24 October 2016

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11:38 PMRocket Power - Home Sweet Home; What a Tangled Web We Ski: A skate park chain opens in Ocean Shores; Ray exaggerates his freestyle skiing abilities.
12:00 AMAre You Afraid of the Dark? - The Tale of Station 109.1: A radio station manager (Gilbert Gottfried) helps lost souls to the other side.
12:33 AMRugrats - Candy Bar Creep Show; Monster in the Garage: Stu and Didi build a haunted house; mysterious things happen in the garage.
1:04 AMRugrats - What's Your Line?; Two by Two: The babies decide their future careers; the Rugrats build an ark.
1:35 AMRugrats - All's Well That Pretends Well; Big Babies: Angelica hides that she is sick; Dil is initiated into the world of big babies.
2:06 AMCatDog - Rinky Dinks; Hypno-Teased: Nearburg becomes a winter wonderland; Dog gets a toy hypnotism kit.
2:37 AMCatDog - Harasslin Match; Dog the Not-So-Mighty: Cat is jealous when Randolph becomes Dog's new sidekick.
3:08 AMRugrats - Officer Chuckie; Auctioning Grampa: Chuckie becomes a safety officer; the babies fear Grandpa will be auctioned off as an antique.
3:36 AMRugrats - Planting Dil; The Joke's on You: Didi plants an herb garden; Angelica plays practical jokes.
4:04 AMHey Arnold! - The Racing Mule; Curly's Girl: Mr. Hyunh, Oskar, and Ernie purchase a race horse; Curly gets Rhonda to act like his girlfriend.
4:33 AMHey Arnold! - Best Man; Cool Party: The coach asks Arnold to be his best man; Rhonda has a party.
5:01 AMThe Angry Beavers - Open Wide for Zombies; Dumbwaiters: A storm washes the beavers out of their dam; the boys become waiters at a fancy restaurant.
5:30 AMThe Angry Beavers - Stare and Stare Alike!; I Am Not an Animal ... I'm Scientist No. 1: Dag and Norb engage in a stare-down contest; Scientist No. 1 turns himself into a beaver.
6:00 AMiCarly - iKiss: Sam overhears Freddie confess that he has never been kissed and exposes his secret on iCarly.
6:30 AMiCarly - iAm Your Biggest Fan: Spencer's new band allows him to play the drums.
7:00 AMiCarly - iHatch Chicks: Carly and Sam decide to hatch chicks for a science project.
7:30 AMiCarly - iRue the Day: Carly, Sam and Freddie must foil Nevel's plot to hack iCarly.
8:00 AMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - The Mighty Quad Squad  : When a video of Nicky as Goggle Man goes viral, the popularity goes to his head.
8:30 AMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - Quaddy-shack  : Ricky befriends a group of children who challenge the quads to a high-stakes mini-golf match.
9:00 AMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - New Kid on the Block  : The quads try to make friends with their new neighbor in order to get access to her cool treehouse.
9:30 AMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - M.D. Day  : Even though they are afraid of doctors, the quads are determined to get through their routine exams.
10:00 AMVictorious - Pilot: Tori is asked to enroll at an elite performing arts high school.
10:30 AMVictorious - Brain Squeezers: Tori must choose three friends to compete with her in a game show.
11:00 AMVictorious - Victori-Yes: Sikowitz challenges the students to say yes to everything for one week.
11:30 AMVictorious - The Bird Scene: Tori attempts to master a monologue for Sikowitz's class; Andr and Robbie join a ballet class.
12:00 PMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - The Sad Tail of Gary-Chip-Tiny-Elvis-Squishy-Paws  : When the dog stops a theft at Get Sporty, the quads argue publicly about his name.
12:30 PMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - Urban Legend Outfitters  : When Dawn fakes a story for her column, the urban legend of Pigfoot begins to take over Edgewood.
1:00 PMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - A Brief Case of Popularity  : Nicky, Dicky and Dawn must keep Ricky from making them look uncool.
1:30 PMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Sicky  : The quads must work together to hide Dawn's illness to avoid getting sent home early.
2:00 PMVictorious - Beck's Big Break: Tori accidentally gets Beck fired from his role in a film; Robbie starts to have nightmares.
2:30 PMVictorious - How Trina Got In: Andre, Jade, Cat and Beck talk about how Trina got accepted into Hollywood Arts.
3:00 PMVictorious - The Blonde Squad: Cat meets a boy while wearing a costume for a film and worries that he will not like the real her.
3:30 PMVictorious - Jade Dumps Beck: Trina puts on a one-woman show that Robbie reviews for the school news blogs.
4:00 PMThe Haunted Hathaways - Haunted Duel  : After Ray boosts Louie's confidence, Louie challenges the toughest ghost at school to a ghost duel.
4:30 PMThe Haunted Hathaways - Haunted Heartthrob  : Taylor tries to get her crush to notice her; Frankie and Meadow seek revenge.
5:00 PMThe Haunted Hathaways - Haunted Besties  : Miles acts selfishly, jeopardizing Taylor's new friendship with Meadow.
5:30 PMThe Haunted Hathaways - Haunted Mind Games  : Frankie tries to sabotage Taylor's study date with Scott by attempting to drive Taylor insane.
6:00 PMiCarly - iEnrage Gibby: Gibby challenges Freddie to a fight; the local paper incorrectly reports Spencer's death.
6:30 PMiCarly - iBloop: The cast introduces bloopers and outtakes from the series.
7:00 PMVictorious - One Thousand Berry Balls: Andre gets Tori a job; Cat is jealous when Robbie asks someone else to the luau.
7:30 PMVictorious - Star-Spangled Tori: Tori is invited to sing the national anthem at a televised basketball game.
8:00 PMVictorious - Robarazzi: Robbie's blog becomes popular when he captures videos of the students' everyday lives.
8:30 PMVictorious - Cat's New Boyfriend: Cat dates Trina's ex-boyfriend; Robbie and Trina indulge in the latest foot smoothing treatments.
9:00 PMBoy Meets World - Rave On: Cory and Eric's plans for an anniversary party for their parents backfire.
9:30 PMBoy Meets World - Train of Fools: Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Eric and his date get stuck in a subway car on New Year's Eve.
10:00 PMHey Arnold! - On the Lam; The Family Man: Harold, Stinky and Sid think they blew up the police station; Arnold pretends to be Mr. Hyunh's son.
10:33 PMHey Arnold! - The List; The Haunted Train: Arnold's list of favorites; grandpa's spooky tale.
11:05 PMRocket Power - Major Scrummage; Snow Bounders: Trent introduces the gang to the game of rugby; a storm system causes it to snow in Ocean Shores.
11:36 PMRocket Power - Twister's Hat; Tito-Thon: Twister has an identity crisis when he loses his hat; Tito prepares for Triathlon.
11:58 PMHey Arnold! - Arnold's Halloween: Arnold and Gerald's radio show creates havoc on Halloween.
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