5 May 2016

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11:00 PMExtreme Weight Loss - Jarvez: At 548 pounds, a newlywed from Portland, Ore., wants to lose 50 percent of his body weight.
12:00 AMMy 600-Lb. Life: Extended - Bettie Jo's Story  : Bettie Jo relies on her husband for even her basic needs; with a special sneak peek.
1:00 AMExtreme Weight Loss - Chantell: Chris helps Chantell, a stylish 25-year-old from Chicago, lose weight.
3:00 AM5 Makeup Tips 4 Older Women!: Airbrushed makeup made easy!
3:30 AMFighting Cancer: Real Stories of Healing and Hope: Inspiring stories of how Cancer Treatment Centers of America is giving patients more hope.
4:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
4:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:30 AMShark Rocket Deluxe Pro - The Next Generation Shark Rocket: Without moving furniture and appliances, deep clean every nook and cranny in your home with Shark!
6:00 AMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - To Sleeve, or Not to Sleeve: Amanda wants to show off her tattoos but her mother prefers she cover up; a dress to match a veil.
6:30 AMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Chances Are...: Tamisha and her friend battle; Meredith wants a simple dress; Lindsay is worried.
7:00 AMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Curves and Curveballs: A bride who got engaged over the phone; bride Emma lost 50 pounds and debates losing more.
7:30 AMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Good Things Come to Those Who Wait: A bride looks for a gown three months before her wedding; a dress to put one bride in the spotlight.
8:00 AMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Out of Bridal Bounds: A sports coach's entourage wants glam; a bodybuilder bride is looking for a ladylike dress.
8:30 AMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - The Ties That Bind: A second-time bride hopes dress shopping with her mother will convince her to attend the wedding.
9:00 AMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - A Dress With a Fighting Chance: A military bride challenges her mother and friends' opinions; clashing over a poofy princess gown.
9:30 AMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Once Upon a Bride: A bride looks for a fairytale princess gown; a perfect gown for a vow renewal ceremony.
10:00 AMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - First Dresses and Second Guesses: A bride who was used to sharing her clothes is eager to find a dress to call her own.
10:30 AMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Blush-ing Brides: A gown with color; a princess dress to honor one bride's late mother; a special request.
11:00 AMFour Weddings - ... And a Pirate Parade  : Kat's guests board a paddleboat for her Pirate party; Lauren's guests hop a trolley.
12:00 PMFour Weddings - ... And a Love Potion  : Ashley rocks the dance floor at her nightclub venue; Jen's reception mixes science and fairy tales.
1:00 PMFour Weddings - ... And a Rock Club  : Rooftop nuptials; a museum affair; 800 guests at a ballroom reception; guests rock out all night.
2:00 PMFour Weddings - ... And a Flying Trapeze  : A 50-foot descent from the ceiling; floating in on a canoe; tattoos; horse and carriage rides.
3:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - A Dress Like None the Rest: Actress Sutton Foster searches for a dress; a wedding dress model searches for a special gown.
3:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Entourage Sabotage: Bridesmaids insist on their styles; a mother demands her daughter try on a pink gown.
4:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Dazed and Gown-fused: Bride Nicole has a specific dress style in mind, but finds out it may not suit her.
4:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress - The Quest for Perfection: An actress on tour with the musical ``Wicked'' wants a dress unlike her stage costumes.
5:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Father Knows Dress: A bride and her wedding planner father do not see eye-to-eye; A bride who lost her mother.
5:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Top My Dream Dress!: Three brides who hope to top the dream dresses they've already found.
6:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Style Therapy: Bride Callie is more concerned with pleasing her mother than her own style.
6:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress - When in Doubt, Customize: Host Courtney Cason wants a Mark Zunino gown; a ball gown for her New Year's Eve wedding.
7:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Always a Pageant Girl...: A dress to put a bride's pageant days behind her; a rodeo queen looking for bling.
7:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress - No Room for Compromise: A petite gown for a 20's theme inspired wedding; a bride adds a personal touch to her gown.
8:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Sexy Sells: A bride's husband pushes her to choose a sexy gown; a bride returns for a racy dress.
8:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Dad's Being a Dadzilla: Alyssa's father rules the day with his opinions; wedding planner Michelle feels extra pressure.
9:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Come on in, Grandma!: Amanda needs to find a dress both she and her opinionated grandmother love.
9:31 PMSay Yes to the Dress - This Is Your Day: Randy gives back to war veteran Alicia by surprising the shocked bride with a day at Kleinfeld.
10:01 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Love at First Sight: Torn between two dresses; one bride claims her dream dress is the first she tries on.
10:32 PMSay Yes to the Dress - The Sale is On!: Kleinfeld's famous sample sale where brides will have only three hours to find their dream dress.
11:02 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Come on in, Grandma!: Amanda needs to find a dress both she and her opinionated grandmother love.
11:32 PMSay Yes to the Dress - This Is Your Day: Randy gives back to war veteran Alicia by surprising the shocked bride with a day at Kleinfeld.
12:02 AMLocal Programming