30 May 2017

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11:06 PMMysteries of the Abandoned - Phantoms of Chernobyl  : What happened to the large town located just outside of Chernobyl on the eve of disaster.
12:08 AMMysteries of the Abandoned - Wild West Apocalypse  : Tales of engineering projects now deserted, including an airbase hidden inside a mountain.
1:10 AMMysteries of the Abandoned - The Tesla Conspiracy  : Some of the world's most incredible engineering projects are now deserted.
2:12 AMMysteries of the Abandoned - Soviet Doomsday Device  : Abandoned engineering projects include a classified Soviet machine built to prevent nuclear war.
3:12 AMUnearthing Ancient Secrets - Engineering Ancient Rome  : Romans built the Colosseum and Pantheon and supplied 1 million residents with clean water daily.
4:08 AMUnearthing Ancient Secrets - The Search for Sheba  : The missing Queen of Sheba, the lover of King Solomon; an excavation team may have answers.
5:04 AMUnearthing Ancient Secrets - Rameses: A Murder Mystery  : In the Valley of the Kings there is new evidence of the death of Rameses II's son.
6:00 AMUnearthing Ancient Secrets - Engineering Ancient Egypt  : The Great Pyramid was the tallest man-made structure for 3,800 years.
7:00 AMUnearthing Ancient Secrets - Secrets of the Valley of the Kings  : Archaeologists unravel the secrets of the Valley of the Kings.
8:00 AMUnearthing Ancient Secrets - Egypt's Animal Mummies  : Ancient Egyptians preserved their animals as they did their pharaohs.
9:00 AMForbidden History - In Search of the Real King Arthur  : Investigating various claims about King Arthur's origins and whether there is truth to his legend.
10:00 AMForbidden History - The Secrets of the Alchemists  : Investigating whether alchemists could truly perform miracles, or were just clever deceivers.
11:00 AMForbidden History - The Treasure of Solomon  : Investigating if the High Priests of the Temple in Jerusalem hid sacred items from the Romans.
12:00 PMForbidden History - The Mystery of the Giants  : Many ancient cultures allude to the existence of giants; strange discoveries in Sardinia.
1:00 PMForbidden History - The Lost Treasure of the Templars  : Legend has it that the Knights Templar discovered a great treasure in Jerusalem.
2:00 PMForbidden History - The Oracles of the Dead  : Mysterious figures in Greek society known as oracles reputedly spoke the word of the gods.
3:00 PMForbidden History - The Real Holy Grail  : Exploring the many different interpretations of the legendary relic and where it might be located.
4:00 PMForbidden History - The Real Ark of the Covenant  : An Ethiopian church claims to have the Ark of the Covenant.
5:00 PMForbidden History - The Genius of Nikola Tesla  : Engineer Nikola Tesla dies in poverty despite his contributions to many scientific advancements.
6:00 PMForbidden History - The Lost Treasures of Petra  : Mysteries surround the historic city of Petra in southern Jordan.
7:00 PMSpace's Deepest Secrets - Secret History of the Voyager Mission  : Thirty-five years after leaving Earth, the Voyager spacecraft is going to leave the Solar System.
8:00 PMSpace's Deepest Secrets - Secret History of Jupiter  : NASA's Juno mission reveals new secrets about the strange world of Jupiter.
9:02 PMSpace's Deepest Secrets - Rise of the Monster Stars  : The most extreme stars in our universe could be the key to understanding life in the cosmos.
10:04 PMUnearthed - Curse of the Blood Pyramids  : Giant pyramids in Mexico are revealing secrets of a civilization that vanished 1,400 years ago.
11:06 PMSpace's Deepest Secrets - Secret History of Jupiter  : NASA's Juno mission reveals new secrets about the strange world of Jupiter.
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