29 July 2016

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11:03 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Win or Fail  : A skydiver who is out-of-control, a wasabi prank, a one-wheeled revolution in motoring.
12:04 AMOutrageous Acts of Science - Born to Be Wild  : A woman who survived an avalanche; a man who can hold his breath for more than 22 minutes.
1:05 AMOutrageous Acts of Science - Nailed It  : The Internet's biggest stunts and builds; featuring skiing acrobatics and memory skills.
2:06 AMOutrageous Acts of Science - Cowboys of Chaos  : A homemade cannon; an exploding Norway home; extremely powerful magnets that can crush a hand.
3:06 AMDroned - Vertigo  : The crew uses a heavy-duty drone to film snowboarding and cliff-walking.
3:35 AMDroned - Catch Me If You Can  : Dani prepares for a drone race by building and testing a specialized drone.
4:04 AMThe Unexplained Files - Peruvian Alien Skull and Baltic Sea UFO  : A tiny skeleton In Peru resists medical explanation; disc twice the size of a football field.
5:02 AMThe Unexplained Files - Death From the Sky and Mexican Chubacabra  : A dead body appears out of nowhere.
6:00 AMThe Unexplained Files - The Real Exorcist and Mystery of the Dying Elk  : A look into the experience that inspired the movie The Exorcist; more than 100 elk are found dead.
7:00 AMThe Unexplained Files - Disappearing Pilot and Texas Blue Dogs  : Pilot disappears over Australia in 1978; hairless, hunchbacked, blue-eyed dogs attack cattle.
8:00 AMThe Unexplained Files - Voodoo Zombies; Life After Death  : The possibility that modern day zombies may not be a myth; patients have strange experiences.
9:00 AMThe Unexplained Files - Ghost Yacht and Freaky Fires  : Couches burst into flames in Sicily; three friends go missing on a yacht.
10:00 AMThe Unexplained Files - Mysteries at 30,000 Feet  : Reports of run-ins between plane and UFOs come in from all across America.
11:00 AMThe Unexplained Files - Spontaneous Human Combustion and Mexican Pilot UFO  : A pilot encounters UFOs while in the air; a man is turned to ashes in his home.
12:00 PMThe Unexplained Files - Are Aliens Attacking Our Nuclear Arsenal?  : Could UFO's be aiming for nuclear weapon sites; UFO's have been seen above nuclear weapons bases.
1:00 PMThe Unexplained Files - Alien Rain; Beach Boom; Voynich Manuscript  : A fireball in the sky is followed by 60 days of days of red rain in Sri Lanka.
2:00 PMThe Unexplained Files - Lost Giants of Georgia; Bridge of Death  : A team of experts find bones they believe belong to a human over 9 feet tall.
3:00 PMThe Unexplained Files - Paranormal Highway of America  : Ex Deputy Sheriff Chuck Zukowski investigates reports of UFO's.
4:00 PMThe Unexplained Files - Siberian Lake Serpent and Mystery of the Bosnian Pyramid  : An archaeologist claim to have uncovered 5 pyramids in Bosnia.
5:00 PMThe Unexplained Files - The Yeti  : When nine Russian students go missing in Siberia, evidence of their ordeal is uncovered.
6:00 PMBermuda Triangle: Science of the Abyss: Examining if time-shifting fogs and underwater aliens cause boats and planes to disappear.
7:00 PMHow the Universe Works - Planets from Hell  : Discovering an extraordinary zoo of planetary nightmares outside our own planet.
8:00 PMHow the Universe Works - End of the Universe  : Examining the ways the universe could come to an end.
9:01 PMHow the Universe Works - Monster Black Hole  : Looking inside a supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way.
10:02 PMHow the Universe Works - Edge of the Solar System  : Huge magnetic bubbles millions of miles wide; strange invisible matter.
11:03 PMHow the Universe Works - End of the Universe  : Examining the ways the universe could come to an end.
12:04 AMLocal Programming