18 August 2017

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10:15 PMDark of the Sun: A mercenary and a native take a troop train through the Congo to find fugitives and uncut diamonds.
12:15 AMThe Man Who Had Power Over Women: A British PR man handles a client scandal and seduces his best friend's wife.
2:00 AMYoung Cassidy: Dublin playwright Sean O'Casey loves a librarian, sleeps with a chorus girl and meets Yeats.
4:00 AMThe Deadly Trackers: A peaceful Texas sheriff hunts to kill an outlaw and his gang after they kill his family.
6:00 AMIf Winter Comes: A writer of British schoolbooks befriends a pregnant girl, and it costs him his wife and job.
8:00 AMThe Hoodlum Saint: A World War I veteran milks a New York charity scam until the Wall Street crash of 1929.
10:00 AMAll Fall Down: A young man is disgusted by his older brother's treatment of a woman.
12:00 PMThe World of Henry Orient: Two rich Manhattan schoolgirls become infatuated with a pianist and follow him around.
2:00 PMKind Lady: A British con man and his gang hold an elderly art-lover prisoner in her home.
3:45 PMState of the Union: An heiress wants a self-made man to run for president with his estranged wife by his side.
6:00 PMThe Harvey Girls: A mail-order bride stops in a frontier gambler's town to work as a waitress.
8:00 PMThe Manchurian Candidate: A Korean War hero's commanding officer discovers he and his platoon were brainwashed.
10:30 PMGaslight: A Scotland Yard detective figures out why a schizoid Victorian is trying to drive his wife mad.
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