30 September 2016

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11:35 PMThe Late Show With Stephen Colbert - Samantha Bee; Abby Elliott; Asa Butterfield  : TV host Samantha Bee; actress Abby Elliott; actor Asa Butterfield.
12:37 AMThe Late Late Show With James Corden - Hugh Grant; Bryce Dallas Howard; Local Natives  : Actor Hugh Grant; actress Bryce Dallas Howard; Local Natives perform.
1:37 AMComics Unleashed With Byron Allen: Ritch Shydner; Judy Tenuta; Vince Morris; John Mendoza.
2:07 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
2:37 AMTai Chi Master!: Learn to master the 18 fundamental moves of Tai Chi in just 90 days!
3:07 AMMade in Hollywood - Deepwater Horizon, The Dressmaker: Mark Wahlberg; Liam Hemsworth; Kate Winslet; Kate Hudson; Kurt Russell; Chris Evans; Gina Rodriguez.
3:37 AMMissing: The cases of 21 missing children and three missing adults; internet safety; emergency contacts.
4:00 AMPets.TV - About Dogs: Small Breeds: Scottish terrier; Maltese; pug; French bulldog.
4:30 AMReal Green: The Solar Institute Living Center; turning onions into fuel; recycling milk cartons.
5:00 AMJudge Judy - Paternity Test Vandalism; Fake Designer Scam?: A man says his ex-lover vandalized his car and lied about the paternity of her child.
5:30 AMThe Tim McCarver Show: Interviews from the sports world.
6:00 AMLocal Programming
7:00 AMCBS This Morning: Saturday
9:00 AMLocal Programming
10:00 AMThe Henry Ford's Innovation Nation - Pet Wheelchairs  : A surfboard that doesn't need waves; wheelchairs for animals; using drones to build rope bridges.
10:30 AMThe Inspectors - Veronica Returns  : Veronica returns from studying abroad; Amanda and Mitch probe a string of post office robberies.
11:00 AMHidden Heroes - It Takes a Village  : An after-school program helps boys build confidence; a unique beauty pageant.
11:30 AMThe Open Road With Dr. Chris - Monkey Business in Borneo  : In Borneo, Dr. Chris searches for the pygmy elephant; long-tailed macaques; orphaned orangutans.
12:00 PMLucky Dog - Charlotte  : Brandon steps in to help a Chihuahua who lost its front legs, and find it a special new home.
12:30 PMDr. Chris: Pet Vet - This Little Piggie  : Chris helps a family that wants to adopt a mini pig; a 10-week-old puppy has a swollen face.
1:00 PMPerricone MD Cold Plasma Sub-D: One's neck can make someone look too old; looking visibly younger with Cold Plasma Sub-D.
1:30 PMTai Chi Master!: Learn to master the 18 fundamental moves of Tai Chi in just 90 days!
2:00 PMLocal Programming
2:30 PMCollege Football Special: Adam Zucker, Rick Neuheisel and Brian Jones preview the SEC showdown between Tennessee and Georgia.
3:00 PMCollege Football Today: Preview of upcoming games.
3:30 PMCollege Football - Tennessee at Georgia  : SEC East rivals clash when the 11th-ranked Volunteers visit the 25th-ranked Bulldogs.
7:00 PMEntertainment Tonight: New details on Brad and Angelina; Janet Jackson's pregnancy; John Stamos (``Scream Queens'').
8:00 PMScorpion - The Fast and the Nerdiest  : Sylvester wins big on ``The Price Is Right''; infiltrating a high-end car smuggling operation.
9:00 PM48 Hours: Investigative reports on crime and justice cases.
10:00 PM48 Hours: Investigative reports on crime and justice cases.
11:00 PMLocal Programming