24 July 2014

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11:00 PMRailroad Alaska - The Beast  : Snowstorm blocks Alaska's lifeline; Hugh must make sure the passenger train makes it home.
12:00 AMRailroad Alaska - Disaster Trail  : Brothers Steven and Jonathon try to fix a collapsing roof on their cabin before a snowstorm hits.
1:00 AMAlaska: The Last Frontier - Outhouses, Cow Bras and Bears, Oh My!  : The Kilchers try to make the most of the sunlight; Atz tracks predators; Otto helps a cow.
2:00 AMAlaska: The Last Frontier - Parlors and Poop Chutes  : Elvin and Eve make the decision to add running water to their home; Otto upgrades his milking shed.
3:00 AMFatal Attractions - Terror at Bear Farm: An employee is mauled to death by a bear, one of many exotic animals living on an Ohio man's farm.
4:00 AMFatal Attractions - Tiger Terror: Entertainers and their performing tigers obtain money and fame until a fatal incident occurs.
5:00 AMFatal Attractions - Secret Snakes: A woman hides her life with venomous snakes, while another suffers several near-fatal incidents.
6:00 AMOrangutan Island - Sink or Swim: A flash flood prevents Hamlet from reaching his feeding platform.
6:30 AMEscape to Chimp Eden - Trouble With Xena: Xena threatens the stability of Eugene's relationship with Jao.
7:00 AMBig Cat Diary - Family Drama: A leopard cub leaves her mother; a pride of lions is in disarray; hyenas stalk a cub.
7:30 AMBig Cat Diary - Return to the Mara: Shadow the leopard, Amber the cheetah and a pride of lions are followed through Kenya's Masai Mara.
8:00 AMThe Crocodile Hunter - Steve's Most Dangerous Adventures: Steve and Terri Irwin relate their most frightening and exhilarating moments.
9:00 AMDirty Jobs - Cricket Farmer: Mike spends the day on a cricket farm, then shows footage of the Oasis Camel Dairy.
10:00 AMDirty Jobs - Animal Control Specialist: Mike works as an Animal Control Specialist, removing skunks and other wildlife.
11:00 AMDirty Jobs - Animal Barber: Mike Rowe travels to Montana to the Spring Brook Ranch.
12:00 PMDirty Jobs - Reindeer Farm: Mike helps shrink-wrap a boat and then travels to Alaska to work on a reindeer farm.
1:00 PMDirty Jobs - High-Rise Window Washer: Mike travels to Hawaii to clean windows 40 stories above downtown Honolulu.
2:00 PMDirty Jobs - Glass Maker: Mike does some research on beetles and then tries his hand at making glass art.
3:00 PMDirty Jobs - Reef Ball Maker: Mike creates an artificial underwater reef.
4:00 PMThe Pool Master - Wine Party Pool  : Anthony creates a design of cascading waterfalls, lava rocks, iron grapevines and a swim-up bar.
5:00 PMUltimate Treehouses: Pete Nelson travels the globe to find the largest, tallest, and most spectacular treehouses.
6:00 PMTreehouse Masters: Out on a Limb - Sky High Spa  : Pete builds world's first spa treehouse in Austin, TX complete with steam shower and soaking tub.
7:00 PMTreehouse Masters: Out on a Limb - Temple of Adventure  : Pete gives his inside scoop on building the Temple of Adventure in Pleasant Mountain, Pennsylvania.
8:00 PMTreehouse Masters: Out on a Limb - African Safari Hut  : Pete gives viewers the inside nitty-gritty on building the African Safari Hut in Auburn, Wash.
9:00 PMThe Pool Master - Cliffside Pool  : Anthony creates an adventure-themed pool complete with rock climbing and a zip-line splash.
10:00 PMTreehouse Masters - Vincent Van Treehouse  : Pete helps three siblings surprise their parents with a Scandinavian-style, art studio treehouse.
11:00 PMTreehouse Masters: Redwood Kings Sneak Peek: A new series ``Redwood Kings'' premiers Aug. 1 on Animal Planet.
11:02 PMThe Pool Master - Ultimate Pools  : From an Oklahoma oasis to a pool high above the Pacific, Anthony visits some astonishing pools.
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