina: The sons of a Long Island tycoon become romantic rivals for the chauffeur's daughter.
5:30 PMGeorgy Girl: Gawky Englishwoman wonders whether to marry the lover of her pregnant roommate or a rich older man.
7:15 PMMGM Is on the Move: The films of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.
8:00 PMThe China Syndrome: Journalists see the cover-up of a crisis at a nuclear-power plant.
10:15 PMThe Way We Were: A leftist and a writer meet in college, and their love spans the 1930s and '50s.
12:30 AMLocal Programming