20 September 2017

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11:02 PMBehind Closed Doors: The American Family - The Devil Made Me Do It!  : Tam catches Paul texting his ex; Andy's affair has strained Deena's relationship with her daughters.
12:02 AMMeet the Putmans - ...And Baby Makes 26  : The Putmans await the arrival of the 26th family member; design decisions test everyone's patience.
1:02 AM90 Day Fianc: Before the 90 Days - Extended: Baby I'm Worth It  : Myriam drops a bombshell on Patrick; Paul worries about Karine's STD and pregnancy test.
2:02 AM90 Day Fianc: Extended - What Now?: Part 1  : Melanie and Devar, and Alan and Kirlyam have big news to share.
3:00 AMGypsy Sisters - It's Been One Long, Hot Summer  : Kayla organizes a luau; a baptism for baby Richard; Sheena and Annie mend their marriages.
4:00 AM7 Little Johnstons - Brain Surgery for Alex  : Alex is getting ready to undergo brain surgery, and Amber decides to give him a new haircut.
5:00 AM7 Little Johnstons - Loose Lips Sink Surprises  : Before his birthday, Trent decides to lose weight, but the process isn't as much fun as he expected.
6:00 AM7 Little Johnstons - I Just Tinkled  : Amber and Trent arrange a college tour for Jonah, and suggest Anna job shadow at a salon.
7:00 AM7 Little Johnstons - A Little Girl in a Pageant World  : Elizabeth enters a beauty pageant; Trent and Amber take steps to finalize Emma and Anna's adoptions.
8:00 AM7 Little Johnstons - A Family Emergency  : A busy week is interrupted when one of the Johnstons is rushed to the hospital during the night.
9:00 AM7 Little Johnstons - Party Pooper  : Amber is discharged from the hospital in time to help the family throw Anna a Sweet 16 party.
10:00 AM7 Little Johnstons - 8 Little Johnstons?  : The Johnstons need a break, so the family takes off for a tropical vacation in Puerto Rico.
11:00 AMThe Little Couple - Back to School: Bill takes Will grocery shopping for his school lunch supplies; Jen and Zoey get manicures.
12:00 PMThe Little Couple - Safety First!: Will and Zoe have a swim lesson; Jen gets an invitation to visit a fire station with the family.
1:00 PMThe Little Couple - Zoey's 4th Birthday: Jen decides on a princess tea party theme for Zoey's birthday party.
2:00 PMThe Little Couple - A Fashion Show: After visiting the Houston Children's Museum, Bill focuses on his pet store's dog fashion show.
3:00 PMThe Little Couple - Big Family Changes: The Klein-Arnold family has a garage sale to prepare for Jen's parents move to Florida.
4:00 PMThe Little Couple - A Little Trip to the Big Easy: Jen and Bill have a hard time getting a family photo; Jen is scheduled to speak in New Orleans.
5:00 PMThe Little Couple - All Aboard!: Jen has a huge project at the hospital, so Bill takes the kids to a mini-bowling alley.
6:00 PMThe Little Couple: Countdown to the New Season: Reliving some of the moments from the past season with Jen and Bill; sneak peek at the new season.
8:00 PMThe Little Couple - Great Scot! The Hurricanes are Coming: Bill heads to Houston to help his beloved city recover from Hurricane Harvey.
10:05 PM7 Little Johnstons - A Little Teen Romance  : The Johnston family throws a big bash to celebrate Jonah and Liz's birthdays.
11:08 PMThe Little Couple - Great Scot! The Hurricanes are Coming: Bill heads to Houston to help his beloved city recover from Hurricane Harvey.