26 June 2017

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11:30 PMDaytime Divas - Pilot  : Women who host ``The Lunch Hour'' discuss life, love, politics and gossip.
12:40 AMDaytime Divas - Coma Bump  : Maxine returns to the show, but Mo threatens to expose a secret; Nina has news for Shawn.
1:50 AMDaytime Divas - Blind Items  : Maxine goes on the warpath after an item shows in Page Six; Nina learns that Andrew has a secret.
2:55 AMLogo Trailblazer Honors 2017: Celebrating heroes who have made the world better for LGBTQ people.
4:00 AMThe Mindy Project - Mindy's Birthday: Mindy storms out when her friends and co-workers inadvertently throw her a bad birthday party.
4:30 AMThe Mindy Project - Danny's Friend: Mindy has instant chemistry with Danny's troublemaker friend from childhood.
5:00 AMThe Mindy Project - My Cool Christian Boyfriend: After a date with a cute minister, Mindy feels compelled to prove that she is a good person.
5:30 AMThe Mindy Project - Pretty Man: Mindy hits it off with an attractive man who turns out to be a prostitute.
6:00 AMSoap: Burt wants to set a world record before dying; the clan meets Polly; Eunice cheats on Dutch.
6:30 AMSoap: Burt's antics puzzle Mary; Dutch confronts unfaithful Eunice.
7:00 AMSoap: Carol returns; Burt isn't dying; Corinne comforts Dutch; Billy gets bored with Leslie.
7:30 AMSoap: The minister's daughter dumps Chester; Jessica visits a psychiatrist.
8:00 AMSoap: Burt runs for sheriff; Jodie hires Jessica's lawyer, Mallu.
8:30 AMSoap: Trouble plagues Danny and Polly; a new butler is hired.
9:00 AMThe Facts of Life - With a Little Help From My Friends: Jo fears Blair's boyfriend is using drugs.
9:30 AMThe Facts of Life - Gone With the Wind: The girls head to Florida for spring break.
10:00 AMThe Facts of Life - Gone With the Wind: Jo falls for a singer; Blair's new love is unusual.
10:30 AMThe Facts of Life - A Man in the Attic: Mrs. Garrett offers Kevin a room in the attic.
11:00 AMThe Facts of Life - The Last Drive-In: The girls plan to spend a quiet night at the movies before the drive-in closes for good.
11:30 AMOne Day at a Time - Sam's Apartment: Katherine has a premonition that reveals a surprising secret about Sam.
12:00 PMOne Day at a Time - Dear Max: A letter from Julie puts the family in turmoil.
12:32 PMOne Day at a Time - Never Hire a Relative: Francine hires Sam to remodel the offices.
1:04 PMOne Day at a Time - Fifty: On his 50th birthday, Schneider learns his high-school flame is coming to town.
1:37 PMOne Day at a Time - Parting Company: Francine announces her impending marriage.
2:10 PMAlice - The Reporter: An investigative reporter who fears for his life takes refuge in Mel's Diner.
2:42 PMAlice - Florence of Arabia: Flo is excited that her new boyfriend has been wining and dining her and wishes to marry her.
3:14 PMAlice - The Cuban Connection: A famous philandering fashion photographer complicates the waitresses' lives.
3:47 PMAlice - Mel's Big Five-O: Mel is disappointed when an expected surprise party for his 50th birthday never happens.
4:18 PMAlice - Don't Lock Now: The waitresses spend a holiday weekend locked up with Mel in the diner's storeroom.
4:50 PMRoseanne - Morning Becomes Obnoxious: A television news reporter interviews Roseanne in the street.
5:22 PMRoseanne - Ballroom Blitz: Roseanne helps pay for Darlene's wedding; Bev takes dance lessons.
5:54 PMRoseanne - The Wedding: Dan and Roseanne express their emotions on Darlene's wedding day.
6:26 PMRoseanne - Heart & Soul: David and Darlene postpone their honeymoon when an unplanned event occurs at the wedding reception.
6:58 PMRoseanne - Fights and Stuff: Dan and Roseanne's marriage is threatened after Dan returns home from the hospital.
7:29 PMRoseanne - Call Waiting: Roseanne imagines she and Dan are characters from popular TV sitcoms after overdosing on reruns.
8:00 PMMama's Family - An Ill Wind: A Thanksgiving tornado traps the clan in the cellar.
8:33 PMMama's Family - Steal One, Pearl Two: Iola believes Bubba is the prime suspect after her pearl necklace disappears.
9:05 PMMama's Family - Where There's Smoke: Bubba may ruin Mama's chance of becoming president of a church club.
9:38 PMMama's Family - Fly Naomi: Naomi causes problems at home when she decides to become a flight attendant.
10:10 PMMama's Family - Santa Mama: Mama's not in the merriest of moods when she's forced to play Santa at the mall.
10:43 PMMama's Family - Desperately Seeking Anyone: Iola's blind date sets his sights on Mama.
11:15 PMMama's Family - Porn Again: Mama joins a group that opposes pornography.
11:48 PMMama's Family - Have It Mama's Way: Bubba and Mama apply for the same job at a local fast-food stand.
12:20 AMLocal Programming