26 March 2017

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11:06 PMMythBusters - Greatest TV Myths: The MythBusters investigate myths from classic television shows.
2:12 AMMythBusters - Star Wars: The Myths Strike Back: Jamie and Adam take on the science of the ``Star Wars'' universe.
3:12 AMLost World of Pompeii: A look at life in Pompeii before the city was devastated by Mount Vesuvius.
4:08 AMEgypt's Mystery Chamber: Researchers return to solve the riddle of KV63, recently discovered in the Valley of the Kings.
5:04 AMRome's Buried Secrets: A team of experts explores the subterranean and lost treasures of ancient Rome.
6:00 AMUnearthing Ancient Secrets - Engineering Ancient Rome  : Romans built the Colosseum and Pantheon and supplied 1 million residents with clean water daily.
7:00 AMUnearthing Ancient Secrets - Engineering Ancient Egypt  : The Great Pyramid was the tallest man-made structure for 3,800 years.
8:00 AMUnearthing Ancient Secrets - Egypt's Animal Mummies  : Ancient Egyptians preserved their animals as they did their pharaohs.
9:00 AMBiblical Conspiracies - Nails of the Cross  : Scientists find two ancient Roman nails; it's proven the nails were used in a crucifixion.
10:00 AMBiblical Conspiracies - Secrets in the Sculpture  : A secret symbol that unlocks an untold story of murder, sex and politics is uncovered.
11:00 AMBiblical Conspiracies - Secrets of the Crucifixion  : In this episode; physical remains of son of Judah and an investigation of a crucified hand.
12:00 PMBiblical Mysteries Explained - Lost Gospels  : Attempting to uncover the secrets of the banned gospels from Mary Magdalene, Peter and Judas.
1:00 PMBiblical Mysteries Explained - Exodus  : Determining the truth of Exodus, a tale of plagues, parting of the Red Sea and a man named Moses.
2:00 PMBiblical Mysteries Explained - Sodom and Gomorrah  : Investigating evidence linking the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah to an ancient asteroid strike.
3:00 PMStonehenge: Secrets of the Stones: Stonehenge stands as a beacon of early civilization for millennia.
4:00 PMUnearthed - Summit of the Gods  : Scientists are working to solve the mysteries of the Acropolis.
5:00 PMUnearthed - Dark Secrets of the Pyramid  : The investigation into how the Great Pyramid was built and the truth behind ancient secrets.
6:00 PMUnearthed - Mayan City of Blood  : Deep in the jungles of Mexico, the lost city of Chichen Itza contains ancient secrets.
7:00 PMWhat on Earth? - Secrets of Sahara  : The Eye of the Sahara remains a mystery; incredible clouds are emanating from an island.
8:00 PMWhat on Earth? - Curse of the Sea Monster  : A strange mass breaches surface of an ocean near Antarctica, sparking rumors of a sea monster.
9:02 PMWhat on Earth? - Ghost of Zorro  : A giant letter Z is carved into a Mexican hillside, evoking the mark of a legendary outlaw.
10:04 PMWhat on Earth? - Bloody Secret of the Lost City  : A vast structure buried in the sands near the legendary city of Petra points to a bloody past.
11:06 PMWhat on Earth? - Curse of the Sea Monster  : A strange mass breaches surface of an ocean near Antarctica, sparking rumors of a sea monster.
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