1 July 2016

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11:30 PMBob's Burgers - Lindapendent Woman: Linda quits her job at the restaurant because she thinks Bob doesn't appreciate her.
12:00 AMBrett Gelman's Dinner in America: A roundtable discussion about race.
12:30 AMAqua Teen Hunger Force - Shake Like Me: Shake learns what it is like to be a stereotype after being bitten.
12:45 AMSquidbillies - Jose Can You? Si!: Early discovers the value of someone else doing the hard work.
1:00 AMThe Eric Andre Show: James Van Der Beek; Steve-O; Chef Rory Scovel; T-Pain.
1:15 AMRobot Chicken - Toyz in the Hood: Tooth Fairy murder; supervillains stuck in traffic; bloopers.
1:30 AMFamily Guy - Road to Germany: Brian and Stewie try to bring Mort back after he accidentally steps into a time machine.
2:00 AMFamily Guy - Baby Not on Board: The Griffins go on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, but one of their own gets left behind.
2:30 AMBob's Burgers - My Fuzzy Valentine: The kids get permission to cut school so they can help Bob select a Valentine's Day gift for Linda.
3:00 AMBob's Burgers - Lindapendent Woman: Linda quits her job at the restaurant because she thinks Bob doesn't appreciate her.
3:30 AMBrett Gelman's Dinner in America: A roundtable discussion about race.
4:00 AMYou're Whole - Lemonade, Fishing, and Cupcakes  : Randall Tyree Mandersohn solves your financial struggles; pro bass fishing.
4:15 AMOff the Air - Nature  : Nature videos.
4:30 AMAmerican Dad - Virtual In-Stanity: Stan tries to bond with Steve by creating a busty female alias; Roger starts a limo service.
5:00 AMThe Cleveland Show - Love Rollercoaster: Ms. Eck encourages Roberta to change her appearance in an attempt to teach her an important lesson.
5:30 AMKing of the Hill - Get Your Freak Off: Hank freaks out when he sees Bobby and his new friend imitating a boy band's X-rated dance moves.
6:00 AMThe Powerpuff Girls - Strong-Armed  : Bubbles breaks her arm and gets a powerful robotic cast just in time to face the Pack Rat.
6:15 AMThe Powerpuff Girls - Little Octi Lost  : Buttercup tries to teach Bubbles a lesson; it backfires.
6:30 AMThe Powerpuff Girls - Bye Bye Bellum  : The Mayor's assistant departs, leaving the Powerpuff Girls extremely busy.
6:45 AMThe Powerpuff Girls - Man-Up  : The villain Man-Boy escapes due to Buttercup's aggression, and she attempts a peaceful lifestyle.
7:00 AMPokmon XYZ - Performing A Pathway To The Future!  : Serena's quest to become Kalos Queen of the Pokmon Showcase Master Class shifts into high gear.
7:30 AMTeen Titans Go! - Uncle Jokes; Mas Y Menos  : Starfire is allowed to join Beast Boy and Cyborg's revelry; Robin tries to teach brothers.
8:00 AMTeen Titans Go! - Video Game References; Cool School  : The Titans immerse themselves into a variety of video game worlds; the Titans believe they are lame.
8:30 AMTeen Titans Go! - Real Magic; Puppets, Whaaaaat?  : In spite of Raven's warning that the magic god will be angry, Robin dabbles in the practice.
9:00 AMTeen Titans Go! - Kicking a Ball & Pretending to Be Hurt; Head Fruit  : The Titans learn all about soccer; Beast Boy's head begins to rattle.
9:30 AMTeen Titans Go! - Leg Day  : After a humiliating defeat, Raven and the Titans work on building their lower body strength.
9:45 AMTeen Titans Go! - Nean  : Raven is cursed to be nice; Starfire prepares to marry a pot of chili.
10:00 AMTeen Titans Go! - A Farce 
10:15 AMTeen Titans Go! - Operation Tin Man  : Gizmo convinces the Titans that he has kidnapped Cyborg, who is just hanging out with Jinx.
10:30 AMThe Teen Titans Go! and Powerpuff Girls Completely Organic Crossover Special: Mojo Jojo shows up in Jump City, and the Powerpuff Girls and the Teen Titans must take him down.
10:45 AMTeen Titans Go! - Think About Your Future 
11:00 AMUncle Grandpa - The Lepre Con  : Uncle Grandpa and the gang cross paths with a sneaky leprechaun.
11:15 AMUncle Grandpa - Fear of Flying 
11:30 AMUncle Grandpa - Uncle Fashion 
11:45 AMUncle Grandpa - G'day Mornin' 
12:00 PMUncle Grandpa - Inventory Mentor 
12:15 PMUncle Grandpa - Big in Japan  : The gang helps a child make a giant monster movie, casting Mr. Gus as the monster.
12:30 PMUncle Grandpa - Jerky Jasper 
12:45 PMUncle Grandpa - Dinosaur Day 
1:00 PMSteven Universe: The story of Steven, the youngest member of a team of magical Guardians of the Universe.
2:00 PMSteven Universe: The story of Steven, the youngest member of a team of magical Guardians of the Universe.
3:00 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Origins 
3:15 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Origins 
3:30 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Hug  : Gumball tries to prove that he is not predictable.
3:45 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Awkwardness  : Gumball runs into Hot Dog Guy while on the way to the store to get ketchup.
4:00 PMTeen Titans Go! - Salty Codgers; Knowledge  : Raven is thrilled when the Titans are turned into old people during a battle.
4:30 PMTeen Titans Go! - Love Monsters; Baby Hands  : Starfire opens a box containing the Twin Destroyers of Azarath; Brother Blood erases memories.
5:00 PMTeen Titans Go! - Smile Bones; Real Boy Adventures  : Cyborg and Beast Boy teach the others to wolf down their food.
5:30 PMTeen Titans Go! - Truth, Justice, and What?; Beast Man  : Pizza is the source of the Titans' goofy humor; Beast Boy can transform into an adult man.
6:00 PMThe Smurfs
8:00 PMKing of the Hill - The Fat and the Furious: A groupie (Pamela Anderson) urges Bill to enter an international eating contest.
8:30 PMKing of the Hill - Bad Girls, Bad Girls, Watcha Gonna Do: Connie's cousin builds a drug lab, and Peggy unknowingly enters it in the science fair.
9:00 PMRick and Morty - Total Rickall  : Meeting new friends; Morty goes ballistic.
9:30 PMAmerican Dad - The Scarlett Getter: Francine is jealous when Stan runs into a woman he had a crush on.
10:00 PMThe Cleveland Show - A Rodent Like This: When Donna finds a rat in the house, she leaves, but Cleveland forms an attachment to the creature.
10:30 PMFamily Guy - The Man With Two Brians: After watching ``Jackass,'' Peter and the guys film their own pranks.
11:00 PMFamily Guy - Tales of a Third Grade Nothing: Peter's boss sends him back to the third grade so he can meet the requirements for a promotion.
11:30 PMHunter X Hunter - Departure x and x Friends  : Gon must first fulfill a promise to Mito-san to take the Hunter Exam.
12:00 AMLocal Programming