24 November 2014

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11:00 PMIntervention - Robby: The family of a Grammy-nominated musician fears he is drinking himself to death intentionally.
12:00 AMPsychic Intervention - Message From Beyond  : Kim tries to help a woman who is estranged from her family; Kim helps a young woman find her voice.
1:00 AMGhost Inside My Child - Child of F. Scott and a Toddler Distraught  : A child describes her past father as a writer who smoked and drank a lot; a girl has night terrors.
2:00 AMIntervention - Marquel: Marquel's family thinks she is an exercise addict, bulimic and alcoholic.
3:00 AMIntervention - Robby: The family of a Grammy-nominated musician fears he is drinking himself to death intentionally.
4:00 AMNew! Get Cindy Crawford's anti-aging discovery: Big News: anti-aging secrets revealed by supermodel Cindy Crawford! By trusted GuthyRenker.
4:30 AMTulip Curl from Instyler!: Instyler Tulip Auto Curler makes perfect curls in as little as 3 seconds.
5:00 AMHumana Medicare Advantage Plans: The Medicare annual election period ends on December 7. Humana Medicare Advantage plans.
5:30 AMCook Like a Pro
6:00 AMThe Watch: An experiment in isolation turns to fear as strange events plague a college student in a forest.
8:00 AMStranded: Members of a group of female friends start to mysteriously disappear on a remote Caribbean island.
10:00 AMAbandoned: A woman investigates the mysterious disappearance of her boyfriend at a hospital.
12:00 PMMary Higgins Clark's The Cradle Will Fall: An accident victim believes she witnessed a horrible crime while in the hospital.
2:00 PMThe Toyman Killer: A psychologist evaluates a death-row inmate who shows signs of multiple personality disorder.
4:00 PMCrimes of the Mind: A woman spends five years trying to get her brainwashed daughter back from a cult.
6:00 PMGone Missing: A woman investigates the disappearance of her teenage daughter.
8:00 PMThe Assault: A cheerleader seeks justice after members of the high-school football team sexually assault her.
10:00 PMDirty Teacher: A high-school senior learns that her teacher is seducing her boyfriend.