29 April 2017

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10:00 PMButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid: An encroaching posse in Wyoming prompts outlaws to try out Bolivia.
12:15 AMWild Rovers: An old cowboy and his young partner try to finance a dream ranch by robbing a bank.
2:45 AMLady Snowblood: A girl is born, raised and trained to be an instrument of revenge.
4:30 AMLady Snowblood 2: Love Song of Vengeance: Yuki is recruited into the secret police and becomes caught in a web of assassination and coercion.
6:15 AMGold Diggers in Paris: A mistake allows chorus girls and a crooner to enter a ballet competition in Paris.
8:00 AMWhen Ladies Meet: A feminist writer's would-be boyfriend introduces her to the wife of her publisher lover.
10:00 AMHe Walked by Night: Los Angeles police officers hunt a devious killer thief who monitors their frequency.
12:00 PMThe Razor's Edge: Somerset Maugham's Larry Darrell goes to Paris and Tibet to find the meaning of life.
2:45 PMI Married a Witch: A Salem witch enchants a candidate for governor about to marry.
4:30 PMTake Me Out to the Ball Game: Pro ballplayers sing and dance; a woman buys the team.
6:15 PMThe Palm Beach Story: An inventor's wife meets some sporting millionaires on a train to Florida.
8:00 PMLilies of the Field: A traveling handyman helps five German nuns build a chapel in Arizona.
10:00 PMFor the Love of Mike: An Indian orphan enters his white quarter horse in a race, to raise money for a priest's church.
12:00 AMLocal Programming