24 June 2017

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11:00 PMTanked - Fish-a-Palooza  : Wayde & Brett share great stories about the coolest and craziest fish they've ever built tanks for.
12:00 AMTanked - Spin Cycle Spec-Tank-ular!  : Las Vegas Coin Laundry wants aquarium built into washer/dryer unit; Optometrist wants tank.
1:00 AMTanked - SHAQ-SIZED!  : Shaquille O'Neal wants an aquarium built in a semi-truck's front end.
2:00 AMTanked - Real Aquariums of Beverly Hills  : Star of `` The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'' Erika Girardi AKA Erika Jayne wants octopus tank.
3:00 AMTanked - Wyclef's Tank is Ready, or Not?  : World-famous music producer Wyclef Jean has two tank emergencies.
4:00 AMTanked - Alyssa's Charmed Tank  : Actress, activist and entrepreneur Alyssa Milano asks Wayde and Brett to make a tank for her family.
5:00 AMRestoration Wild - Back on the Rails  : Master craftsman Jay Chaikin restores an 1880s train car at Aw Shucks Farm in Monroe, N.C.
6:00 AMTreehouse Masters - The Coolest Treehouse Ever Built  : Pete takes on an exciting project for two tastemakers in Maine that includes a wall of windows.
7:00 AMTreehouse Masters - Treehive Beehive  : Pete and his team reinvent the classic single-tree treehouse; making a beehive-like structure.
8:00 AMTreehouse Masters - Kentucky Climber's Cottage  : Pete creates a treehouse with 17-foot-high ceilings for a couple with a love of tree-climbing.
9:00 AMTreehouse Masters - Rustic English Re-tree-t  : A heard of goats stand in the way of Pete building an elegant English retreat in Waxhaw, N.C.
10:00 AMTreehouse Masters - Sky High Pirate Hideout  : Captain Pete and his band of scurvy scallywags prepare to hoist a 20-foot high treehouse treasure.
11:00 AMInsane Pools: Off the Deep End - Castle By the Sea  : Lucas goes beyond his realm of knowledge to build a Roman palace-themed pool on the Gulf of Mexico.
12:00 PMInsane Pools: Off the Deep End - Hidden Party Zone  : Lucas attempts to make a 5-star hotel-style pool out of a small, suburban backyard.
1:00 PMInsane Pools: Off the Deep End - Zen & the Art of Pools  : Couple requests a zen space to relax in their Parrish, Fla. home.
2:00 PMInsane Pools: Off the Deep End - Fiesta de Laguna  : Lucas and his crew encounter several design firsts as they create a Mexican-inspired resort.
3:00 PMInsane Pools: Off the Deep End - Waterpark Wonderland  : Lucas builds a family size water park that includes a waterslide and double decker outdoor patio.
4:00 PMMy Cat From Hell - Sky Diver's Nightmare  : Jackson Galaxy is in Austin to help a professional skydiver, and a cat with a pooping problem.
5:00 PMMy Cat From Hell - Surprise Attack Cat!  : Little cat Littlez is a big terror; Whisky poops anywhere, everywhere and on whomever.
6:00 PMMy Cat From Hell - Scary Tails  : Skylar the cat is deathly afraid of her own tail; cat is destroying house and attacking people.
7:00 PMMy Cat From Hell - Jekyll and Hyde Cat  : Blind cat suffering from living in chaotic environment; a good during the day becomes bad at night.
8:00 PMMy Cat From Hell - A Scratch from the Past  : Tara's traumatic experience with her previous cat affects her currently troubled cat, Cali.
9:00 PMMy Cat From Hell - A Brave New Cat World  : Jackson enters the Sant D'or shelter with the intention of helping an over-aggressive shelter cat.
10:00 PMRoar: The Most Dangerous Movie Ever Made: A look at what happens when a family decides to make a movie with 150 untamed lions and tigers.
11:00 PMMy Cat From Hell - A Scratch from the Past  : Tara's traumatic experience with her previous cat affects her currently troubled cat, Cali.
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