22 October 2016

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11:30 PMThe Golden Girls - The Mangiacavallo Curse Makes a Lousy Wedding Present: Blanche supplies a date for wedding-bound Dorothy; Sophia puts a curse on the newlyweds.
12:00 AMThree's Company - Days of Beer and Weeds: Jack discovers what appears to be marijuana plants in Roper's garden.
12:30 AMThree's Company - Chrissy Come Home: Chrissy's minister father pays an early visit.
1:00 AMThree's Company - Bird Song: The roommates take the Ropers' parakeet overnight.
1:30 AMThree's Company - Coffee, Tea or Jack?: An old girlfriend shows up at Jack's surprise birthday party.
2:00 AMThree's Company - Double Trouble: Jack poses as his own twin to court Ralph's niece.
2:30 AMThree's Company - Good Old Reliable Janet: Janet convinces Mrs. Roper to join her in a nude beach protest.
3:00 AMThree's Company - Love Diary: Roper thinks the candid diary Chrissy is transcribing is her own.
3:30 AMThree's Company - The Fast: Jack and Chrissy compete in a test of willpower.
4:00 AMThree's Company - Helen's Rendezvous: Jack, Janet and Chrissy think that Helen is having an affair.
4:30 AMThree's Company - My Sister's Keeper: Janet finds Jack in bed with her visiting sister.
5:00 AMAll in the Family - Love Comes to the Butcher: Edith learns why the butcher gives her discounts.
5:30 AMAll in the Family - Two's a Crowd: Archie and Mike are accidentally locked in the storeroom of Archie's Place.
6:00 AMAll in the Family - Stale Mates: Mike and Gloria try an old recipe for a stale marriage -- a second honeymoon.
6:30 AMAll in the Family - The Brother: After 29 years of hostile silence, Archie and his brother Fred finally come face to face.
7:00 AMAll in the Family - Mike's New Job: Mike and Gloria happily prepare for Mike's new job and their move to California.
7:30 AMAll in the Family - The Dinner Guest: The Bunkers plan a farewell for Mike and Gloria.
8:00 AMThree's Company - Chrissy and the Guru: A glib guru dazzles Chrissy into following him to his commune.
8:30 AMThree's Company - Larry's Bride: The girls accuse Jack of wanting Larry's fiancee.
9:00 AMThree's Company - Chrissy's New Boss: Chrissy plans a business trip with her boss.
9:30 AMThree's Company - The Crush: The girls blame Jack for a bogus party invitation.
10:00 AMThree's Company - The Kleptomaniac: Jack and Janet suspect Chrissy is a kleptomaniac.
10:30 AMThree's Company - The Party's Over: Mr. Roper's dirty trick prompts his wife to leave.
11:00 AMThree's Company - Eleanor's Return: Jack fears another roommate will replace him.
11:30 AMThree's Company - The Older Woman: Jack falls in love with an older woman.
12:00 PMRoseanne - Less Is More: Roseanne's doctor suggests breast-reduction surgery as a cure for her chronic back pain.
12:32 PMRoseanne - Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Roseanne is glad when Becky breaks up with Mark, but her confrontation with him ends in surprise.
1:05 PMRoseanne - This Old House: Roseanne and Jackie's childhood house is slated for demolition.
1:38 PMRoseanne - The Commercial Show: The neighbors move; Roseanne pitches the Conners' business on television.
2:11 PMRoseanne - Therapy: Roseanne and Jackie see a therapist to work out their differences.
2:44 PMRoseanne - Lies: Darlene seeks advice from Dan and Becky; Roseanne worries about passing a lie detector test.
3:17 PMRoseanne - Deliverance: Dan must step in for Roseanne as Crystal's delivery-room coach.
3:50 PMRoseanne - Secrets: Mark turns to alcohol to solve his problems with Becky, and Dan lies to Roseanne.
4:22 PMRoseanne - Don't Make Me Over: Roseanne tires of being disciplinarian; the girls buy her a make-over.
4:55 PMRoseanne - Aliens: Roseanne looks for a new job; a lack of money forces Becky to put her college plans on hold.
5:27 PMRoseanne - Terms of Estrangement: Dan's motorcycle business fails; Becky mulls relocating with Mark.
6:00 PMRoseanne - Terms of Estrangement: Dan feels like a failure after losing the bike shop; newlyweds Mark and Becky return for a visit.
6:30 PMThe Golden Girls - An Illegitimate Concern: A young man (Mark Moses) claims to be the illegitimate son of Blanche's late husband.
7:00 PMThe Golden Girls - 72 Hours: Rose is tested for AIDS following the revelation that she may have received a tainted transfusion.
7:30 PMThe Golden Girls - Twice in a Lifetime: Rose's childhood love reappears and vies with Miles for her attention.
8:00 PMThe Golden Girls - Sisters and Other Strangers: Blanche's love life is the basis for her sister's (Barbara Babcock) latest novel.
8:30 PMThe Golden Girls - Cheaters: Dorothy sees an old flame (Jerry Orbach); Blanche and Sophia fall prey to con artists.
9:00 PMThe Golden Girls - The Mangiacavallo Curse Makes a Lousy Wedding Present: Blanche supplies a date for wedding-bound Dorothy; Sophia puts a curse on the newlyweds.
9:30 PMThe Golden Girls - All Bets Are Off: Dorothy's gambling addiction worries Sophia; Blanche dates a co-worker.
10:00 PMThe Golden Girls - The President's Coming! The President's Coming!: The women reminisce about their experiences prior to a visit to their home by the president.
10:30 PMThe Golden Girls - The President's Coming! The President's Coming!: The women continue to share their memories as the president's arrival time approaches.
11:00 PMThe Golden Girls - Blanche Delivers: Blanche's pregnant daughter, Rebecca, pales at the thought of childbirth.
11:30 PMThe Golden Girls - Once, in St. Olaf: Rose, who was adopted, meets her biological father while Sophia is in the hospital.
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