26 March 2017

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11:35 PMRugrats - Brothers Are Monsters; Cooking With Susie: Tommy worries about turning into a monster; Susie bakes cereal bars for everyone.
12:06 AMHey Arnold! - Eugene's Birthday; Stinky's Pumpkin: Eugene decides not to go to his own birthday party; Arnold makes Stinky feel better.
12:37 AMHey Arnold! - Full Moon; Student Teacher: Arnold takes the blame for a prank; Olga teaches with Helga.
1:07 AMHey Arnold! - Grudge Match; Polishing Rhonda: Arnold and Grandpa get into an accident; Rhonda and Patty end up at the same school.
1:38 AMHey Arnold! - The Spelling Bee; Pigeon Man: Arnold and Helga compete in a spelling bee; the pigeon man cures sick birds.
2:09 AMRocko's Modern Life - Jetscream; Dirty Dog: Rocko rides in a plane; Spunky's bath.
2:40 AMRocko's Modern Life - Cruisin': Rocko and Heffer go on a cruise with Grandpa.
3:00 AMRocko's Modern Life - Fish and Chumps; Camera Shy: The gang goes fishing; Rocko's revealing video tape.
3:30 AMRocko's Modern Life - The Good, the Bad, the Wallaby; Trash-O-Madness: Rocko visits his uncle at a cattle ranch; Rocko scrambles to get his trash together.
4:00 AMCatDog - Showdown at Hole 18; Sneezie Dog: Cat teaches Dog how to play golf; Dog develops an allergy.
4:30 AMCatDog - Rodeo CatDog; Teeth for Two: CatDog rides a bucking bull; Cat tries to get Dog to eat healthier to save both of their teeth.
5:00 AMCatDog - Nightmare; CatDogPig: Cat chides Dog for being afraid of a horror film; Cat grows tired of not getting his own way.
5:30 AMCatDog - Remain Seated; Dogcatcher in the Rye: Dog drags Cat to an amusement park to ride a roller coaster; Mayor Rancid Rabbit rounds up animals.
6:00 AMGame Shakers - Nasty Goats  : The gang discovers that a hacker has put their new game on an illegal Web site.
6:30 AMGame Shakers - A Job for Jimbo  : Dub hopes to score a duet with a famous singer, so he makes the company hire her step-grandson.
7:00 AMGame Shakers - Baby Hater  : The Game Shakers help Dub get over his fear of babies when it threatens his bid for mayor.
7:30 AMGame Shakers - Sky Whale  : Babe and Kenzie's school project becomes an online gaming sensation.
8:00 AMSchool of Rock - The Story of Us (But More About Me)  : Summer sets out to become the band's songwriter, but has difficulty finding any true inspiration.
8:30 AMSchool of Rock - We Can Be Heroes, Sort Of  : When Tomika tries too hard to be like her favorite artist, she unintentionally hurts her friends.
9:00 AMSchool of Rock - Wouldn't It Be Nice?  : Summer's attempt to share a locker with Freddy sets off a chain reaction of locker-switching.
9:30 AMSchool of Rock - Brilliant Disguise  : The band is booked to perform at the school dance; Summer decides to reveal her feelings.
10:00 AMGame Shakers - Sky Whale  : Babe and Kenzie's school project becomes an online gaming sensation.
10:30 AMGame Shakers - MeGo the Freakish Robot  : A company asks the Game Shakers to build a game based on a robot they created.
11:00 AMGame Shakers - The Diss Track  : When a rival rapper releases a track about Double G, he is convinced to release a response track.
11:30 AMGame Shakers - Trip Steals the Jet  : Feeling pressure to fit in with Trip's friends, Babe convinces Trip to borrow Dub's jet.
12:00 PMSchool of Rock - Takin' Care of Business  : Zach has classmates invest in Lawrence's future for a school business assignment.
12:30 PMSchool of Rock - Is She Really Going Out With Him?  : Summer's jealousy of Freddy's new girlfriend gets the best of her.
1:00 PMSchool of Rock - Voices Carry  : Freddy is forced to join the school's a cappella group, jeopardizing the band's chance to record.
1:30 PMSchool of Rock - I Put a Spell on You  : After being hypnotized to sing well, Summer spars with Tomika over auditioning for a show.
2:00 PMGame Shakers - Bunger Games  : Pop star Kayla Batch invites Babe to join her elite squad while Kenzie is left on the outs.
2:30 PMGame Shakers - Shark Explosion  : Triple G's mother invites the Game Shakers on her yacht to see some fireworks.
3:00 PMGame Shakers - Secret Level  : Hudson releases false information about a secret level in a Game Shakers' game; Babe goes on a date.
3:30 PMGame Shakers - Babe's Bench  : Babe spends the entire Game Shakers advertising budget on a high-tech bus bench.
4:00 PMZoey 101 - Election: Chase and Zoey nominate each other for class president.
4:30 PMZoey 101 - Zoey's Tutor: Zoey gets a surprising chemistry tutor; Quinn hunts a rat in the girls' dorm.
5:00 PMZoey 101 - Zoey's Ribs: The students hold a rib cook-off; Quinn blows off Mark's eyebrows when an experiment goes awry.
5:30 PMZoey 101 - Rumor of Love: A rumor spreads that Zoey is dating the new roommate of Michael and Logan.
6:00 PMZoey 101 - Dinner for Two Many: Zoey wants to go on a solo date with James; Logan and Quinn tire of hiding their romance.
6:30 PMZoey 101 - Defending Dustin: Zoey confronts the school bully, who is forcing Dustin to do his homework.
7:00 PMZoey 101 - Disc Golf: The kids form a flying-disc team in order to get out of gym class.
7:30 PMZoey 101 - Little Beach Party: The kids must celebrate the end of the semester on an empty beach.
8:00 PMCheaper by the Dozen: A man must handle the chaos surrounding his 12 children.
10:00 PMAll That: Young actors perform in comedy sketches.
10:28 PMAll That: Young actors perform in comedy sketches.
10:56 PMAll That: Young actors perform in comedy sketches.
11:24 PMAll That: Young actors perform in comedy sketches.
11:51 PMRugrats - No Bones About It; Beach Blanket Babies: The Rugrats want a dinosaur bone for Spike; Chuckie wants to free his sea monkeys.
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