28 May 2017

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11:36 PMTeam Umizoomi - Shooting Star: Shooting Star wants to be a big horse.
12:00 AMTeam Umizoomi - Playground Heroes: The team must clean up the playground after a storm leaves it in disarray.
12:24 AMBubble Guppies - Check It Out!: Gil and his friends dive into Gil's favorite books to find his missing library card.
12:48 AMBubble Guppies - Get Ready for School!: The guppies reveal that school is a great place to learn, play and meet new friends.
1:12 AMShimmer and Shine - The Crystal Queen; The Glob  : Zeta traps Samira in a magical cave; the girls accidentally create a fun, sticky glob of candy.
1:36 AMShimmer and Shine - Trick or Treasure; Easy as Pie  : The girls visit Nila the mermaid; Zeta uses a potion to make Zac do everything she says.
2:00 AMWallykazam! - Critter Campers  : Bobgoblin borrows his uncle's dragon in order to join Wally and Norville's scouting group.
2:24 AMWallykazam! - The Great Missing Potato  : Norville and Wally travel to the Great Wishing Potato to wish for a toy to be fixed.
2:48 AMMax & Ruby - Max's Rocket; Max! Bam! Boom!: Max turns a cardboard box into a rocket ship; Max creates a one-bunny-band.
3:12 AMMax & Ruby - Ruby Writes a Story; Max's Dominoes; Grandma's Attic: Ruby tries to write a story; Max and Morris explore the domino effect.
3:36 AMBen & Holly's Little Kingdom - Woodpecker; Daisy & Poppy's Pet  : King Thistle is bored, so he decides to take up bird-watching; Nanny Plum gets the twins a pet.
4:00 AMFresh Beat Band of Spies - Mummy Mayhem  : The Spies must keep an ancient Egyptian crown from a greedy treasure hunter.
4:24 AMBlue's Clues - Numbers Everywhere!: Counting and labeling; Blue's favorite number.
4:48 AMBlue's Clues - Patience: Waiting; activities to pass the time; being patient.
5:12 AMPAW Patrol - Pups Save an Elephant Family; Pups and the Mischievous Kittens  : While on a safari, the pups must reunite and rescue an elephant family.
5:36 AMPAW Patrol - Pups Bear-ly Save Danny; Pups Save the Mayor's Tulips  : Daring Danny X is pursued by hungry bears; Mayor Humdinger sabotages Mayor Goodway's tulips.
6:00 AMPAW Patrol - Pups Save the Bay; Pups Save a Goodway  : Ryder and the PAW Patrol clean up an oil spill in the water near Adventure Bay.
6:28 AMPeppa Pig - Mister Skinnylegs: Peppa is afraid when George finds a friendly spider in the bathroom.
6:37 AMPeppa Pig - Pedro the Cowboy; Peppa & George's Garden; The Flying Vet; International Day; Potato City: Pedro Pony pretends to be a cowboy; Grandpa Pig gives the children seeds for their garden.
7:05 AMDora the Explorer - Beaches: Dora and Boots go to the beach.
7:32 AMDora the Explorer - El Coqui: Dora and Boots journey through the jungle.
8:00 AMGo, Diego, Go! - To Babysit a Bobo: Diego must help the Bobo brothers find their three little sisters.
8:27 AMFranklin and Friends - Super Clueper's Case of the Missing Carrots; Franklin and the Pickle Problem  : All of Rabbit's carrots go missing; Franklin tells Beaver he likes pickles even though he does not.
8:53 AMZack and Quack - Grumpy in Pop-Up Land; Pop Fu Duck  : Quack is taken prisoner by the Queen of Grumps who wants him for a court jester.
9:20 AMLittle Bear - A Whale of a Tale; Mitzi Arrives; Granny's Old Flying Rug: Father Bear meets Mighty the whale; Mitzi the monkey meets the gang; flying carpet.
9:47 AMTeletubbies - Again Again!: The Teletubbies want to go on the Tubby Custard ride again and again; children play on a slide.
10:13 AMBen & Holly's Little Kingdom - The Royal Golf Course  : A mole disturbs King Thistle's Golf Course, so a Gnome is enlisted to help drive it away.
10:27 AMBen & Holly's Little Kingdom - Lucy's Picnic; The Elf Submarine  : The children learn about recycling; Ben and Holly use a submarine to search for a sunken treasure.
10:53 AMThe Wonder Pets! - Save the Gecko!; Save the What?: The pets play hide and seek with a gecko in Costa Rica.
11:19 AMTickety Toc - Vacation Time  : The Tickety Townsfolk set sail on the high seas, and end up getting marooned on a desert island.
11:47 AMLittle Charmers - A Charmazing Mermaid Tale  : The Charmers transform themselves into Mermaids to rescue a baby sea unicorn.
12:13 PMLittle Charmers - My Charmhouse Is Your Charmhouse; Frog for a Day  : The girls accidentally break Nelson the Gnome's mushroom house; the Charmers become frogs.
12:40 PMThe Backyardigans - The Flipper: Pablo spills toxic space stuff all over himself and becomes the Flipper.
1:06 PMMiffy's Adventures Big and Small - Mummy Gets a Surprise 
1:34 PMHey Duggee - The Big Parade Badge  : Duggee and the squirrels must help out when the leader of the parade hurts his leg.
2:00 PMBen & Holly's Little Kingdom - The Toy Robot; Big Bad Barry  : Holly, Ben and their friends find a broken toy robot in the meadow; King Thistle goes fishing.
2:30 PMMax & Ruby - Ruby's Big Case; Ruby's Rhyme Time; Max's Library Card: Ruby searches for the last page of her Bunny Drew mystery; Ruby takes a nature walk.
3:00 PMMutt & Stuff - Doggy Dino  : The costumes for Mutt & Stuff's doggy dinosaur costume party have not arrived yet.
3:30 PMDora and Friends: Into the City! - Magic Land!  : Dora and Pablo must face off against a mean magician to retrieve Papi's magic hat.
4:00 PMWallykazam! - Play It Again, Stan  : Wally and Norville must teach grumpy Stan how to play before his niece comes for a visit.
4:30 PMWallykazam! - Castle Caper  : Wally uses the magic stick to make Norville his very own castle.
5:00 PMTeam Umizoomi - Umi Grand Prix!: UmiCar and Shark Car prepare to race tough competitors in the Umi Grand Prix.
5:30 PMTeam Umizoomi - City of Lost Penguins: The team must collect 50 loose penguins and return them to the zoo.
6:00 PMBubble Guppies - The Moon Rocks!: The Bubble Guppies learn about outer space.
6:30 PMBubble Guppies - Bubble Scrubbies!: The Guppies perform a ``soap opera'' to teach Mr. Grouper about good hygiene.
7:00 PMBlaze and the Monster Machines - Dinosaur Parade  : Crusher pushes himself into a parade of dinosaurs, scattering the creatures.
7:30 PMKuu Kuu Harajuku - Emotizoms; The Big Time  : A bunch of AI-enhanced Emoticuddles turn into vicious Emotizoms; Baby's Queueby doll grows.
8:00 PMShimmer and Shine - The Great Skate Mistake  : Leah's skateboard breaks while practicing for the big skateboard competition.
8:30 PMShimmer and Shine - Dream Dollhouse  : Leah wishes for more doll friends for her genies to play with in her new dollhouse.
9:00 PMPeppa Pig - Pedro the Cowboy; Peppa & George's Garden; The Flying Vet; International Day; Potato City: Pedro Pony pretends to be a cowboy; Grandpa Pig gives the children seeds for their garden.
9:30 PMPeppa Pig - The Eye Test; Grandad Dog's Garage; Foggy Day; Jumble Sale; Swimming: Peppa's friend wears glasses; Peppa's car runs out of petrol; Peppa and George play.
10:00 PMPAW Patrol - Pup-Fu!  : Mayor Humdinger steals an ancient scroll that holds all the secrets of the art of Pup-Fu.
10:24 PMPAW Patrol - Pups Save a School Day; Pups Turn on the Lights  : The PAW Patrol must help Alex find his backpack for the first day of school.
10:48 PMBlaze and the Monster Machines - The Team Truck Challenge  : On the day of the Team Truck Challenge, Crusher chooses someone other than Pickle as his partner.
11:12 PMBlaze and the Monster Machines - Rocket Ski Rescue  : When a scheme to cheat backfires on Crusher, Blaze and Grammy set off on a rescue.
11:36 PMTeam Umizoomi - Umi Grand Prix!: UmiCar and Shark Car prepare to race tough competitors in the Umi Grand Prix.
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