30 June 2015

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11:02 PMDance Moms - Abby vs. Kira  : The mothers push Abby to have more dance classes after losing two competitions in a row.
12:02 AMDance Moms - West Coast Strikes Back (Choreographer's Cut)  : The ALDC's biggest West Coast rival returns to compete; Abby tests Mackenzie's confidence.
1:02 AMDance Moms - Abby vs. Kira  : The mothers push Abby to have more dance classes after losing two competitions in a row.
2:04 AMBecoming Us - Heart2Heart  : A new relationship excites Lathan; Carly tries to learn why Ben is struggling in school.
3:04 AMDance Moms - Abby vs. Kira  : The mothers push Abby to have more dance classes after losing two competitions in a row.
4:04 AMCindy Crawford Reveals Secret to Ageless Beauty: Cindy Crawford's supermodel secret to youthful, radiant-looking skin with Meaningful Beauty.
4:34 AMCeleb Hair Styling Tips: The Instyler rotating hot iron is a hair straightening and curling tool unlike any other!
5:04 AMBest Kept Secret!?: Say goodbye to bad cholesterol, joint pain, mood swings, and brain fog in 30 days or less.
5:34 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
6:00 AMWEN by Chaz Dean Revolutionary Hair Care System: WEN by Chaz Dean is revolutionary hair care that cleans and conditions without harsh chemicals.
6:30 AMLong Live YOU with the world's 1st Nutrition Extractor, NutriBullet RX: Nourish your body from the inside out with things found in nature not made in a lab. NutriBullet RX.
7:00 AM21 DAY FIX
7:30 AMThe Balancing Act: The symptoms of Von Willebrand disease; a customizable noodle omelet recipe.
8:00 AMUnsolved Mysteries: A woman is gunned down in her car; reincarnation; a rapist flees; two teenagers are killed.
9:00 AMUnsolved Mysteries: The search for a drug dealer and murderer; mysterious lights in Marfa, Texas.
10:00 AMUnsolved Mysteries: A topless waitress goes missing; an escape artist is convicted of armed robbery.
11:00 AMFrasier - Moon Dance: Niles turns to Daphne for dance lessons to prepare himself for a country club function.
11:30 AMFrasier - The Show Where Diane Comes Back: Frasier panics when Diane Chambers makes a surprise visit to Seattle.
12:00 PMHow I Met Your Mother - Stuff: Ted gets rid of items from ex-girlfriends that he had been saving.
12:30 PMHow I Met Your Mother - Arrivederci, Fiero: The gang recalls great memories in Marshall's car when it gives out just short of 200,000 miles.
1:00 PMGrey's Anatomy - Wish You Were Here: Bailey and Seattle Grace's new pediatric surgeon try to save the life of a longtime patient.
2:00 PMGrey's Anatomy - Sympathy for the Devil: Derek's mother makes a surprise visit and meets Meredith for the first time.
3:00 PMGrey's Anatomy - Stairway to Heaven: Everyone in the hospital tries to find a new organ donor for a patient.
4:00 PMWife Swap - Talbott/Broider: A mom who lets her three sons rule the house swaps with a militaristic mom.
5:00 PMWife Swap - Jones/Martinson: A free-spirited California mother trades places with a former beauty queen.
6:00 PMCelebrity Wife Swap - Bristol & Willow Palin; Melissa & Joan Rivers: Sisters Bristol and Willow Palin trade lives with mother-daughter duo Joan and Melissa Rivers.
7:00 PMCelebrity Wife Swap - Tichina Arnold/Kelly Packard: Tichina Arnold, who lives in New York, swaps lives with Kelly Packard in California.
8:00 PMCelebrity Wife Swap - Angie Everhart/Pat & Gina Neely: Model Angie Everhart switches places with TV personality Gina Neely.
9:00 PMCelebrity Wife Swap - Kate Gosselin/Kendra Wilkinson: Reality-TV stars Kate Gosselin and Kendra Wilkinson switch places.
10:02 PMHoarders: Family Secrets - Cynthia; Ricky  : A woman with an autoimmune disease lives in a hoard; a man sleeps in a house packed with flammables.
11:02 PMHoarders: Family Secrets - Ruthann  : A woman reneges on a promise to turn her cousin's historic house into a bed and breakfast.
12:02 AMLocal Programming