27 June 2016

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11:30 PMYard Crashers - Eclectic Cottage: Roommates live in a cottage-style home with a charmless backyard.
12:00 AMYard Crashers - Modern Bamboo Haven: Chris and his team turn a neglected backyard into a modern bamboo haven.
12:30 AMYard Crashers - Contemporary Shade Yard: A space for entertaining is topped off with shade sails and a cantilevered arbor.
1:00 AMYard Crashers - Spanish Courtyard: Chris designs an old-world courtyard with a patio, a couch and Spanish-style masonry planters.
1:30 AMYard Crashers - Pacific Coast Rustic Loggia: Chris transforms a yard, adding a paver patio, an oversized metal fire pit and a three-sided loggia.
2:00 AMYard Crashers - Nautical Cape Cod: In Cape Cod, Mass., Chris transforms a yard and deck, replacing deck spindles with nautical rope.
2:30 AMYard Crashers - Eclectic Cottage: Roommates live in a cottage-style home with a charmless backyard.
3:00 AMYard Crashers - Shady BBQ Retreat: Chris Lambton adds a built-in barbecue, a boulder fire feature and a pig spit to a neglected yard.
3:30 AMYard Crashers - Old World Hideaway: The team creates an old-world outdoor living space, building a redwood deck and a stone fireplace.
4:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
4:30 AMMan Caves - Jeff Ross' Roast Master General Man Cave: Comedian Jeff Ross' dorm like apartment is turned into something he can be proud of.
5:00 AMLifeLock Protection: Identity theft protection: learn about America's fastest growing crime & how LifeLock can help you.
5:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
6:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
6:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
7:00 AMRenovate to Rent - Disco Era Demo  : Real estate agent Drew Levin and contractor Danny Perkins search for a single-family home.
7:30 AMI Hate My Yard - Ocean Oasis  : A yard is renovated to take advantage of a magnificent ocean view.
8:00 AMI Hate My Yard - Disjointed Jungle  : A disjointed yard gets a cohesive makeover featuring distinctive areas for playing and entertaining.
8:30 AMI Hate My Yard - Concrete Overload  : A wall-to-wall concrete backyard requires attention; green space is created by removing concrete.
9:00 AMFamily Under Construction - Kids' Rooms Kickoff  : The Wolensky family kicks off the renovation of their Hawaii home, beginning with the kids' rooms.
9:30 AMFamily Under Construction - Problematic Bathroom  : The Wolensky family discovers difficulties when they tackle the upstairs bathroom.
10:00 AMFamily Under Construction - Office Turns Master  : Turning Alan's office into a master bedroom provides an interesting challenge.
10:30 AMFamily Under Construction - Creative Kitchen  : Budgets run low; electrical problems loom; the family yearns for a home cooked meal.
11:00 AMFamily Under Construction - Living Room Reno  : Small delays become big problems as the family renovates their living room.
11:30 AMFamily Under Construction - Outdoor Spaces and Punch List  : The family attempts to turn their yard into an island oasis.
12:00 PMHolmes Makes It Right - Walk the Planks: A Second-Storey Deck Is an Accident Waiting to Happen  : A 9-year-old deck is compromised by rotting wood and could collapse at any moment.
1:00 PMHolmes Makes It Right - Investment Gate: A Couple Is Conned out of $300,000 and They Are Left With a Destroyed Basement  : A couple are one of over 40 families that have fallen victim to an elaborate $15 million fraud.
2:00 PMHolmes Makes It Right - Another Storey, Part 1: A Second-Floor Addition Threatens a Family's Safety and Their Entire Home  : A contract disappears, leaving a couple with an unfinished second story addition.
3:00 PMHolmes Makes It Right - Another Storey, Part 2: Mike and His Team Are Called in to One of the Worst Jobs He's Ever Had to Fix  : Jill and Mel hire a contractor who promises a second storey addition in 10 weeks for $125,000.
4:00 PMHolmes Makes It Right - Flood Suckers: A Basement Is Damaged When Flood Waters Cause Sewage to Back Up Into the Home  : A woman's basement is flooded with sewage water after a downpour.
5:00 PMHolmes Makes It Right - Great Wall of Crap: A Retaining Wall Faces Complete Failure When a Contractor Doesn't Measure Up  : Elaine and Bert's contractor gives up on repairing their retaining wall and goes home.
6:00 PMHolmes Makes It Right - Five Alarm Chili, Part 1: After Her Home Is Set on Fire, Chili Fears She'll Never Be Safe Again  : Chili's insurance company pressures her after an arsonist sets fire to her house.
7:00 PMHolmes Makes It Right - Five Alarm Chili, Part 2: Mike Steps Into the Fire and Repairs a Home Damaged by an Arsonist  : Chili's insurance company pressures her after an arsonist sets fire to her house.
8:00 PMHolmes Makes It Right - High Water: A Calgary Home Nearly Destroyed by Floods Gets Completely Repaired  : Mike helps a family rebuild their home after a flood.
9:00 PMHolmes Makes It Right - A Tear in the Fabric: A Waterproof Membrane That Was Accidentally Cut Causes Water Damage in a Home  : Water damage reaches every level of a townhouse.
10:00 PMHolmes Makes It Right - Here in Spirit: A Homeowner Tragically Dies Weeks After Working Up in Her Attic  : After a woman passes away from suspected mold exposure in her attic, Mike Holmes arrives to help.
11:00 PMHolmes Makes It Right - Lawn and Order: A Couple Tries to Retain Their Composure When Their Deck and Retaining Walls Fail  : Wanting to extend their deck, a couple receives a quote that turns out to be too good to be true.
12:00 AMLocal Programming