1 February 2015

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10:35 PMAll That I Am: Christian's estranged father shows up and asks to attend a family reunion.
12:00 AMLocal Programming
12:05 AMMade for Each Other: A young lawyer starts a family with the woman he loves instead of with his boss's daughter.
1:40 AMAll That I Am: Christian's estranged father shows up and asks to attend a family reunion.
3:05 AMLocal Programming
3:10 AMOn Story - Rectify: Ray McKinnon on Characters & Culture  : ``Rectify'' creator Ray McKinnon.
3:37 AMGlobe Trekker - Globe Trekker Special: Great Natural Wonders: Erupting volcanoes in Hawaii and Java; the Arctic; hiking Perito Moreno glacier; Amazon rain forest.
4:35 AMAntiques Roadshow - Austin: A spinning wheel given by Mahatma Gandhi; pin designed by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein; necklace.
5:35 AMAuction
6:00 AMBob the Builder - Fun at Work: Scoop decides he wants to be an artist; the team rebuilds the Fixham Rovers soccer field.
6:30 AMThomas & Friends - Exciting Friends: Gordon isn't happy about sharing duties with Ferdinand; Toby helps Bash find a home of his own.
7:00 AMSesame Street - Baby Bear Comes Clean 
7:30 AMAngelina Ballerina: The Next Steps - Angelina and the Musical Plant; Angelina's Hip Hop Boys Show: Music for the Spring Fling show; hip-hop show.
8:00 AMCurious George - Movie House Monkey; Cooking With Monkey: Theater restaurant; something for the bake sale.
8:30 AMCurious George - Shipwrecked With Hundley; Chasing Rainbows: George and Hundley are lost on a remote island; end of a rainbow.
9:00 AMPeg Plus Cat - The Perfect Ten Problem; The Long Line Problem  : Peg and Cat judge a singing competition; Peg and Cat try to help Richard realize his dream.
9:30 AMDinosaur Train - Confuciusornis Says; Tiny's Tiny Doll: The family meets a very old dinosaur at Confuciusornis Gardens; Tiny leaves Tiny Doll behind.
10:00 AMSid the Science Kid - The Broken Wheel: Wheels are simple machines that help move things such as cars, trains, tricycles and toy trucks.
10:30 AMSid the Science Kid - My Slide: Inclined planes make it easier to push up heavy things, including big stuffed animal dinosaurs.
11:00 AMCyberchase - The Creech Who Would Be Crowned: Cybersquad helps a girl beat Hacker in a race to rule Tikiville.
11:30 AMCyberchase - Zeus on the Loose: The team fails to prevent Hacker from stealing Pandora's box.
12:00 PMLocal Programming
12:30 PMGreat Performances at the Met - Macbeth  : Soprano Anna Netrebko portrays Lady Macbeth in Verdi's adaptation of the Shakespeare tragedy.
3:30 PMThe Mind of a Chef - Faviken  : Chef Nilsson and the staff at Faviken prepare for a night of service.
4:00 PMThe Great British Baking Show - Pies and Tarts  : The bakers make sweet custard tarts, mini pear pies and three-tiered pies.
5:00 PMAmerica's Test Kitchen From Cook's Illustrated - Pasta Rustica: Rigatoni with beef and onion ragu; colanders; white beans; pasta with pesto, potatoes and beans.
5:30 PMReligion & Ethics Newsweekly
6:00 PMPBS NewsHour Weekend: Prize-linked saving programs appeal to low- and moderate-income households.
6:30 PMLocal Programming
8:00 PMGreat Estates Scotland - Inveraray  : Inveraray Castle, home to the 13th Duke of Argyll, His Grace Torquhil Ian Campbell and his family.
9:00 PMMasterpiece Classic - Downton Abbey, Season 5: Episode 5: Rose makes a new acquaintance; Edith's link to Marigold attracts attention.
10:00 PMMasterpiece Mystery! - Grantchester, Episode 3: An old woman tells Sidney that someone wants her dead -- then she dies.
11:00 PMLive From the Artists Den - Zac Brown Band: Country artist Zac Brown Band performs fan favorites including ``Jump Right In.''