24 August 2016

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11:59 PMThe Angry Beavers - House Broken; Stinky Toe: House pets Norb and Dag; Dag seeks a cure for stinky toe.
12:30 AMThe Angry Beavers - Lumberjacks' Delight; Zooing Time: Lumberjacks invade the forest; Norbert takes the blame for Daggett.
1:02 AMThe Angry Beavers - Stare and Stare Alike!; I Am Not an Animal ... I'm Scientist No. 1: Dag and Norb engage in a stare-down contest; Scientist No. 1 turns himself into a beaver.
1:34 AMThe Angry Beavers - Strange Allure; Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow: A fishing lure sticks in Dag's tail; the boys get ready for a party.
2:05 AMCatDog - FireDog; Dog Show: Cat and Dog go to work at the Nearburg firehouse; Dog enters the Nearburg Dog Show.
2:37 AMCatDog - Sumo Enchanted Evening; Hotel CatDog: CatDog battles Rancid Rabbit in a sumo wrestling match; Cat and Dog turn their house into a hotel.
2:59 AMRugrats - The Word of the Day; Jonathan Baby-sits: Angelica learns a bad word; Charlotte's assistant baby-sits.
3:30 AMRugrats - Fugitive Tommy; Visiting Aunt Miriam: Tommy is mistaken for a troublemaking baby; a poker game at Aunt Miriam's house.
4:00 AMHey Arnold! - Coach Wittenberg; Four-Eyed Jack: Arnold and Gerald ask coach Wittenberg for pointers.
4:30 AMHey Arnold! - Headless Cabbie; Friday the 13th: Arnold and the boys tell scary stories; everyone is having bad luck.
5:00 AMThe Angry Beavers - Fat Chance; Dag In the Mirror: Dag is unable to put on weight before winter hibernation; Dag takes Norb's words to heart.
5:30 AMThe Angry Beavers - Norberto y Daggetto en El Grapadura y el Castor Malo; The Loogie Hawk: The beavers are characters in a film; the boys battle with a bird of prey.
6:00 AMiCarly - iLost My Head in Vegas: The gang plans to drive to Las Vegas and pawn their belongings to bail out Sam's mother.
6:30 AMiCarly - iTake on Dingo: Carly and her friends travel to Los Angeles to confront the writers of a show.
7:00 AMiCarly - iCook: Carly, Sam and Freddie defeat a famous chef in a cooking challenge.
7:30 AMiCarly - iHave My Principals: Principal Franklin is fired after appearing as a guest on iCarly.
8:00 AMBella and the Bulldogs - Two Many Dates  : Bella is stuck in the middle when she somehow ends up with two dates to the homecoming dance.
8:30 AMBella and the Bulldogs - Bad Grandma  : Bella meets her hero while volunteering at a retirement home; Pepper and Newt face off.
9:00 AMBella and the Bulldogs - Party of Three  : Bella works up the nerve to ask Zach on a date, only to have him arrive with a surprise in tow.
9:30 AMBella and the Bulldogs - Bella in the Spotlight  : Bella notices that all of the attention on the Bulldogs is focused on her.
10:00 AMBella and the Bulldogs - Bromantically Challenged  : Bella must navigate a difficult situation when Troy and Sawyer fight over who will be her receiver.
10:30 AMBella and the Bulldogs - A Good Bye Week  : Bella seeks help from the boys when a twist of fate threatens her relationship with Kyle.
11:00 AMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - Urban Legend Outfitters  : When Dawn fakes a story for her column, the urban legend of Pigfoot begins to take over Edgewood.
11:30 AMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - A Brief Case of Popularity  : Nicky, Dicky and Dawn must keep Ricky from making them look uncool.
12:00 PMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Sicky  : The quads must work together to hide Dawn's illness to avoid getting sent home early.
12:30 PMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - Get Sporty-er!  : Dawn is suspicious when the boys are smitten by a new girl at school.
1:00 PMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - Field of Brains  : The quads try to impress Josie by watching a horror movie, but they quickly regret their decision.
1:30 PMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - Family Matters  : The quads attempt to get out of family night by introducing Tom and Anne to another couple.
2:00 PMBella and the Bulldogs - Biggest. Game. Ever.  : The team has a shocking realization when their new game plan does not work.
2:30 PMBella and the Bulldogs - Tex Fest  : Bella volunteers to act in Pepper's video project for a town festival.
3:00 PMBella and the Bulldogs - Traitor Dater  : When a boy from a rival team asks Bella to the homecoming dance, the team grows worried.
3:30 PMBella and the Bulldogs - Dudes & Chicks  : Bella takes an interest in Sawyer's cousin; Sophie, Troy and Newt try to save baby chicks.
4:00 PMSam & Cat - MagicATM  : Sam notices that Cat is spending a lot of money; Cat shows Sam a ``Magic ATM.''
4:30 PMSam & Cat - FirstClassProblems  : Sam and Cat are hired to accompany two obnoxious children on a flight to the Bahamas.
5:00 PMiCarly - iFix a Pop Star: Carly, Sam and Freddie agree to help a former pop star make a music video.
5:30 PMiCarly - iWas a Pageant Girl: Sam reveals that she used to compete in beauty pageants as a young girl.
6:00 PMiCarly - iWon't Cancel the Show: After Sam ends up in jail, Carly and Freddie vow not to cancel the web show.
6:30 PMiCarly - iOpen a Restaurant: Gibby opens a secret restaurant in the school's basement; Spencer designs a security robot.
7:00 PMVictorious - Tori & Jade's Play Date: Tori and Jade act as a married couple; Cat and Robbie start a bad news delivery service.
7:30 PMVictorious - Driving Tori Crazy: A movie shoot causes a traffic jam that interferes with Tori's morning commute.
8:00 PMVictorious - How Trina Got In: Andre, Jade, Cat and Beck talk about how Trina got accepted into Hollywood Arts.
8:30 PMVictorious - The Blonde Squad: Cat meets a boy while wearing a costume for a film and worries that he will not like the real her.
9:00 PMBoy Meets World - You're Married, You're Dead: Cory goes to a bikini club with the guys and loses his engagement ring.
9:30 PMBoy Meets World - And in Case I Don't See Ya ...: Eric broadcasts life in his apartment over the college's closed-circuit system.
10:00 PMHey Arnold! - Dinner for Four; Phoebe Skips: Helga goes to the wrong restaurant; Phoebe is moved into the 6th grade.
10:33 PMHey Arnold! - Tutoring Torvald; Gerald Comes Over: Arnold tutors the class bully; a friend stays overnight.
11:06 PMRocket Power - The Wrath of Don; Safety Patrol Sam: Otto meets his movie hero; Sam works on safety patrol.
11:39 PMRocket Power - Aloha Kid; Ottomobile: Otto is jealous of a visitor from Hawaii; Otto faces a choice.
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