30 September 2016

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11:31 PMFriends - The One With the Wedding Dresses: Monica and Phoebe pick up Emily's wedding gown; snorer Joey enters a sleep clinic.
12:00 AMFriends - The One With the Invitation: Ross mulls inviting Rachel to his wedding, as flashbacks chronicle their past.
12:33 AMFriends - The One With the Worst Best Man Ever: Ross' family ring disappears during his bachelor party; Phoebe has a baby shower.
1:06 AMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - I, Stank Horse: A favored horse is in danger when Will takes his cousins to the racetrack.
1:39 AMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - I, Stank Hole in One: Carlton gets jealous when Will plays golf with Phil; guest Regis Philbin.
2:12 AMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Eye, Tooth: Carlton's Trekkie obsession keeps William Shatner from appearing on Hilary's show.
2:45 AMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Pilot: An inner-city wiseacre is sent to live with wealthy relatives.
3:18 AMGeorge Lopez - George Rocks to the Max and Gets Diss-Band-ed: Max joins a rock band when George teaches him to play the guitar.
3:51 AMGeorge Lopez - George Gets Smoking Mad at Benny and Develops an rale Fixation: Benny's nicotine withdrawal symptoms drive George to destructive behavior.
4:24 AMGeorge Lopez - George Can't Let Sleeping Mexicans Lie: The family's new neighbor decorates his front lawn with an offensive art display.
4:57 AMGeorge Lopez - George's Bogey-ous Relationship With Vic Is Putt to the Test: Vic wants George to play in a father-son golf tournament against a longtime rival and his son.
5:30 AMGeorge Lopez - George Thinks Max's Future Is on the Line: To emphasize the importance of education, George forces Max to work at the factory.
6:00 AMGeorge Lopez - George Decides to Sta-Local Where It's Familia: The new factory owner presents George with an enticing offer.
6:30 AMGeorge Lopez - Prototype: A factory manager deals with his insensitive mother in all aspects of his life.
7:00 AMSpongeBob SquarePants - Culture Shock; F.U.N.: Squidward and SpongeBob plan a talent show; SpongeBob thinks Plankton is lonely.
7:30 AMSpongeBob SquarePants - Dear Vikings; Ditchin': SpongeBob wants to learn about vikings; SpongeBob leaves boating school to go to a book signing.
8:00 AMSpongeBob SquarePants - The Slumber Party; Grooming Gary: Mr. Krabs interferes with Pearl's slumber party preparations.
8:30 AMBlaze and the Monster Machines - Runaway Rocket  : Crusher accidentally strands himself and Pickle on a giant rocket.
9:00 AMPAW Patrol - Pups Save Alex's Mini-Patrol; Pups Save a Lost Tooth  : Alex sets up his own mini-patrol; Alex loses his first tooth and then misplaces it.
9:30 AMMutt & Stuff - Basketball Dogs vs. the Harlem Globetrotters  : The Harlem Globetrotters play Mutt & Stuff in a game of basketball, and Stuff is feeling confident.
10:00 AMTeam Umizoomi - Gizmos Gone Wild!: A group of gizmo robots malfunction and wreak havoc at the Umi City Mall.
10:30 AMTeam Umizoomi - The Umi Sports Games: Milli, Geo and Bot compete against the Robot Athletes in the Umi Games.
11:00 AMBubble Guppies - Space Guppies!: The evil robot Major Bummer tries to eliminate music from the galaxy.
11:30 AMBubble Guppies - The Elephant Trunk-a-Dunk!: Gil and his friends attend a basketball game played by elephants.
12:00 PMPAW Patrol - Pups Save a School Day; Pups Turn on the Lights  : The PAW Patrol must help Alex find his backpack for the first day of school.
12:30 PMPAW Patrol - Pups Save a Pizza; Pups Save Skye  : Alex and Mr. Porter get into an accident; a storm causes Skye to crash land in the snow.
1:00 PMPAW Patrol - Parroting Pups; Merpups Save the Turbots  : When Rocky loses his voice, Matea helps him bark out his puppack tools; the Merpups return.
1:30 PMBlaze and the Monster Machines - The Wishing Wheel  : Blaze, AJ and Stripes search for a magical treasure that will grant a wish for one lucky race car.
2:00 PMAlvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks - The Music Box; Special Delivery  : Theodore gives the principal a music box; Simon and Alvin realize that Theodore has been mailed off.
2:30 PMAlvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks - The Tree House; Saving Simon  : While cleaning out their treehouse, the girls reminisce about how they saved the tree.
3:00 PMSpongeBob SquarePants - Sweet and Sour Squidward; The Googly Artiste: Plankton tries to befriend Squidward so he can get the krabby patty formula.
3:30 PMSpongeBob SquarePants - That Sinking Feeling; Karate Star: SpongeBob and Patrick dig a tunnel between their houses; Patrick wreaks havoc.
4:00 PMSpongeBob SquarePants - Restraining SpongeBob; Fiasco!: Squidward issues a restraining order; Plankton believes a piece of art is a stolen krabby patty.
4:30 PMThe Loud House - Heavy Meddle; Making the Case  : Lincoln is tired of his sisters' meddling until he is being picked on at school.
5:00 PMThe Loud House - Attention Deficit; Out on a Limo  : Lincoln begins spending time at Clyde's house; Lincoln wins a ride in a limo.
5:30 PMHarvey Beaks - Repo Fee  : Randl takes Fee under his wing and teaches her the family business.
5:45 PMSpongeBob SquarePants - Buried in Time: SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward are locked in a time capsule.
6:00 PMHenry Danger - Text, Lies & Video  : A video of Henry and Ray transforming into Kid Danger and Captain Man gets out.
6:30 PMHenry Danger - Elevator Kiss  : Kid Danger and Bianca share a kiss; Henry is upset when he realizes that Bianca kissed Kid Danger.
7:00 PMThe Thundermans - Date Expectations  : Phoebe finds a way to distract Max from interfering with her class project.
7:30 PMThe Thundermans - One Hit Thunder  : Max causes a rift between Phoebe and Link when he uses personal information about them in a song.
8:00 PMRio: A domesticated macaw goes on an adventure with the bird of his dreams. Animated.
10:00 PMFull House - Crushed: Stephanie and D.J. are star struck when Danny brings Tommy Page to Stephanie's birthday party.
10:30 PMFull House - Spellbound: Eliminated contestant Stephanie challenges the spelling-bee winner.
11:00 PMFriends - The One With Ross' Wedding: Rachel, Monica, Joey, Chandler and Ross go to London for the wedding.
11:30 PMFriends - The One With Ross' Wedding: The gang goes to London for Ross' wedding; Phoebe stays home to await the birth of triplets.
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