20 September 2017

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10:00 PMRoustabout: A singing motorcycle bum joins a woman's carnival and romances her foreman's daughter.
12:00 AMThe Stone Killer: Ex-detective learns 1930s mobster has formed killer elite.
2:00 AMA Star Is Born: The more famous his wife gets, the more a matinee idol drinks.
4:00 AMKlute: A detective ties a friend's disappearance to a Manhattan call girl and a killer pervert.
6:00 AMMGM Parade: MGM history; Cyd Charisse; host George Murphy.
6:30 AMIndia on Parade: An overview of major landmarks, people and customs of exotic India.
6:45 AMAncient India: James A. FitzPatrick visits locations where centuries-old traditions are kept alive.
7:00 AMSon of India: An ill-fated jeweler's son arrives in Bombay and falls in love with an American.
8:30 AMBonnie Scotland: Stan and Ollie take a cattle boat to Scotland and wind up in India with the Bengal Lancers.
10:00 AMThe Charge of the Light Brigade: British Lancers vow revenge after villainous Surat Khan slaughters everyone at their outpost.
12:15 PMGunga Din: British soldiers and their water carrier face Thuggee cultists at the Khyber Pass in 1890s India.
2:30 PMKim: An Irish orphan roams 1880s India with a Tibetan priest and a horse thief spying for the British.
4:30 PMThe River: An English girl grows up at her family's jute mill on the banks of the Ganges in Bengal.
6:15 PMSoldiers Three: A retired British general recalls how a private and his buddies brought him glory in colonial India.
8:00 PMMonterey Pop: Music artists from the worlds of rock, jazz and blues perform at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival.
9:30 PMDont Look Back: D.A. Pennebaker chronicles Bob Dylan's 1965 British concert tour, with Joan Baez and Donovan.
11:45 PMGimme Shelter: Documents the events surrounding a free concert by the Rolling Stones outside San Francisco in 1969.